Hope – binding thread of strength!

By LeanneStewart

In the smallest corner of being

sometimes so small it hides,

You will still find it there

because hope hangs on.


When certain there’s no winning

and all is done for naught

there yet exists a spark of light,

… hope hangs on.


Human nature guarantees

we’ll fail more than we win,

and I think that’s why there’s hope

,,, hope hangs on.


Dreams are made from wishes

desires made from dreams,

hope the binding thread of all

… hope hangs on.

P.L. Howe, 2014

And  speaking personally, I think that’s a very good thing indeed!

~ Penny

Inspiration ~ the value of the written word!


You are beautiful


Inspirational words are so wonderful and uplifting. And whether they are presented in the form of quotes, a sentence or two, a poem, a fable, a true story, even a book; the nature of the inspiration is viewed and appreciated by all.

But what of the value. Well that’s something else, all together.

You see … for the true value of an inspirational piece to be achieved you must really believe the words you are reading, perhaps even reading them again until you do believe and then put into practice and achieve that which was so inspiring to you from the beginning.

And then you, yourself, become an inspiration to others which proclaims loud and clear the value and worth of the inspiration of the written word as you pass it along yourself by thought, word and deed! And so it goes.


If you treat an individual … as if he were what he ought to be and could be,
he will become what he out to be and could be ~ Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe


Thank you for stopping by, have a good day and a better tomorrow!


Penny L Howe


How many roads do you travel

The photo prompt for Alastairs Photo Fiction writing challenge this week is fascinating. A couple in a vintage vehicle on a modern highway. The muse took over on this one as I viewed the past (the vehicle) the present (traveling on the road) and the future (their destination). Enjoy:



The Roads You Travel

How many roads do you travel
as you journey through each passing day,
yesterday, today or tomorrow’s
choices of road – an array.
I think that we travel on each road
depending on how the day goes,
today’s road may just be reflective
Yesterday’s full of woes.
Tomorrow’s road nurture’s our day dreams
today’s road weaving through turns,
tomorrow’s encountering road blocks
to hinder our travels and yearns.
I may ponder too long on the right road
and wait ’til the crossroads have passed,
missing the signs that direct me
turn ’round and look for the last.
The last road, the one that’s the true one,
the last road that sped quickly by,
the last road I need to return to
the road where my future does lie.
How many roads do you travel
the high one, the middle or low,
just do make sure at the crossroads
take it easy and go very slow.

~ Penny L Howe, 2013


Thanks for stopping by, be sure and check out Alastair’s weekly writing challenge by clicking on the link. Give it a try, you’ll have fun! Have a great day and a better tomorrow!

~ Penny

penny l howe


From a Negative to a Positive – 2 quick thoughts!

morning glory

morning glory


The fastest way I can think of to leave unwanted thoughts behind is recall that they originate from you yourself. you’ve decided how you feel about things, whether or not it is re-enforced by others, it is still ultimately how “You” (singular) decided to allow yourself to feel.


ego’s reflection

Thinking in terms of fault or blame is also not good. Perhaps better to say, “Have I accidently set myself up for feeling bad by dwelling on what was wrong with the situation instead of what I can do to make it better.

The other way is to change the ‘ego’ of things (where we are always thinking of our problems first) to a we-go experience! think beyond yourself by thinking of others.  Focusing on what’s wrong with yourself and your life is much harder when you are focused on making something right for someone else!


plhJournal Entry ~

This morning I woke up very early, my problems weighing on my mind. Well actually it started with my cat waking me up extremely early and things pretty much went downhill from there. It’s a little later now and I’m back in balance with my thoughts. It is amazing how easy it is to set oneself up for a lousy day, pre-determining results with negative thinking. I’m good to go now!

Journal End ~ plh, 12-8-12



Some times it is too easy to go to a bad place … but try to start off with good thoughts to begin your day.

Thanks for visiting me,

~ Penny

The Obstacles in Life … remove them.

Can you “see” your future?

When we decide on a path to follow in life, there are things that will trip us up (obstacles) along the way.

Did you know we accidently create the biggest obstacles we need to overcome. They are “negative preconceived expectations”! Nice jolly big words I think!

So more simply put …

Frequently, we have already decided what we cannot do, what is not possible. And we do this many times every day about a multitude of things.

Then we repeat these same things (being thought of inside our head) by saying them out loud.

We have just finished embedding into our mind the beginnings of why we can’t, won’t, shouldn’t and so on … we’ve started the construction of the hardest obstacle to overcome – our own self doubts, fears and concerns!.

Did you know that your brain pays close attention (that’s part of it’s job) to your thoughts – your voiced opinions.

And it obeys these messages by relaying them out to the rest of the brain and body .

So, for example, if the message is – “My body is very stiff and sore, I am going to be stiff and sore all day” – The first part is true because your feeling it, the second part is what you’ve decided ahead of time, before you really know if this is true and you’re passing this along to the rest of your brain and it will comply.

The body does what it’s told.

The brain believes what you decide. This is a truth and a fact. So if you say “I can’t feel better” – You won’t. If you say “I am too old” – then you are. If you decided you have too much to learn, then it will be harder to learn.

The second you dwell on what you can’t do – your mind helps make sure you can’t.

It is that simple. When you focus on what you can do (all the possibilities) your mind thinks on how to make it happen. As always – up to you!

In Life’s equation try your best to remove “negative expectations” from the middle.The goal becomes much easier to reach.

Dreams + (all the reasons I think/know I can)  = Goals achieved.

Thanks for your visit, I wish you luck with your dreams and goals

~ Penny