For my very dear friend of Scotland – “Cuddle Doon”.


Politics seem to always figure into the scheme of things, be they Nay or Yay. There are the Scots who are happy for the decision to remain a part of the United Kingdom and there are those who are very unhappy by the decision.

Having met an outstanding individual from Scotland, I humbly offer the following words “It is impossible and inconceivable to take Scotland out of a Scot. Just as it be impossible to take the poetic out of the Poet. The following is the last two stanzas by Alexander Anderson’s (of Scotland) poem Cuddle Doon.

“…An’ just afore we bed oorsels,

We look at our wee lambs’;
Tam has his airm roun’ wee Rab’s neck,
And Rab his airm round Tam’s.
I lift wee Jamie up the bed,
An’ as I straik each croon,
I whisper, till my heart fills up,
“Oh bairnies, cuddle doon.”
The bairnies cuddle doon at nicht
Wi’ mirth that’s dear to me;
But soon the big warl’s car an’ care
Will quaten doon their glee.
Yet, come what will to ilka ane,
May he who rules aboon
Aye whisper, though their pows be bald,
“Oh barnies, cuddle doon.”

~ Alexander Anderson, 1845 – 1909


When you are of Scotland, you will always be of Scotland, not geographic political borders nor treaties will change that fact!

All my love to B.