Your Bounty in Life – Planting the seeds for happiness and success!

Planting Seeds for Happiness and Success

“To be content in the moment, to live fully without disdain or expectations beyond those of peaceful harmony and loving gratitude. To appreciate what you’ve been given and share with those who lack, and are needful of comfort and care – your bounty in life grows exponentially with your reverence, respect and love of same.”

Penny L Howe, 2014

Lovin’ – go on, it’s good for you!

A follow up to my previous post! Enjoy this musical Youtube video from the movie Moulin Rouge!



Come on everyone! Love, Live, Love! And in that order, again and again and again, just fill yourself up … and those you love, with these feel good feelings! Make it a never ending supply!

p.s. – start with yourself!

~ Penny

This Post brought to you today by the color Yellow!


Available to you in nature everywhere!

file000989729140What is it about the color yellow that many of us love so much?


I’m guessing primarily because it’s the color of the sun, the light that brightens the sky and our world when it shines.


I think that on a subliminal level we (as living beings) file0001823116947know that our life is dependent upon the sun.


Yellow is a warming color, whether it be the sun or by fire.

Yellow is a cheerful color by it’s very nature. A feel good about yourself sort of color!


file000299512764When I think of the color yellow I think of a multitude of shades.


Subtle shades that sooth “mellow yellow” and vibrant shades that are cheerful and uplifting.


But mostly the color yellow is the color that brightens,OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA file1411284428310regardless of the hue or the format being viewed by us.


Yellow provides a contrast to all the other colors surrounding it.


Creatures of all kinds, those in the ocean and those on the land, insects, plants of all kinds, including fruit and vegetables, flowers and much more brighten our day.


Yellow is one of the three primary colors.


So today I give tribute to the color yellow and all it represents.



May the color “yellow” live long and prosper!

~ ~ ~

Still Life in Yellow

Still Life in Yellow

Have a great day, thanks for stopping by,

~ Penny

penny l howe

Who will we throw away tomorrow?

Throw Away

We are the “throw away” society. I include myself as I am in that group as well. We compose approximately 18 to 25% of the people on the planet. The other 75-80% may/will go without food, sanitary water, clothing, shelter. More than 5 billion if you’re into numbers.

So as I was saying, we are the throw away society. It is so very easy. The interesting thing is we do this mostly without conscious thought of our actions. It is just what we do. Quicker, Easier, More convenient and so on. The value of what we eat, drink, wear, or where we reside is secondary to our convenience. Isn’t that interesting. A way of life. Just throw it away, replace as needed. Just about everything is expendable, price not withstanding.

We throw away life too. Another interesting thing. Also done without much thought. If certain criteria aren’t met, it seems the simple thing is – to remove those (from your life-style) who interfere with the above mode of “quicker,easier,more convenient methodology. And the rationalization used for being a “throw away” society stretches the bounds of incredibility. Presumably. Perhaps. Maybe.

I’m thinking included in this group can be the elderly, the poor, children, those families experiencing a life altering transition in life (loss of income, illness or the death of a family member for example), those who may be viewed as handicapped or disabled in some way, a country that isn’t up to speed yet as a throw away consumer, animals, living plants and trees of the planet that are vital for keeping the ecological system running smoothly.

There that’s about it. Thought you might like to know. But I do wonder. Who will we throw away tomorrow … or more to the point what will we do when we run out of things to throw away!


Our choice – as always!


Just a few things to ponder, I do believe I speak of all our tomorrows. Thank you for stopping by!

~ Penny

Copyright © 2012 by Penny l Howe

Just a little difference

Today is Sunday, a glorious sunlit day.  It’s late morning now, as I slept in having had but little sleep the night before. (See previous post regarding this).

On my morning walk I was accompanied, as always, by my boon companions who likewise are enjoying the day.

During my walk about this morning I noticed an outdoor plant I’ve been woefully negligent about watering. (I’d like to blame the hot hot weather but I’m actually the one that didn’t water the plant. – see accepting responsibility here! 🙂 )

The good news is that as a result of the recent storm the plant received the nourishment it needed.

I wonder how often that’s true of us. We will neglect or be neglected by others and just when thinking it’s too late, God will provide or remind us to do so. Sometimes quietly, sometimes with a great force, but always, always there – Making the little difference that was needed.

My thought of the day – May each of us (most especially me) make a little difference for just one life…today!