Life’s paperback Mystery book! A best seller!


Once upon a time there was a pretty little planet rotating around a great big golden star surrounded by some other fascinating planets doing the same thing. And nearby there were many other stars and planets and so forth and so on. These solar systems too numerous to count simply filled with the flow of universalfile581244116982 life, matter and being! A glorious and unfathomable immensity.

It seems to me in the whole scheme of things that the occupants of the small little planet must surely realize how very special and unique they are to be a part of something so vastly huge and wonderful.

In this landscaped backstory of life we humans exist. To what end or purpose – a mystery.

But what a glorious mystery. A best seller, for certain, if made into a paperback novel! The ending unknown, hbut Oh the adventures, the drama, the excitement, the passion, the LIFE.

This mystery book would be so popular that it could In fact be a screen play in the making for a most magnificent movie.

US, we – all of us – little tiny inconsequential beings, are in fact a part of the bigger picture (in spite of what we don’t know or think we know), In full, living and blazing color. With tons of special effects no less. The potentially biggest block buster of them all. It is to be hoped that the small roles we do play will be played out well and that the mystery of life turns into the masterpiece it is intended to be!

Thanks for the visit, hope your week has been going well for you,

~ Penny


If you have a problem with my decision …

perhaps we can finish the discussion – if you’d like to just step back here into my … office … with my associates, I’m sure we can come to some agreement!

RESPONSE: No that’s cool, I’m good, no problem. Everythings cool, okay I’m going now…see no worries…

It’s interesting how with various animals we try to imagine what they must be thinking. On a more upbeat note here is my Franky (all 20+ lbs of him – notice the size of his head relative to my arm) adoring me in the middle of the night! Yup I’m good with that!

Have a great weekend everyone, thanks for stopping by, I appreciate it very much!

~ Penny

Copyright © 2012 by Penny l Howe

Only One War is Acceptable

There is only One War that is acceptable.

The War that takes “NO” lives.

The War that isn’t decided because it is based on a struggle for power.

The War that isn’t based on discrimination due to a specific mindset;

about ethnicity, ideology, opinion, beliefs, or understandings.


There is only one Acceptable War.

The war that goes on within each of our minds.


The war where we struggle

to overcome our fears of the difference in others,

and learn to accept all.


We are all human.

We are the Human Race.

We are One!

No life is expendible,

No life is less important than another,

Not ever!

Not Ever!




We must win our private war –

Our struggles within!

Change, let it happen


We are all members of the human race,

Every single one of us!



This I believe

 please hear these words,

they move with the beat of the heart.

~ Penny L. Howe

National Breast Cancer Awareness!

Be Aware, Care and Support!

October, 2012 – National Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Right now across the country of USA, individuals and groups (private business, nonprofit organizations, government agencies and other) have joined in activities to increase awareness of what we can do to help prevent breast cancer!


Be Aware!


Support …

The Supporters!

Thank you for caring,

~ Penny  

Copyright © 2012 by Penny l Howe

The Way of The Word

(hear the tinkling sound of Zen type music in the background)

The wordiness of words is a special thing.

Wordology is the science of developing and organizing words relating to a specific subject matter in an informative, easy-to-read and intelligent way.

It can also mean the art of assimilating and disseminating any information in the written form, in an original and logical manner.

Now pay attention here. This is important stuff! Words are important. I am writing them right now. If I were there with you I’d be speaking to you with words. What we write has meaning to us, presumably. Or we would not write it down, but the thing is … words are more than words … (I thought that was a brilliant quote). Words are a means of communicating that which we wish to communicate and even more, they are the means by which we convey our inner most thoughts.

So where am I going with all of this? It should be perfectly obvious. Every blogger on the planet is a Wordologist (of course) plain as day, crystal clear and so on. Who knew? We are specialists within our own field. How Cool Is That!

We stand alone! Apart from! Distinct! Unique! Our own Person. Original. One of a Kind. I could continue on but then I’d exceed the number of words that make a blog page agreeable to those kind enough to visit.

Now that I’ve used what is just the right amount of wordiness, I am well satisfied with my words of the day. I most sincerely hope that you figured out at some point that there is no such word as wordology, although there are those online who have fun with it. I thought it an apt discription for bloggers so decided to have some fun with it. That being said I’ll end this on a high note!

Keep smiling everyone! Make today a good one!

Imagine this…if you will!

“…In my own little corner, in my own little world I am whatever I want to be.”

These are lyrics from a song from one of the earlier musical versions of Cinderella. The song has always moved me because it reminds me of myself. As a little girl and then as an adult.

There are times when being alone can be a cherished piece of time to look inward at yourself and become playful – setting free your imagination, having fun with your dreams.

It seems that today it is far too easy for each of us to get caught up in the endless cascade of daily activities and the chattering of social media. So I post this gentle reminder today.

Give yourself permission to be childlike with your imagination, if not every day then at least once in a while.

Your imagination is the key to your future happiness…cherish it.

And in closing, two quotes from my short list of the world’s greatest heroes:

“Imagination is everything, it is a preview of life’s coming attractions” – Albert Einstein

“Imagination has no age and dreams are forever” – Walt Disney

Have a great day today!

Full Disclosure

Good Morning. In an effort to show true transparency after presenting such tranquil views several weeks ago of the various places in my home where I blog, I’ve determined to show an actual Sunday morning in the household where I live. Recently, I showed some basically nice settings of where I write or blog during different times of the day. Here is reality!

First of all, here I am. I just woke up can you tell? I’m the sleepy one with the big coffee cup in her hand.

My day begins with Franky and Jonny reminding me it’s time to arise. (between 6 and 7 a.m.) Jonny all 28 lbs. of him lays spread out over my tummy.

Franky sits next to me and bats at my cheek (claws retracted).

I stumble upstairs. Perhaps I’m a little more graceful, maybe. (my quarters are in a daylight basement)

I feed Sasha (she’s our teddy bear dog, part sheperd and part chow – 12 yrs old) I pore myself a cup of coffee (preset so it’s ready) and sit down.

This little guy is Dante (a pomerarian, he’s 6 yrs old) who is requesting his breakfast. Pretty much he’s going to bug me until I feed him.

Franky lets me know I didn’t pet him enough when I sit down again

It isn’t long before I hear the sounds of the household stirring.

Soon there is a lot of noisy activity in the kitchen. Everyone pretty much does their own thing here on a early Sunday morning. I’m good with that!

After a variety of interuptions my day actually begins.And this is a summation of an actual Sunday morning, unvarnished and true! Good Morning Everyone,

Now that I’m awake I can go check out my blog activity. Everyone have a wonderful day today.


IMAG2231-1Hi everyone, just when you think you’re beginning to figure me out I introduce something else new into the mix. But that’s me.

Colors fascinate me. All colors. Shapes of things fascinate me also. And then you have the patterns within the shapes. I’m guessing the reason nature is so infinitely beautiful to me is that it is such a myriad of colors, shapes and patterns all blended in a seemingly never-ending variety of things that become beautiful in their appearing simplicity.

Now there’s a thought, complex simplicity. Nature at it’s finest. Every outdoor photographer understands this. Every artist that’s every put paint to a canvas, pencil to a paper, digital imagery to a screen and so forth. We get it. It really is about all those, colors and shapes that fascinate.

One day I picked up yarn and without really knowing what I was doing I began to play around.  Using one or more strands of yarn of varying colors and texture using only the hook that is normally used for crocheting I began to (for want of a better word) weave, single loops inside of other single loops, something simple but lovely. The first pattern was simple swirls.

And then I discovered I could actually weave different patterns with the loops depending on were I pulled the yarn through the next loop.

Okay, So now I’m really beginning to have fun here. After I realized by lessening the number of loops I could create sides I was really excited. From then on my creative nature really took over.

On and off in my spare time I crafted a variety of containers. One thing led to another and after a few years of crafting in my spare time mostly, I came up with something I call loopweaving. The photo’s you are viewing are a few of my creations. I hope you enjoy them.

Colors fascinate me, as I mentioned I sometimes use as many as I can to create an effect.


Being Female- A woman of the Earth

I was born a female of the species that scientist’s refer to as Homo sapiens – that’s us (people). It is estimated that roughly half of the population of people who reside on our planet are female.

Today I’m celebrating all that we are – we the women of the earth. As mothers, it is one of the very earliest things that all humans understand about women. Within a female womb the nourishing and growth of both males and females begins.

However, I strongly believe that being a mother is not what shapes women into who they are, but rather it is the very nature of how women think and feel that shapes the mothers they will become.

Most women are gentle, caring and nurturing but we are so much more than that. When people typecast us (females) into only the “mother” role they forget all the other attributes we so richly possess.

Like men we too are thinkers and doers and as responsible as they for the shaping of civilization. Today more than ever we are taking an ever increasingly active role in this, life’s great adventure.

So to every female on the planet – I applaud you all. For being brave, for being strong, for taking risks, for overcoming, repeatedly adversity, for continuing to fight for our right to be seen as equal to, for believing in ourselves and having the ability to be who we want to be, and for making, repeatedly an amazing difference on this planet we reside on. A woman in the very true sense and meaning of the word.

Today is Amelia Earhart’s birthday, I join in celebrating the spirit, vivacity and determination she displayed during the course of her amazing life. She is only one of many who have helped women realize what each of us are capable.

A few words in closing from a song by Helen Redding …”I am woman watch me grow, see me standing toe to toe as I spread my lovin’ hands across the land, but I’m still an embyro with a long, long way to go until I make my brother understand”…So way to go Amelia! Way to go – all the rest of us females, we can do this. We are doing this! Isn’t it wonderful. Celebrate today, being a woman.

Be sure and click on the BELONG tab at the top of this page and see the new award I was nominated for and those who nominated me – you’ll find out more about who I am. (if you’re interested.) Have an exceptionally great day today!

The Places I Blog

If anyone is curious this is my summer blog/office.

I actually have three locations. The first is my bedroom, sitting up in bed with my laptop enjoying morning coffee.  Franky and Jonny actually have the room they need to be interactive and loving with me. Between the two of them we’re talking more than 50 lbs. of cat. What can I say; they’re my guys, my BIG guys.

The second location is the family room, where everyone hangs out – on and off – during the typical day.  Sometimes noisy but most delightful in a good interactive way with children/friends coming and going, a teenager w/friends coming and going, and adults/we discourage a lot of coming and going with adult friends. That’s more of a let us know when you’d like to drop by kind of thing.


And the third I already mentioned, the patio outside. It works on sunny/cool days, not so much on overtly stormy or roastingly (I know it’s not a word but it works for me) hot days!

And just so you know, I tastefully omitted any references to the ongoing chaos that accompanies a house with 2 adults, 2 preteens, 1 teen, 2 dogs (1 little, 1 large) and 4 cats. I did this to keep up the appearance the photos hopefully represent, ambiance in a pleasant and comfortable habitat. Did it work?

Oh, Oh! …Tempus Fugit (A Latin expression for time flies.). It’s time for a smoothie. I love smoothies. This one has (I don’t use a measuring cup people, it’s a ‘personal what-you-like thing’ but if anybody wants to know the approximates I’ll be happy to share) fresh blackberries, strawberries and blueberries, a frozen banana (Thank you Alton Brown from Good Eats on the food channel – great tip about what to do with the slightly too ripe bananas. Peel the bananas, wrap with plastic wrap and put in the freezer.) Anyway after the fruit I add a handful of uncooked oatmeal (boosting the fiber) and some plain yogurt (probiotics) Doesn’t it sound healthy? Well its also delicious!

Okay, back to my writing while I sip on my smoothie. Tomorrow’s the day I respond to the wonderful blogger awards I was recently given by some very nice people. Everyone have a good day, today! And yes I am now headed outside to my 3rd office!

One more thing, I can’t help myself, a photo of my cats when they were adorable little kittens. I’m constantly asking myself – What Happened?