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Alchemy, The Mysterious

The nature of alchemy is magical and mysterious, a seemingly miracle process of transformation, creation, or combination. I do admit to a fascination of the unknown and alchemy does seem to have been a mystical approach to science. Those who believe in alchemy, the philosophers stone, etc. also believe in magic, sorcery and witchcraft as part of the whole and who am I to say other.

Alchemy, a.k.a the pseudoscientific predecessor of chemistry, was a medieval philosophy. An early form of chemistry whose goals were transmutation of base metals into gold, discovery of a cure for diseases, and the illusive elixir that would give eternal youth.

What I find fascinating is we can now (rather expensively) change base metals into gold, have found cures for many diseases and are actively working towards extending (in a healthy way) our lives. All through scientific chemistry. So perhaps these early philosophers and imaginative scientists so ridiculed were really just ahead of their time and I think perhaps all magic coming from our imagination is simply, as yet, unproven science!

“I am enough of an artist to draw freely upon my imagination. Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world.” ~ Albert Einstein


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My Imagination is alive and well – How’s yours doing?

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Whimsical Musing

The most important thing I possess, at the moment is a cognizant mind (as far as I know, lol)!

The second most important thing I possess is an imagination. A great big healthy one. So my cognizant mind along with my imagination allows me an infinite reach of potentials and possibilities. Unlimited, as it were.

Solutions and fascinating discoveries occur while I’m busy problem solving, or solution finding, or trouble shooting or (you get my point). It’s actually better than reverse engineering, where you start at the ending to figure out the beginning (love that one)! In my case I move from what I know to what I think might be. (Did I mention unlimited possibilities – I think I did!)

And, lest I forget to mention, having both a cognizant and imaginative mind, I can create at the drop of a hat, anywhere, anytime. Ideas fall like raindrops, if I could collect all of the ideas I’ve thought of in my mind, it would truly be the dawning of a new era. But my mind is also restless, sigh. So it moves quickly on to the next aware and imaginative musing.

Still, that’s okay. I’m content with the duality of my ability to perceive and imagine. It works for me. So how about you? Hows your imagination doing?

Have a great and imaginative day!

~ Penny

There is a spiritual nature in all of us

… whether we admit it or not. For most, spirituality is based on our particular faith or belief system specific to cultural values.


For some it is that which we don’t understand but still feel the need to believe.

There are those of us who believe we are here by accident. A quirk (or the quark of it all – you science buffs) of nature. As we are each on our own journey, none of us have the answers, not really.


My video offering today is just a reminder for all of us, to be interpreted in a manner that drives home the fact that expecting things to “happen” in life without some effort on your part will make life more difficult, and to be grateful for that which you do have. But mostly to love and give with all your heart!



Happy Holidays! May your weekend be filled with joy and happiness for you and your family,

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Guardian Angel – Finale and explanation

Guardian Angel

In my last post I wrote the beginnings of a short stage/screen play. The script was about a fictional interview between myself and my guardian angel. I’ve had some close calls in my life and so there have been those comical comments about me wearing out my guardian angels.

However as I wrote I discovered that the direction that the piece wanted to go was different than I had original intended. I became a little frustrated and ended the piece. Some of my wonderful followers asked lifeme to finish it, please, and so I did this evening.

It is much too long for a regular post so if you look at the top of the blog you will find both Scene 1 and Scene 2 in the tab called A Short Screen Play to consider!

I wasn’t comfortable having such a long piece as a main post, but I am hopeful that those who were interested might find the time to read the second Scene of “Interview with A Guardian Angel”.

Just a few final words on the subject. I belief all spiritual beliefs are important and precious to us. We, each of us have our own faiths and what we have decided to believe or not believe. And I think it is personal to us each.

My work of fiction was an exploration of possibilities beyond our understanding right now but still fascinating to think on! So I wrote from that perspective only. For those who wish to take the extra time to read it, thank you.

Have a wonderful Sunday, enjoy the day!

~ Penny


The Colors of Words!

Words – to me!

Do you think in words? Feel in words? I don’t. I think in some other way. First, one or more of my senses (sight, touch, taste, sound, smell) responds to a new thing. Then my brain interprets this into colors, the colors into thoughts and the thoughts into words.

I didn’t understand this as a child. I knew I was “different” and I felt alone in that difference, but it was just – how I was. Communicating with others (as a child) was a huge problem for me.

When I discovered books, I learned words. Lots and lots of words and I learned that if I could learn the language of speaking words, just maybe I could communicate and be better understood by others.

This took a long time. The language of words (any language) is made richer or poor by its myriad of nuances, adverbs, adjectives, and so on, the manner in which a thought or idea is conveyed. So slowly I learned the nuances with words. Word power!

The Power of words. Studying the structure and meaning of words (any language) is called Semiotics. There is also a field that studies not only how we communicate but the biology of it –  biosemiotics.

Scientists have learned that when we communicate (here it comes, Penny is about to refer to those chemical messages in our brains again), we are altering (physically at a biological level) both ourselves and the nature of things.

Distinguished biologists (Ernst Mayr, Manfred Eigen) believe that we are evolving in the physical world as the result of our “shared” communications, all of nature is.

Language is central to our grasp of the world we live in. So when you write or blog, do you think in words, my friends, or do you think in a more abstract emotional manner and then translate these feelings into words?

Which ever the case may be, please keep writing and sharing. Our words are becoming the collective products of our world-wide social interaction. We connect, influence and most importantly, we evolve into all that we are meant to be!

Thank you, my friends from around the world, I hear the words you are writing, the thoughts you are thinking, the love you are sending ~ it is returned to each and every one of you this day and all days ~ Penny L Howe

The Colors of my Words

Translated from colors, feelings, and thoughts in my mind are …

My Words!

~ Penny

Thank you for stopping by to visit! Have a most excellent weekend my friends!

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The Way of The Word

(hear the tinkling sound of Zen type music in the background)

The wordiness of words is a special thing.

Wordology is the science of developing and organizing words relating to a specific subject matter in an informative, easy-to-read and intelligent way.

It can also mean the art of assimilating and disseminating any information in the written form, in an original and logical manner.

Now pay attention here. This is important stuff! Words are important. I am writing them right now. If I were there with you I’d be speaking to you with words. What we write has meaning to us, presumably. Or we would not write it down, but the thing is … words are more than words … (I thought that was a brilliant quote). Words are a means of communicating that which we wish to communicate and even more, they are the means by which we convey our inner most thoughts.

So where am I going with all of this? It should be perfectly obvious. Every blogger on the planet is a Wordologist (of course) plain as day, crystal clear and so on. Who knew? We are specialists within our own field. How Cool Is That!

We stand alone! Apart from! Distinct! Unique! Our own Person. Original. One of a Kind. I could continue on but then I’d exceed the number of words that make a blog page agreeable to those kind enough to visit.

Now that I’ve used what is just the right amount of wordiness, I am well satisfied with my words of the day. I most sincerely hope that you figured out at some point that there is no such word as wordology, although there are those online who have fun with it. I thought it an apt discription for bloggers so decided to have some fun with it. That being said I’ll end this on a high note!

Keep smiling everyone! Make today a good one!

hidden portals

First Interstellar Post (or perhaps just the future as I’d like it to be. :D)

Journal Entry -July 4TH Celebration 2062

Author: GeePi  Gregory – adopted Interstellar daughter of P.L. Gregory-Howe

Today (In earth dating timelines) marks the 50th anniversary of the discovery of the formerly hidden “X-Point Portals” (XP Portals or electron diffusion regions (Portals formed through the process of magnetic reconnection, mingling lines of magnetic force from other stars and earth crisscross to create the openings. X-points are where the crisscross takes place.)


(photo credit NASA – 2012)

What a day for a celebration. I began interviewing earth citizens (via the ICP- Interstellar Communication Pod ) even before we entered the Magnetosphere located some few tens of thousands of kilometers from Earth.

The discovery of the hidden XP Portals led to Earth scientist’s further discovery that the XP’s create an uninterrupted path leading from Earth’s planet to not only the sun but other stars within the Galaxy and beyond.

x-point (credit:NASA, 2012)

Finally we the people of the Universe were allowed to introduce ourselves and begin dialogue with Earth’s Citizens.

Today on this 50th Anniversary of the discovery of the XP Portals I am enjoying the most uplifting dialogue and exchange of ideas with many of Earth’s citizens.(Hard to get used to calling this planet that name, but it is their name so…go with the flow.) I do however love all their idioms, without their ability to interact telepathically these ‘idioms’ go a long way towards improving interpretation and communication on this planet.

I ingested a wide variety of energy sources (food), most interesting this BBQ method of changing the composition of the food source prior to consuming. Also the pyrotechnics were of visual value and interpretation. I discovered that on this planet the inhabitants frequently celebrate all manner of events most are indigenous to locale and ethnicity with reference to historical perspective. So fascinating for me and mine.

In conclusion I am happy for all of Universe kindred that Earth chose to embrace us and their future in the stars 50 years (Earth-time actually the universal date is <000>III.X.I – but who’s counting) ago today.


(note: Yes I am also curious about the why of the universe and our future with reference there of, I hope you enjoyed this bit of whimsy – Happy 4th!)