Horton the Elephant – hears a “tardis”

For all you “Dr Who” lovers – a bit of fun! 🙂

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copyright Nick Holmes

Horton Hears a Tardis

The day started out simply pleasant

In fact Horton knew it was great,

His favoritest meal

the bestest real deal

Was of course a nut full of plates! (actually it’s “a plate full of nuts” but then it wouldn’t rhyme would it. hello?)


Suddenly, Horton hears a strange sounding

and thinks to himself “Oh, no …

Not Whoville again?

They just would not send …

In fact, this time I’ll refuse to go.


But it turns out it wasn’t the Whoville

But rather “Dr Who” that arrived,

In his tardis he came

Horton hardly could blame

The Whovilles for who was inside.


And so Horton looked at the tardis

and then, of course at Doctor Who,

he said “no offense

And don’t think me dense,

but exactly ‘Who are you?’ “


And of course Dr. Who replied “Brilliant”

“What a capital elephant you be,

for though we’ve just met

You already get

The person, of course ‘Who’ is me!”


And Horton looked first at the tardis

And once again at Doctor Who,

Still shaking his head

and wished for his bed

replied one more time “Who? Are you?”


“Yes I am”, the good doctor responded

“And most happy to meet you am I,

If you really don’t mind

and would be so kind

We must wait for the Dalek to arrive.”


Now Horton, as you know is a thinker

Deep thoughts are really his forte,

But Doctor Who was a puzzle

And in a bit of a fuzzle

Horton knew not what to say.


And so Dr. Who told him the story

The Daleks were bad guys, he knew,

So Horton told them (Dr. Who and his companions) to stay

And they left the next day (actually it was longer, but that doesn’t rhyme either),

The tardis, the Daleks, and Dr. Who.


Well Horton was glad when they vanished

Back to whenever they were from,

Now when Horton listens

He’s not listening for a who

but rather the sound of the drums (spoiler).

(you’ve gotta watch the tv series to figure the last line out!)


For all you “Dr. Who” TV fans I hope you enjoyed this little bit of farce! Other individuals who live here (whom, shall remain nameless) have been watching the entire series!)

~ Penny

On a lighter note for Tuesday …

Sneak preview – Children of the Orbs Series: 5 years ago floating “Orbs” the size of a grapefruit had shown up everywhere on the planet Earth, one per person. For years humanity struggled to understand the purpose of the glowing globes, hovering nearby. Orbs that followed them everywhere. Orbs that could not be disposed of. Orbs that bonded with some and rejected others.


Wars were fought as men and women struggled to comprehend what was inconceivable. Children understood. They were the future of the Universe. The Orbs communicated their need. They had come to show human children the way. The future of the Universe depended on the Children of the Orbs.

… Suddenly awake, sixteen year old Paige kept her eyes closed, her basic survival training lessons taking over.

First … listen. Nothing. Smell the air. Nothing. What, then? Motion? Yes, the entire “floating house” was swaying slightly.

She opened her eyes just enough to see. Her Orb floating slightly above her, softly glowing a crimson color – a danger warning.

Moonlight filled the small room she had been sleeping in. The room, one of a grouping of others in the single story house, currently moored one hundred meters up in the air, over a medium size lake.

The room seemed empty except for herself and Dal, still asleep in the bed next to hers.

Paige’s hand slide to the edge of the bed and down the side of the air inflated mattress. Her fingers made contact with the weapon she had learned to depend on. The always ready gun – it wasn’t really a gun as it didn’t fire bullets and it couldn’t seriously injure anyone, but it could freeze them in their tracks; stopping any physical movement from a few seconds to a few hours depending on the setting.

This would give Paige enough time, with the Orb’s assistance to come up with a solution to the situation. Dal (Dalgor) wasn’t trained yet, he wouldn’t be of much value to her. She’d come to rescue him from this planet, his life was in danger. Now, both their lives were in danger.

Again, the floating house moved, a small movement but she was aware. Someone was climbing up one of the mooring cables. In one fluid movement, Paige was out of bed, crouched on the floor in a position ready to fight if necessary…

© Copyright 2013 by Penny L Howe
All rights reserved under International and Pan-American Copyright conventions


Stay tuned, more sneak previews coming up soon!

~ Penny

Penny L Howe