Do you believe in the mystery in life?


Life Force 

What does life mean to you …

… and are you a reflection of how you view life?

I’m not referring to the quality of your life or how your feel on any particular day but your overall understanding of what you think and feel of as “Life”!dreamstime_xs_1618901

The word “Life” – as defined using the following words and meanings from Merriam-Webster Dictionary:

  • The quality that distinguishes a vital and functional being from something not living.
  • The sequence of physical and mental experiences that make up the existence of an individual.
  • The period from birth to death.
  • A specific phase of earthly existence.
  • A way of living.
  • A vital or living being (life form).
  • A period of existence.
  • (And my own thought – Something More that we don’t understand but know to exist.)


alberiWhich of those reflect your own understanding? Are you a little bit of several of those meanings, or do you have your own idea of what “life” means to you?

Life to me is expansive – An unknown but very real and existing essence of a “force” existing in the Universe, the underlying glue in the Universe. Therefore all are imbibed with this “something” that is currently beyond our understanding or rationale. Everything connected to everything else.  Always without exception.

I think that perhaps when we define and reflect who we are based solely on life experiences we can forget that sometimes we are more than the sum of all the parts we know of. That, in fact, there is always the potential for … something more waiting to happen to us … or for us to pass on to others.

Keep your life force vital and growing,


All my love to you,


We Hold The Future in our Hands!

“Life … Masterpiece from the Palette of our Universe!”

We are the recipients!

And…we need reminded of this!

I watched a movie once, “Blade Runner” (a favorite and a science fiction thriller, dark and foreboding of the future). There is a scene at the end of the movie where one of the characters says words that are so piercingly true that I’ve never forgotten them …

“Life lost  in time – is like tears in the rain”

The video below “reminds” us of life – it’s beauty and it’s value. You can hear the words (from the movie’s scene I am referring to) in the background. Please, please watch (just a few minutes) listen to the words, see the beauty and… be reminded!

What we do NOW counts. It matters. We make a difference. Let it be the right ones.

WE hold the future in our hands …

WE need to remind and be reminded … Again and again until we (all of us) understand what we already know in our heart of hearts!

All the tomorrow’s that will ever be, are being created even as I write this.

We are the ones deciding what life will be in our futures. Our choice, our choices have never been more important than they are today.


Consider this as you go about your day’s routine today: What is really important to you in life? What really matters? These are things to ponder and weigh in your heart.

We hold the future in our hands…”We hold the future in our hands

We, The Recipients of Life … hold the future – their futures … in our hands!


Thank you for stopping by, may your day be blessed with happiness and positive thoughts for our future, my friends,

~ Penny

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The Human Condition and The Golden Rule!




Every human being on this planet is precious and should be given the opportunity to make the living on this planet a better place; for themselves, their families and others.

It is not for us to judge other people. We ALL make poor choices, sometimes very wrong, sometimes very peoplebad and some harmful, to not just ourselves but to others.

This does not mean we others should with deliberate attempt, do wrong, bad things too.

Two wrongs do not ever make a right!

When a human being sets the example by doing a good thing, it encourages others to do the same.

Oh, and FORGIVENESS for yourself and other’s mistakes, “HUGE” in the whole scheme of making life a better one for all!

Just my thoughts here –  one person among more than 7 billion others on this planet whose greatest hope is for all of us to live peacefully, be happy and value each other, bonding with what we do share in common:

“We are all human beings …
born of the planet earth!”




Thank you for your visit, best wishes for an excellent week ahead!

~ Penny


No Oddity of Space just Breathtakingly Beautiful

For those of you who haven’t seen this video yet, please enjoy this amazing version of one of my favorite songs by David Bowie only this one is sung by Canadian Astronaut,Chris Hadfield and he’s really there in outer space! Just simply awesome to the extreme. His voice, the video, being in outer space, his experience, the experience:


My friend Kenley shared this video today on her blog, do visit her wonderful blog of delicious food, thoughts, and photographs and today this video. I had wanted to reblog her but was unable to, but wanted to pass along her wonderful post of the day with this simply excellent video for you to see.


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you can view the video here


Have a great weekend. Thank you for visiting me!

~ Penny


“And we danced …” Līgo Haībun Challenge

The  Līgo Haībun prompt for this week is “And we danced …”.

Please click on the preceding link for more information. This is a wonderful opportunity for writers to improve and enhance their personal writing skills! My offering follows.

Reaching for the stars

goodreads“What was humanity thinking? What are we even doing here?” He thought, realizing he’d spoken aloud when she replied.

“I don’t know? Improving our lot in life, I suppose.” She leaned back against the crater wall.

Sitting next to her on the surface of the moon beneath the shadow cast by the overhanging crater, he looked out over the moon’s dry and lifeless terrain.

He glanced up at the great cosmic darkness sparkling with trillions of stars while here they safely sat, encased in an invisible shell. Scientific technology had come far. He sighed, a heavy sigh of uncertainty.

“What are you thinking now, dearest one?”

“What do we do next?” He replied turning his head to gaze into her soft brown eyes filled with so much love.

She smiled, a gentle little playful smile, so adored by him from the moment of their first meeting. She rose and held her hand out to him.

…we dance!”

Their bodies swayed in fluid motion together, moving to the rhythm of their universal souls.

(We are the searchers of our futures. We are the seekers of our tomorrows. We are the dreamers of our possibilities. We are of the planet Earth.)

dance for the future

beckoning stars await us

our past stepping stones


Thank you,




This Post brought to you by the color blue!

Recently, I was trying to decide which color was my favorite, and I can’t. I’ve discovered I love most colors, but if there were one I liked maybe a little more than the others it would be blue. So I bring you blue in all it’s glory!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERABeautiful beautiful blue eyes


file0001031134899Fresh delicious blueberries, (good for you too!)



Nothing better than the blue planet Earth!


file0001655125059Must include the blossom of a blue  flower!



There isn’t a more beautiful bird on the planet, the Peacock, Shimmering with color!



The Blue Door, self explanatory!


Blue flowers

Alright another flower, my favorite wildflower (bachelor button, or cornflower)! They are considered a weed, can you imagine? As a child I would pick these flowers from the surrounding fields where I lived every summer. They also come in a variety of other colors as well!



It would be positively un-american to not include blue jeans!



Ditto the (composition in blue) guitar! 🙂



My finally “blue of things” taken yesterday, a beautiful day with beautiful blue skies and a young man in contemplation!


Thank you for the visit, I hope you’ve been enjoying your weekend!

~ Penny


Our Tomorrows … Suspended on a sunbeam


We humans live on the planet we call Earth.

It is a most noble planet indeed housing a myriad of life forms. An immense amount of life abounds on this majestic planet called Earth. A small blue seemingly inconsequential speck to the Universe.

But to me it is the most amazing and glorious life sustaining planet of all.


My home, The planet Earth!

I will cherish, preserve and respect all life within my ability to do so. And I know I am not alone. These things I will do, I shall do in the company of my fellow humans for all the todays and tomorrows that we have.



Thank you,

~ Penny