Blogger Minions – Get Yours Today!

Blogging is a time consuming thing.

Not enough hours in the day.

So I created “blogger minions”.


by wd2007 -

My Blogger Minions

They are quick, and they last
they do blogging very fast.
These little guys are very sweet
and of course they love to tweet.
They are clever and watch for trends
Their creativity never ends.
They read emails, sort, respond
The things they do, goes on and on.
These little guys with their PC’s
are really cute, as you can see!
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*Not responsible for how quickly they reproduce – I haven’t got that part figured out yet! They seem mysteriously attracted to each other, it may have something to do with the rabbit DNA I added to improve their cuteness.


Have an excellent Friday everyone, and have a little fun today too!

~ Penny


Sensual Verse ~ Of Paradise (part III)

I dwell, exist and feel ~ of paradise.

Can paradise be a feeling, or a state of mind?

Is paradise a place, born outside of time.

When and where, and how you touch

releases me –

a sensual intoxication,

seductive addictive –

your creation or

the spilling of my passion

is this the paradise I feel?


You play me, you know,

an instrument in your hands

made for your touch

it would seem.

But as you stroke and explore

the melody of my pleasure,

it seems my sweet passion

ignites your own.

I shudder with desire

And feel the paradise

I release within you,

as we share together,

these moments lost in dwelling

in the feel of paradise.


Penny L Howe, 2013


And this concludes the trilogy of sensual verse: Perhaps, It Seems and Of Paradise!

I hope you enjoyed!



Entice me –


Sweetly, gently in the night

I wake.

longing for forbidden things

… entice me!

I, a woman … need!

Move me,

I am hungry with desire.


I await


contemplate in

silent repose,

these wanton thoughts

of hidden lust

will not depart.

I beg of you, this night,


entice me!


~ Penny L Howe, 2013

So the sensual muse decided to come out and play with her words tonight! I do hope you enjoyed!

Thank you for stopping by,


Disfunctional functionality of modern life

(Having fun here so you might want to keep Google handy for this one!)

surrealism faces

The Juxaposition of Life

Tis a deluded labyrinth, this maze of entanglement.

Can one not be weary from frenetic confusion of inextricable bewilderment.

And the oh so sophisticated posing, a mere redefining refinement

Of a subtly delicate signification through a fogginess of madness.

Must we craft a disordered imbroglio, interpolating perturbations?

Which follows upon a pure mystification of pandemonium.

I sigh as the symptomatic symphonic disharmony

symbolizes the intricate involution of life.


 The Surrealism of Surreal Reality


Thank you,

Penelope the Wise!

Golden glow

Coffeehouse of Dreams – a sensual ambience!


In my imagination there is a Cafe. I call it my Coffeehouse of Dreams. The atmosphere of the softly lit room is warm and inviting. You can smell the rich earthy aroma of freshly brewed coffee each time you walk hthrough the door. There is the low hum of people speaking to one another. A quiet rattling of utensils on dishes as people eat morning or evening fare.

The Cafe always has just the right number of customers. A few are known by name, others are strangers. Some are couples. You can tell by the way they lean in towards each other when they speak …

hands touching …occasionally holding hands across the table. He reaching across to wipe a strand of hair away from her face as they gazing into each others eyes while sipping their coffee. He takes for granted that he can touch her. She takes for granted that he does so. It is romantic and intimate.

The Cafe is a sensual place, made more so by the smells and OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAsounds and  taste of things. An ambience of alluring flavors. The cafe is comfortable but with an edge of mystery to it, where a stranger might come into the coffeehouse at any time.

He might decided to sit down beside me where I usually sit. in one corner of the room, with my coffee and my book. The latest best seller or perhaps a beloved classic being read again for the hundredth time.

loversHe’d approach my table and ask if he could join me. I’d look up from my book and with only a glance I’d decide that it was time for a new adventure in living. Something pleasurable, stimulating – life affirming!

“Yes,” I would respond.

As with the romantic couple I mentioned, the stranger’s eyes would hold mine in an embrace; a look that captures, making the universal connection, not of surrender (not yet). but of the beginnings of the dance of love. First, shy playfulness and masterful responses. My mind has raced ahead to the possibilities I read in his probing searching glance.

After all I am in my Coffeehouse of Dreams!

Thank you for your visit, I hope you enjoyed! Make today fun – both dreams and reality!

~ Penny