Don’t Let Them Win!

We Are A Caring Blogging Community!

The Facebook, easy going or in your face attitude, that can include a “lack of manners” mentality seems to be infiltrating WordPress. I have been to several excellent blogs in the last few days whose authors have been considering leaving their blogging friends because of extremely rude behavior by a few bloggers who follow them (in most cases these other bloggers also have Facebook media pages).

Being rude and inappropriate seems to be the norm on many Facebook sites. But up until recently I had not found this sort of nastiness in the WordPress Blogging Community.

It saddens me and I encourage others who have been encountering this sort of behavior to block, remove and unfollow these (hurtful and mean) individuals but most importantly – keep on keeping on with your blogging, inspiring the rest of us as you have been.

It only takes a few rotten apples to spoil the barrel. Let’s not let that happen here. We are a creative and supportive family and community of bloggers who are sensitive, caring, loving and most of all responsible with manners for proper behavior when being interactive,  commenting and appropriately sharing with some one else’s, hard earned and welcoming, creative blog site!

If this is happening on your blog to you – reach out to other bloggers, they do care and will be supportive. That’s what the blogging community is all about, in my opinion anyway!

~ Penny

Being an Artist … the good … the hard … the special!

file0002058071745Chances are if you’re reading this you’re an artist. With words, or with a camera, a brush, digital technology, the musical note, acting, singing, dancing, and/or with a hundred other creative endeavors.

You’re an artist and you “feel things” deeply inside! And you feel the need to express those feelings. At the same time you are not terribly good at expressing yourself when it comes to your talent, your artistry. And you are insecure about what people will say or think – but you still want to know, a dichotomy of wishes,dreams and desires. You really want others to know you and what you are doing. And often you wait for some one else to acknowledge your talent before you acknowledge it for yourself!

In the blogging world, don’t wait for someone to “find” you. Go find them first. Let them discover youh because you’ve given them a pathway to follow. The path is your comments in the comment section of their blog. You’ve read their words, viewed and listened to their talent and appreciated them.

In return they will come to check you out. You’re special and so are they. A mutual admiration society. And if they are too busy to follow you frequently than understand that too. It is a fact in the blogging world, some have more time than others.

Share your gift freely when you blog and embrace the talent being given by others! It works. It really does! Keep the specialness of you alive by sharing it with others.

I should know I’m an Artist too and feel the same way you do. Good luck,

~ Penny


Being a blogger today … it’s all about creating connections!


Connecting …

As I write these words down in the “New Post” section of my “dashboard” in Word Press. I think about the handful of new posts on my “Reader” that I just finished reading to get a feel for the mood, interests, and topics that some are writing about this morning.

hToday the The Daily Post a blog that writes articles about the Art and Craft of Blogging was in it’s element reminding each blogger of idea generation for writing new blogs, The challenge of it all!

So as I sit here writing this morning I realize that before you come up with an idea for a post (and then write and publish it)  the big thing is really about the “why of it all”! 

Why are you here? What is your purpose for blogging? I  mean after the obvious reasons of sharing the creative part of you, it still comes back to Why?

The answer, as a fellow blogger said to me recently, is about hconnections“! We want to feel connected to one another, more so than ever before. And many of us (with lots more coming on board each day) have discovered that not only do we “connect” when we blog, share a post and visit others, but for more than a few it’s personal.

With some we make a special connection. A special something that sets that blogger apart from the others. It’s real and as you read this you KNOW it’s true. We have, all of us made new and special friends through our blogging activities. All over the world!

My advice to each Blogger out there … Create and Connect! Go for it! Have fun explore your creativity and share with all of us. We’ll be waiting to hear from you.

It’s a Bloggers World after all!


I wish you the very best in your blogging experiences and hope to connect with many more of you this year. Have an excellent week and thanks for stopping by to visit.

~ Penny

Penny L Howe