“A Clever horse” for Friday Fictioneer Folks

Thank you Rochelle for giving writers a weekly writing challenge. Friday Fictioneers presents an opportunity for writers to improve upon their craft of the written word. The challenge: Using a photo to prompt an idea, write an entertaining (hopefully) 100 words or less “flash fiction” short story. It will have a beginning, a middle and an end. This weeks photo prompt by – Douglas M. MacIlroy, copyright 2013


A clever fellow


There once was a horse that was gifted, who (with his teeth) he then lifted, a long water hose so this short story goes, and proceeded to drink as he shifted.

A brilliantly smart horse was he, the talent was inborn you see, His mom, a race horse, and his dad could, of course, count numbers ever since he was three.

The last thing to add here I’ll say, whether it be good or nay, the horse will of course, head to a food source and then will proceed to … eat hay!

Thank you, 🙂

penny l howe

~ Penny