Friday Fictioneers … The final view!

Yes time again for being extra creative, thinking out of the box, and clever with your word usage. Flash fiction of 100 words or less based on a creative photo prompt! I’m referring to, of course, the Friday Fictioneers. Thank you Rochelle for bringing us another opportunity to fulfill the above. If you enjoy writing, give it a try, for more details click on the link above.

And now for the photo prompt, thank you – Lora Mitchell, copyright 2013

And yes I know my story this week is more than 100 words, sorry about that! Still hoping you enjoy!


The most important thing is the setting of the stage. Everyone knew that, even the most novice actress.

Take the Easter lily for example, She thought to herself, settling more comfortably on the sofa, first imported from Japan in the mid twentieth century as she herself had been.

There was the nighttime panorama of the city, home for half a century, the place of her success. Working her way from unknown to world famous actress of stage and screen.

Not long now, she thought. Her vision was fading rapidly, too much damage from her tragic fall off the stage.

Fateful words, “we can’t repair your eyes, ma’am” both corneas were too badly lacerated!”

With quiet patient determination she sat alone and waited … like a final curtain call … for her final view.



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~ Penny


Friday Fictioneers

Once again time for another Friday Fictioneer, thank you Rochelle for providing a wonderful opportunity for writers and would be writers a chance to practice their craft. For more information on the how-to’s and to give it a try yourself, click on the Friday Fictioneer Link. This weeks prompt is the following photo:


Photo copyright by Beth Carter who won the Ozarks Writers League photo contest in February. Congratulations, Beth!


Moving into a new neighborhood

He was methodical, organizing all the various collected items, just so.

The past, an immutable human fact. A very good thing for him as he carefully arranged and then rearranged each thing. Checking them off on the list carried in his hand.

Was it too much? Overkill?  Not enough? He viewed the aging vehicle with its plethora of “stuff”. It would be parked at the side of the house he was moving into tomorrow. His first home.

There was pressure. He needed his neighbors to accept him as one of them. A thing hard to do – as the first non-registered A.I. in history.


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~ Penny

Friday Fictioneers …Yes!

I’m actually going to give it a try! Thanks first to my wonderful friend nightlake at call2read who suggested I give it a try. Next a big thank you to Rochelle Wisoff for her excellent idea bringing impetus and motivation to those who wish to explore their writing creativity with her most clever Friday Fictioneers. A weekly prompt from a single photo. The idea is to write a very short story “flash fiction” as the result of first viewing the photo and then writing what comes to mind. This weeks photo and her unfinished sculpture compliments of Claire Fuller.

So this being my very first attempt – wish me luck here. I have one more person to thank, anelephantcant who as a result of one of his posts Halcyon Days Zeusian Ways where he retold (in a clever poetic way) a very classic story from the Greek legends of the Gods of Olympus, which in turn gave me the idea for my story, so here goes:


It’s not nice to fool with the Gods of Mythology!


“Could you please stop pacing?” Dryope sighed. “That is getting us nowhere!”

“Sorry”, I can’t help it.” Hermes replied. He stopped their walking and then stretched his head at a very unnatural angle in a futile attempt to look at her. “There must be something we can do?”

Dryope nodded her head, which at that particular moment meant she was nodding his head also. “I would agree. This is intolerable.”

He nodded back, silently thinking about their current situation. It was one of those prolonged and guilty silences. Hermes gulped, breathing in at the same time.

“So what did you say to him?” Dryope finally asked.

“Who?” Hermes responded, looking more than a little nervous.

“You know perfectly well who I mean!” She replied, stamping her (their) foot.

“Oh you mean dad … I mean Zeus, amazing God of all the Gods.” He said loudly, head raised up to the sky in the hopes of being heard.

“Yes, Zeus! What did you say to him?” Dryope asked one more time now dreading the answer to the question she posed.

“Um, well” you know I’ve been hanging out with Dionysus and he does like his drink, well we were sitting there drinking and he suggested I should be a little more forceful when I speak to dad. I mean Zeus, the all-powerful and forgiving…”

She interrupted him. Her words were quite forceful now. “What-exactly-did-you-say-to-him?”

“Um, well I think I called him a two-faced liar”!


For those of you familiar with Greek Mythology you are aware that Dryope was married to Hermes, and that Hermes actually was good pals with Dionysus (Both of whom were sons of Zeus, his two youngest.) Dionysus was the God of wine, celebrations and ecstasy also patron God of the art of theater. Hermes was the Messenger of the Gods; God of commerce and thieves. So it is easy to picture this scene actually happening!

I do apologize here I went waaayyyy over the 100 words, so need to do much better with the next prompt! Having said that thanks for the read, I hope you enjoyed my first venture into the wonder friday fictioneers.

~ Penny