The Potential power of your written word …


word power

We know the power of the spoken word is mighty. After all, that’s how politician’s get elected (well, sort of … lol). When they deliver a speech to their audience (almost always a pre-prepared, well written one, I might add), it can, sometimes make a significant difference in the outcome of an election.

The written word (read – not spoken) is equally powerful but usually in a more measured way. It entertains,search engine suggests, cojoles, encourages, explains, excites, fascinates, and so on.

Finding just the right words for your written piece (document, story, article, book, poem) can be a challenge.

Locating potential possibilities of words is very easy today. Simply browse online using your favorite search engine and look for all the variations of the potential word(s) you may want to use. Just, please, don’t plagiarize (take the work of someone else and pass it off as your own).

As you write, think about what you’d like your written piece to achieve. Does it make your point? Is it clear and understandable? Does it flow? Is there a beginning, middle and end?  Have you edited for grammatical errors and typos, we all make mistakes during the typing process. Did you enjoy the creative process?

love you

If you believe you’ve accomplished these things (with your written piece) then publish – On your blog (web) site or in one of the numerous places (remember to research – search engine … hello?) online that are actively looking for fresh written material (some of you will be surprised how many websites are currently looking for new content “every day” to share with their viewers/readers).

Good Luck ~ may the written force be with you,

~ Penny

Penny L Howe