Are YOU an Innovator?

The Passion of an Innovator!

Are you an Innovator, just hovering inside a niche waiting to move into the mainstream by making a sizeable impact? Do stylistic explorations of “newness – being different from” define your idea or thought, (your personal creativity) going forward?

Understanding why this happens is not easy. Do you need to be “special?” A “genius?” No I think not! Do you need to be a superior marketer of your work? I don’t believe so, many artisans (of all shapes and sizes, crafters and creators) shy away from promotion even while being aware of its need.

What makes one brilliant “idea or creation” wildly successful, and another ignored? Look beyond the individual, however gifted, and beyond even the idea itself. Just as a painting is encompassed within its frame, innovators always operate in a market of some kind, and the success or failure of their idea is invariably contingent on its individual peculiarities.

First, the nature of the consumer is constantly evolving: Young, elderly, middle class, wealthy or not, local, national or global in its focus.

Second, new channels of distribution keep expanding and for each – a new breed of marketers emerges as well. These young, hungry and ambitious marketers are competing to find the next new thing first and sell it at the most compelling price possible.

In short, although I’m sure you’ve noticed, the Internet is a breeding ground for and very receptive to the commercial possibilities of risk-taking. Innovation appears to be extremely economically viable. Breaking with the past seems now demanded. This is the environment where an innovator will make his or her leap into the unknown.

Having an exceptional idea isn’t enough: if it is to catch fire, the market conditions have to be right – a question of luck and timing! The closest analogy is Silicon Valley in the early days of the dotcom boom, when venture capitalists and entrepreneurs were “out there” in the cutting edge of tomorrow.

Jeff Bezos success of Amazon was the product of a unique set of converging economic, technological and cultural circumstances, although with his passion for success he would have made it in any era. Steve Jobs, another who was passionate with his ideas, was “sure” of his innovative design at a time whenone_red everyday design was already becoming more important to consumers.

With the innovator, their talents have to be perfectly suited to the movement of the market. In a world that increasingly rewards experimentation – at a time when it’s cool to bend the rules of artistic endeavor – the level of the passion of the innovator seems to be the one key ingredient in all of them.

Stating this in another way; for your innovation to succeed YOU must still reach out and seize the moment.

Are you an innovator?

~ Penny L Howe


Being Female- A woman of the Earth

I was born a female of the species that scientist’s refer to as Homo sapiens – that’s us (people). It is estimated that roughly half of the population of people who reside on our planet are female.

Today I’m celebrating all that we are – we the women of the earth. As mothers, it is one of the very earliest things that all humans understand about women. Within a female womb the nourishing and growth of both males and females begins.

However, I strongly believe that being a mother is not what shapes women into who they are, but rather it is the very nature of how women think and feel that shapes the mothers they will become.

Most women are gentle, caring and nurturing but we are so much more than that. When people typecast us (females) into only the “mother” role they forget all the other attributes we so richly possess.

Like men we too are thinkers and doers and as responsible as they for the shaping of civilization. Today more than ever we are taking an ever increasingly active role in this, life’s great adventure.

So to every female on the planet – I applaud you all. For being brave, for being strong, for taking risks, for overcoming, repeatedly adversity, for continuing to fight for our right to be seen as equal to, for believing in ourselves and having the ability to be who we want to be, and for making, repeatedly an amazing difference on this planet we reside on. A woman in the very true sense and meaning of the word.

Today is Amelia Earhart’s birthday, I join in celebrating the spirit, vivacity and determination she displayed during the course of her amazing life. She is only one of many who have helped women realize what each of us are capable.

A few words in closing from a song by Helen Redding …”I am woman watch me grow, see me standing toe to toe as I spread my lovin’ hands across the land, but I’m still an embyro with a long, long way to go until I make my brother understand”…So way to go Amelia! Way to go – all the rest of us females, we can do this. We are doing this! Isn’t it wonderful. Celebrate today, being a woman.

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