A Passion for the Written Word.

Whether you are a dedicated writer or an avid reader, it is passion that moves you.

For the writer it is the longing to write, his or her passion – to embrace the muse. For the reader of the written word, their desire – to be passionately moved by the words in some manner.

The following prose is a dedication to those who love to read and write, for it is a truth; you cannot truly have one without the other.

Passions From Within

There is that … in your words,

exciting passions from within.

Ethereal and gentle they provoke

a lingering, craving, longing, intensity

from the reader.

Your words move, readers slide into your words

lulled senses alive.

 Honed words are your tools to be shaped.

Passion ignites –

endless and enduring from the written word.

Your passion for writing … to be shared with the reader.


Penny L Howe

Poetry and Contemplation!

I’ve been pondering quite a bit these last handful of months as to whether or not I wanted to continue blogging. The friends I’ve made here in blogland are awesome (you know who you are) and I can’t say or feel enough good things about you!

I have been going through the archives of some of my older posts and found a couple of poems I’ve written that I decided to share (or if you read them before, share again).

Hoping your weekend is a great one for you, with much love – Penny!

Solitary contemplation of the kitten kind! While musing over the unfinished strings of life.

Life – A Privilege to Nurture

The first to give honor
The second to share,
The third to be humble
and try to be there.


When making the difference,
in that which you do,
you make for a difference
the truth within you.

Penny L Howe, 2013


For all That I am Not

If I be poor in spirit
may I be rich in deed,
If I be poor in doing
May I still plant a seed.


For all that I am not
may I be something more,
For all that I can be
Is what I’m striving for!

“It’s the doing of a thing, that makes it happen!”

~ Penny L Howe, 2013


Ethereal Life

Enjoy what you are given – in the moment,

From one heartbeat to the next it can be gone.

Share what you’ve been blessed with – in the moment.

From one heartbeat to the next it can be gone.

Laugh with the richness of life – in the moment.

From one heartbeat to the next it can be gone.

Love all you can love in the moment.

From one heartbeat to the next it can be gone.

Live every moment of your life to the fullest.

From one heartbeat to the next it can be gone.

Penny L. Howe, 2012


Why do we write Poetry?

What is it about the particular nature of a poem? Whether penning or reading. A poem sets itself apart from all other written words. Various sized packages of contained messages of our thoughts, our feelings, our expressions. We the author and presenter of chosen word and format.

Do we write for ourselves when we write a poem? Do we write for others? Yes and yes.

With poetry we tap directly into our feelings about things, bringing forth those emotions, thoughts and ideas inside of us to be viewed through our written words. We are reorganizing our insides when we do this. And when others read our poems they frequently will do the same thing.

Should you write a poem? Yes?



It’s therapeutic. Not only letting out what’s inside, but presenting a microcosm of your heart and soul you can view and share with others.

It’s wonderfully creative. Your journey through your own nature with the poetic word while you find yourself exploring all sorts of creative avenues of expression.

It is encouraging, helping you and others to “Open Up” inside. Writing poetry and sharing your words, creates a stronger environment for learning and growing yourself. Online today there are many *websites and forums – groups actively in pursuit of knowledge and understanding from poets of the past and present.

The Poem

“Such beauty you bless in the form of a rhyme
Such feeling, such rhythm your words so divine
I am lost in your glory, sensation sublime
Sharing forever, time after time.”

Penny L Howe, 2013

So today, write a poem and share with others, read a poem and enjoy someone else’s creation. Both will be uplifting and illuminating … I promise.

Have a great weekend,

~ Penny

All Poetry.com
Ligo Haibun Challenge
ThePoet Sanctuary.net

Ligo Haibun Challenge – Challenge yourself!

Summer is a busy time for many us, and with this – can come delays, as has been the case with the crew of the Ligo Haibun Challenge. Thank you for your patience, to those with entries. I have been reading all of the entrants for the past week and will be returning to comment on each.

A quandry, for me, these last few months has been picking honorable mentions – increasingly difficult because, point in fact, there are more than just a few good ones.

It is my opinion that each of you deserve honorable mentions. The very individualistic quality of each entry, the beautiful expressions of some, the unique perspective of others, the close-up realism of still others – while adhering to the haibun and haiku style and criteria, lends itself to (honestly) my personal inability to pick one over the other.

I am pleased that honorable mentions will happen monthly now. This means judging will be based on a body of your work. A new challenge each week, honorable mentions – once a month!


There are two words to chose from for this week’s Ligo Haibun Challenge!

“Oblivion” or “Morning Glory” 

I would love to see lots of entrants to this week’s Challenge.

Get started, all you writers out there – I want to enjoy reading more wonderful haibun from all of you. Need more information?  Click here! And don’t forget, we are in the planning stages of putting together a haibun ebook (and with your permission) yours may be in there, too! Being published is always a good thing!


Good luck, thanks for entering and/or being a dedicated reader of the haibun/haiku writing style and therefore … becoming a Haibuner like myself,

~ Penny


The Written Word!




I – the written word

To many I am transient,

evanescent vapor.

In the moment, well thought of,

but just as quickly put aside.

my creative purpose, too frequently, surpassed,

seemingly for a better one.

And I in the midst of presentation

of poignant knowledge,

for your acquisition and enlightenment,

am left behind.

My sole passion to create your passion,

shaded subtleties and secrets

I would share for those who dare to read and learn.

Not just partake as in a feast,

feeding temporary hunger and then moving on.

Do I illuminate most vividly or is your viewing superficial?

My value and meaning dependent entirely on you.

And I – the written word – await the outcome!

~ Penny L Howe, 2013


Thank you, have a great day!

~ Penny


The illuminating candle

“Over millenium, through darkening night,

we depended on candles, our main source of light.

Today’s glowing candles are still shining bright.

Now a beacon of purpose, Illuminates our sight.”


candle in the night


A Lit Candle 

A lit candle remembers,
 those, no longer there.
A lit candle for causes,
because we all care.
A lit candle to celebrate,
happy, we share.
A lit candle for comfort.
Calm souls we’ve laid bare.
~ Penny L Howe, 2013

The gentle glow of a candle’s light is soft and warm. And just like thousands of years ago, today we still light a candle, only now to be comforted/nurtured in the moment, illuminating our hearts, minds, and deeds.

Have a great day and a better tomorrow,

~ Penny


The Essence of Truth

So I hung out with my friend “Willy” last night (William Shakespeare – love his words) and Muse showed up desiring to play, so my prose discusses the “today” of life that is so filled with commercial artifice and pretense, please enjoy!



Is that you
The persistent hovering
near the backstory of my being …
Truth,where art thou?
I sense your longing
to reveal all.
You seem so close yet far away
I can’t quite touch you
surrounded by life’s illusions,
this glamour of falsity,
enticed by artificial pleasures.


Are you still really there?
Cloaked dissimilation,
you present naught
but ambiguity of manner,
I cannot bear your distortion.
trapped within life’s backdrop
the current unfolding drama,
or should I say comedy
(of errors perchance?).
I sigh for such is life today
where truths are only words
… of which are played.
And we, most amateur of playwrights
unable to see you as you really are,
make much of puzzling enigmas,
while busily
fashioning the fashions
of the state of our being.


Alas, the curtain will still rise
the show must go on.
If  I could but see and know you
But truth be told
I don’t know that I would recognize you
the falsity of purpose
you’ve become.
Could you, would you
come a little closer
and give not just an essence
but a pureness of thought
word and deed,
For I find, we need you now
more than ever.
Penny L Howe, 2013


Thanks for stopping by, have a great weekend,


Hidden … from Life or … To be Alive


Hidden from Life

… I expect nothing.

Hidden from others

… I miss nothing.

Hidden from demands

… I do nothing.

Hidden from Caring

… I give nothing.

Hidden from love

… I am nothing!



To be Alive

I know

only that which is so.

To give freely from the heart one must sow.

To love freely from the heart one must grow.

Cultivate friendships,

Nourish relationships,

Living – a matter of heartfelt appreciation,

Not just some technological application!

~ Penny L Howe, 2013


Thank you for stopping by,


~ Penny

Be Gentle Be Kindly …

wild flowers

Be gentle be kindly

Though the world’s harshly made,

Be loving and giving

Through life’s piteous parade.


Walk softly serenely

Through tempests of strain,

Sing sweetly and softly

Shed your tears in the rain.


Stand proudly and bravely

In spite of your fear,

Laugh loudly, live fully

‘Tis Life you must bear!

~ Penny L Howe


Thank your for you visit,


Copyright © 2012 by Penny l Howe

Winners of ‘Unrequited’ Love Poetry Contest

Unrequited Love Poetry Challenge

I am very pleased to present the winners of the “Unrequited Love” Poetry Challenge. The challenge: write a poem/prose/free-verse that best portrayed unrequited love. My thanks to all of you who entered. There were many excellent responses. This was how I ‘reviewed’ the entries.

I am not concerned with any specific type of style or meter. What does interest me is the ease with which each word leads into the next. Some very great poets had their very own individual style but in each case there was a “flow” that the reader connected with. Finally I don’t critique, as such (there are plenty out there who do already),  I enjoy or I don’t. For the judging process I considered the following things:

  1. Is it specific to the topic being addressed “Unrequited Love”, and does it ellicit those emotions anticipated by the topic.
  2. Did the poem flow, is there a natural rhythm that carries the reader smoothly throughout.
  3. The third item I included was Unique. Did the writer approach ‘unrequited love’ from a fresh perspective.

There were more than a few who found a fresh approach. I found that fascinating. There were also well written classic examples. It was difficult to choose from so many. I narrowed it down to three but then realized these final 3 were all winners. Therefore, there are three winners.


LuAnn started out writing an RV (Recreational Vehicle) blog. She and her husband, Terry travel the highways exploring the country of USA. She posts of their adventures. Somewhere along this journey she began to explore the virtual online world as well. She discovered the blogging community, and kindred spirits. Warmly received, she has begun her own creative endeavors with the written word. I for one look forward to her next creations.


A single father of two teenagers, Alastair has been blogging for several years while he deals with the daily complications of life, He takes photos each day for his posts. Recently he has been introducing his beautiful poetry (it had been inside him, way too long and was past time to make an entrance, I think). On a more personal note he has dropped his pseudonym and is now using his real name to post. Alastair and his family live in England. 


This writer is clever, witty, humorous, insightful and in some cases (to coin a phrase) “bloody brilliant” with his artistry, his poetry, his narratives and his photography. Take your pick, they’re all good! In the far off craggy lands (if you’re not from around there that is) of Scotland is where he makes his home.

Please take the time to visit each of them at their “Blog” homes. You will not regret it!

LuAnn’s Winning Entry: Unrequited Love I, LuAnn has recently “found” her talent. And I for one am very pleased to see her make her debut here. Her talent presents itself for all to read in each written word. Her poem is so very poignant and rich. No one can mistake the meaning in these very piercing words.

Alastair’s Winning Entry: Unrequited Love II I felt Alastair’s Prose to be cleverly accomplished with his use of the back and forth quality of online conversations. We bloggers can certainly, at the very least, understand this virtual adaptation of unrequited love. Very well done indeed.

Brian’s Winning Entry: Unrequited Love III, The minute I read this poem I knew it would be one of the finalists. It’s message (so very well executed) is timeless. There will always be the predator and there will always be the somewhat naive and foolish who believe there is “something better” out there. To me the true individual (in this poem) that ends with unrequited love is the female’s husband! Very sadly.

While I enjoyed everyone’s entry, there were a few that if space were permitting they would be winners as well in alphabetical order they are:


readinpleasure Celestine

Brother Jon Johnathon


Books & Art – Spirit & Soul – Lesley Fletcher

strawberryindigo ,Nancy

nightlake Padmini K


Be sure and check out their blog homes. Excellent places to visit and follow! For all of you who entered this Challenge I thank you! Your words delighted and inspired me, as always.

Thank You ~ Brava and Bravo!
 ♥ Penny
Copyright © 2012 by Penny l Howe