A Best Friend ~ your dog!

Aren’t dogs wonderful? They can be your buddies and your protectors. There was one in my life that was more than a little special! He went where I went, and was just about the best friend to have around when I needed cheering up or a snuggle.

He’d also, on his own, go over and gently bite the hand of any man I was dating that would put his arm around me. (he was jealous) I thought it was sweet. The gentlemen in question, not so much. Since Rook (pronounced like the ‘oo’ in root) was a German Shepherd, weighing in at 95 lbs and a trained “protection” animal, most people took him seriously.

I bought him and trained with him from a special security place when he was a year and a half old, to keep myself and my little ones safe. After a few years, we were the best pals ever and he was a part of our family. And he proved his worth on several occasions!

If you have a dog, take him or her for a walk today. Give them a special treat from me and a great big hug because it is true … sometimes …

“A Dog is a Person’s Best Friend!”


Have a great Tuesday,

~ Penny


Streaming Consciousness … Sharing the love!

From one blogger (myself) to all other bloggers in this wide and diverse world of ours! A message just for you.


We are a special group, aren’t we? Those who blog. Those who write. Those who create. Those who capture an image, feel a feeling, express a thought and then share of ourselves through the medium of online technology today … our streaming consciousness! The essence of our soul pouring forth.

We are wonderfully talented and inside there is so much more. We want to give, we care with such a passion .. and … we need this ourselves (more desperately than we think anyone realizes)…

… And so I send, most especially to you ~ peace, love and a true sense of security to you on this gentle Sunday. Be safe and secure – my personal wish for you today ~ know you are loved.

~ Penny