The Written Word!




I – the written word

To many I am transient,

evanescent vapor.

In the moment, well thought of,

but just as quickly put aside.

my creative purpose, too frequently, surpassed,

seemingly for a better one.

And I in the midst of presentation

of poignant knowledge,

for your acquisition and enlightenment,

am left behind.

My sole passion to create your passion,

shaded subtleties and secrets

I would share for those who dare to read and learn.

Not just partake as in a feast,

feeding temporary hunger and then moving on.

Do I illuminate most vividly or is your viewing superficial?

My value and meaning dependent entirely on you.

And I – the written word – await the outcome!

~ Penny L Howe, 2013


Thank you, have a great day!

~ Penny


The illuminating candle

“Over millenium, through darkening night,

we depended on candles, our main source of light.

Today’s glowing candles are still shining bright.

Now a beacon of purpose, Illuminates our sight.”


candle in the night


A Lit Candle 

A lit candle remembers,
 those, no longer there.
A lit candle for causes,
because we all care.
A lit candle to celebrate,
happy, we share.
A lit candle for comfort.
Calm souls we’ve laid bare.
~ Penny L Howe, 2013

The gentle glow of a candle’s light is soft and warm. And just like thousands of years ago, today we still light a candle, only now to be comforted/nurtured in the moment, illuminating our hearts, minds, and deeds.

Have a great day and a better tomorrow,

~ Penny


Nuts and Poetry – works for me!

squirrel reading poetry

Hey this book is pretty good it’s filled with poems about nuts.

Ode to a Nut

The nuttiest nut I ever saw

was one I never had

And though I tried my best to save

It ended up going bad.


Nuttier than Usual

If never I see another nut

How happy I shall be,

for every single one I find

does not belong to me.


It seems that life is most unfair

Why can’t just one be mine,

But no it always seem to be

It’s never mine – its thine!


The Stash

I’ve hidden a whole stash of nuts

Noone knows where they are

But even if they do get found

They won’t go very far.


You see I rigged a trap inside

Each nut that’s in my stash

So when somebody tries to eat

Instead they will get thrashed!


When I show up, retrieve my nuts

I’ll offer them a share.

Had they just asked, I’d have given them

you see because I care.


Definitely a nutty day today ~ And yes there is a hidden message or moral in each poem if you can figure each of them out! lol!

Thank you for visiting me I hope your day is not as nutty as this post, but do take time to have some fun!

~ Penny

penny l howe