Breathing Exercise during Holiday Season!

So much to accomplish and so little time … especially when worries are there on your mind.

Or so it seems, during the holiday festivities for so many families. I give you my breathing exercise that can do wonders when directions are precisely followed (Works the year round, too!):

My best to everyone this week. I wish you all safe, peaceful, and happy holiday festivities. With love and affection,

~ Penny

We … of a sensitive nature

Good morning, at least here in the Pacific Northwest of America it is. It’s  a bit after 8 a.m. and the sun is shining. Birds are singing. It is a beautiful morning. And I, for one, am grateful for this day I’m in.

I’ve opened the patio doors to the backyard, (while I’m writing this post). I feel the cool spring breeze and hear birds chirping. I sit here, morning cup of coffee in hand, contemplating the many things I notice when not “too busy” to pay attention.The nuances of life that I should be feeling and sensing, not the “noise” of life’s disharmony in a too hectic world. Time to reset my “sensing frequency” settle back, relax and just be in the moment.


“There is no partial sensitivity;

either it is the state of one’s whole being, total consciousness

or it is not there at all.”

~ Jiddu Krishnamurti

Have a great weekend, notice the moment your in!

~ Penny


A Writer/Artist’sTranquility


What comes to mind for you?

For me its a feeling of calmness, being at peace and most definitely being in a location that suits the mood. I head for nature. Every single natural element that nature represents, to me, always heightens any mood I may be feeling. The sounds, the views, the wild life, a wonderful harmony of riches waiting to be enjoyed.

When I’m deep in the woods, All my worries seem to fall away and I find it easy to breath deeply in the fresh sweet country air. Everything seems crisper, cleaner sharper. Right now the weather is turning cooler giving a nod towards autumn. I find I’m enjoying the changes.

I find I can relax completely – almost as if I’m at peace with all of nature’s beautiful creatures, residing just out of view from my vision.

I’ll walk slowly, picking my way through underbrush and overgrowth, delighted to make my own trail. I can walk for miles when this close to nature. I don’t seem to get tired, and there is always more beauty to take in and enjoy.

I grew up in the Northwest part of North America, so I am familiar and at home with the deep, green, thick blanket of trees that cover so much of the countryside and mountains. The eddying streams that meander thru are a delight to wade in and I find I always look for interesting rocks in the stream bed to take home with me.

Yes, for me, tranquility and serenity are always to be found in the country as close to wilderness as possible. I am at home!

The only digital device I take along is my phone (GPS) so (if) I should get lost (lol) I could be found, although I must say that there are times when not being found is a wonderful thought.

The other thing I take with me is something I can write or sketch with/on (nothing digital). In this calming environment I can commune with nature and write of beauty and life in perfect tranquility.

It is my observation (as an artisan/viewer of life) that we each have something unique within us that inspires. Search inside yourself, you will discover there is inspiration ‘aplenty’ waiting there for you, my creative friends,

Enjoy your day today, Be both tranquil and inspired, Penny

Copyright © 2012 by Penny l Howe