Ligo Haibun Challenge – Mirror Image


Such an interesting turn of phrase “mirror image” as compared to … oneself. More incongruous than the image appears (visually speaking), we (humans) always tend to “see” more than what is really visible to the naked eye.

Still, the person on the outside looking at the same person (on the inside of a mirror) has the distinct advantage of being seen in a two dimensional platform –  which is, of course, never the actuality of life.

Wading deeply through the stream of reality, I could look down at life’s liquidness and see my own mirror image reflected in the fluidity of all life as it swirls around me. Ebbing waves of ‘this or that’ moment of experience exhibiting – all that I appear to be.

But I rarely do – look. I selfishly do not stop the train of thought, (my personal perception of life experiences) and indeed my ability to continue on with an absorption, immersion and captivation of life which I find quintessential to my own well being and improvement.

In summation, a true mirror image of self might be viewed as a matrix where each new bit and piece and layer of the “who I am” rearranges and renews – at will, (my ‘true image’ being of constant change) – as it should, because with each subsequent change I become more of who I truly am.

life’s true potential
mirrored in streaming nature
from dream to reality

Penny L Howe, 2013

. . . .

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And so I wondered

… the musing of it all!




Unrequited Love ~ A sad but noble situation or so Nietzsche believed.

“Indispensable … to the lover is his unrequited love, which he would at no price relinquish for a state of indifference.”

But should there be a distinction made between love never returned and love that you thought (were told) was there, but never was?

And which heart is more broken? The one whose love was never returned or the one who thought it was?

For humans going through this often confusing condition of ‘to be’ (loved) or ‘not to be’ (loved) my muse offers her thoughts on the subject in verse, for no purpose other than she chose not to be jolly, oh the folly! Sorry got carried away with the melancholy (rhyme of it all)!

And so I wondered …

broken heart

Am I the one you dream of

Your very sacred heart of love.

Am I the one your heart beats for

The one you said you so adore.

Those were the words you used to say.

I know, I’d hear them every day.

Eternal love was ours to share

You swore we made the perfect pair.

Are now those tender loving words,

Being said, and being heard

By another love that’s true.

Off with the old love, on with the new.

How very easy it seems for you.

Just one question – what should I do

with the love inside I feel for you?



Yes, now that I’ve finished writing this piece I believe that a broken promise of love trumps unrequited love! And just so we’re clear on the subject, I am personally heart whole, no worries there, just musing with my muse, hope it was entertaining!

~ Penny

penny l howe

A pathway of friends


pathway (the meaning):  A track or passage way for walking made clearer and stronger by continual treading. Such a way or track is often designed for a particular purpose: “a nature path”.

In my world view (of life, love and good things)  a group of friends (online and off) would be called “a pathway of friends”.   to be seen as ever expanding and growing – the tread of meeting continuous new friends never ends, creating more and often used pathways and so on.


My pathway of friends

I have found them everywhere among my travels through life. I have found them near at hand when I but hlooked up and saw them standing there.

My pathway of friends is a precious gift I cherish with all my heart and as paths go it seems to me that this pathway will become a road of much use.

The road will become so mighty that there will be bridges made so the pathway of friends can cross over any troubled waters with no difficulty.

And these mightiest of roads will indeed turn into freeways and expressways of friends, so many that the pathways encompass the planet leaving no friend behind, no friend not heard from, no friend forgotten, no friend alone.

My pathway of friends is an amazing path because it grows and expands at will. There is no deterrent that stops it, for it grows from love and it grows from hope and it grows from faith and I believe we all have those in abundance.

Yes it is all that I can wish and believe it will be

and I am pleased with the ever growing and expanding pathway of friends.

Thank you,



Copyright © 2013 by Penny l Howe