The Art of being Playful -101!

Has anyone noticed that life can be a little … TOUGH!!!


Life comes at a person fast and furious (on some days). Or dreary and overwhelmingly dull and even (should I use the word … depressing) on other days. Scary, Frightening, Sad, Miserable, Hectic, Cruel, Too much, too much, too much …

There you go. That’s us humans for you. We’re a very reactionary bunch aren’t we? We think and emote over almost everything. Maybe we’re too stationary. Or not stationary enough (mentally speaking)!


I think we need more “playful” breaks. Tickling and giggling are good. Just running with a burst of energy for no reason at all is good. Singing a fun song just for the heck of it.

“If your happy and you know it clap your hands.

If you’re happy and you know it clap your hands.

If you’re happy and you show it then the whole wide world will know it,

it you’re happy and you know it clap your hands.”


Happiness is a state of being. It doesn’t “fix’ the problems of the world. But it certain puts us in a more positive productive mode (mood also) which can in fact change how we approach the problems of the world. Change your attitude and things don’t appear quite so untenable.

Saying I love you for no reason at all except you just want to in the moment (children do that spontaneously, you know).

sharing your feelings

And being sensual … as in my last post. That’s being playful also. On a list of top ten playful things for adults to do … Being openly sensual is right up there towards the top because we need each other and we need to let each other know this. A very good and “playful” reminder for you today.

It’s Thursday, a work day for many, still take a little bit of time today and be playful,

thanks for stopping by,

~ Penny

penny l howe.

Entice me –


Sweetly, gently in the night

I wake.

longing for forbidden things

… entice me!

I, a woman … need!

Move me,

I am hungry with desire.


I await


contemplate in

silent repose,

these wanton thoughts

of hidden lust

will not depart.

I beg of you, this night,


entice me!


~ Penny L Howe, 2013

So the sensual muse decided to come out and play with her words tonight! I do hope you enjoyed!

Thank you for stopping by,


Holding myself perfectly still ~ a sensual silence,


… overwhelmed by an array of resonating sensations that are clearly impossible. No one can feel this way. No one!

And yet I was feeling the feelings I was feeling … engulfed in a myriad of sensuality.

All this happening around me. I knew … it must be a dream, It had to be a dream. It made no sense, it was toofile0001229361510 much to be experiencing, I must be in a dream.

Things that can’t happen in real life do happen in dreams. We all know that. In dreams all is real, the fabric of reality weaves in and out and all seems possible. So yes, this is a dream. I can accept that. These incredibly wonderful feelings, I could cry for the love of these sensations spreading joyfully through my body. An enveloping of raw and enticing purity.

Every single one of my senses alive with a kind of tingling. An almost touch of reality except, it is carried onward, much as an echo would, carrying through and repeating itself.

This is not REALITY. These sensations coming alive within me. I am not just aware ~ the very essence of who I am is vibrating and returning these sensations. It is to be feeding both upon my emotions and those of another – at the same time. This urge to taste beyond my taste buds, see beyond my vision, smell beyond my olfactory glands, to touch beyond the caress of harsh and velvet textures and to hear beyond melodic harmony of rhythm, and sound.

The acuteness of sensation spreading through and being perceived by the entirety of my being creating the most incredibly delightful feelings. And yet words do not do this justice for the sensation I experience.


An intangible emotion has attached itself to my sensual awareness. And along with it comes a tangible physicality. I have fallen in love mesmerized by the exquisite perfection of your first kiss!


Thank you,

~ Penny


Coffeehouse of Dreams II – Savoring Flavors!


A few of my fellow bloggers expressed a desire to revisit my Coffeehouse of Dreams and I am pleased to return on their behalf. This one with even more “flavors to savor”!

Languid … beguiling and bewitching, the aroma of coffee. I, seated in my corner table, inhaled; savoringfile0001890668403 the flavor through my sense of smell alone. Senses already heighthened by the familiar. The coffeehouse my home away from home. Not a hang out just a place where I can “be”. A comforting relaxing feeling.

Soothingly smooth and yet … there was a heightened sense of something more this evening! Yes …

…there it was! He was here again.

Standing just inside the doorway, searching the room for … me? Our eyes connected. His with mine. A special exchange.

An intimate look, beguiling but in such a gentle manner that I was disarmed before feeling any danger. The awareness there perhaps, but my senses were already intoxicated with the heavy aroma of freshly ground brewed coffee.

You know that luring blend of huskiness you can almost taste as you breath in. Confusing as to which is which, The coffee or the Intrigue. I couldn’t file0002018755666distinquish, not then and even today as I recall that evening … not now. Too much. A sensual overload of deliciousness.

No, I sat silently in the corner with my book and watched him make his way to my table. He’d already captured me with his eyes. The handful of people scattered around the room at various tables and booths a backdrop to the emotions I was experiencing as he approached.

He had asked if he could share my table, even had I wished him to leave in that moment I would have been powerless to refuse. Hypnotized by a sensation that was both familiar and foreign, I could not look away and just nodded, quietly answering “yes”.

He pulled out one of the empty chairs at my table and moved it nearer to me before seating himself. His eyes taking in my gaze during the entire maneuver. His hand reached across the table and covered my file0002108211823fingers holding my coffee cup with his own. Moving my hand along with his, he brought the cup to his lips sipping and savoring the richness. His eyes had never left mine. “Nice”, he said softly, placing his other hand over my free hand resting on the table top. “Very nice!” His voice seductive.

In that moment an incredible sense of déjà vu enveloped me. The known and the unknown merging into a thoroughly delightful wave of exotic blending, elevating the experience to well above anything I’d encountered before. Preparing me for something I would never have thought possible. Something undefined but exciting, not understood but accepting. My future dreams of love.

And as I’ve said before this, after all, is my coffeehouse of Dreams!

Thanks for the visit, hope you enjoyed,

~ Penny


Coffeehouse of Dreams – a sensual ambience!


In my imagination there is a Cafe. I call it my Coffeehouse of Dreams. The atmosphere of the softly lit room is warm and inviting. You can smell the rich earthy aroma of freshly brewed coffee each time you walk hthrough the door. There is the low hum of people speaking to one another. A quiet rattling of utensils on dishes as people eat morning or evening fare.

The Cafe always has just the right number of customers. A few are known by name, others are strangers. Some are couples. You can tell by the way they lean in towards each other when they speak …

hands touching …occasionally holding hands across the table. He reaching across to wipe a strand of hair away from her face as they gazing into each others eyes while sipping their coffee. He takes for granted that he can touch her. She takes for granted that he does so. It is romantic and intimate.

The Cafe is a sensual place, made more so by the smells and OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAsounds and  taste of things. An ambience of alluring flavors. The cafe is comfortable but with an edge of mystery to it, where a stranger might come into the coffeehouse at any time.

He might decided to sit down beside me where I usually sit. in one corner of the room, with my coffee and my book. The latest best seller or perhaps a beloved classic being read again for the hundredth time.

loversHe’d approach my table and ask if he could join me. I’d look up from my book and with only a glance I’d decide that it was time for a new adventure in living. Something pleasurable, stimulating – life affirming!

“Yes,” I would respond.

As with the romantic couple I mentioned, the stranger’s eyes would hold mine in an embrace; a look that captures, making the universal connection, not of surrender (not yet). but of the beginnings of the dance of love. First, shy playfulness and masterful responses. My mind has raced ahead to the possibilities I read in his probing searching glance.

After all I am in my Coffeehouse of Dreams!

Thank you for your visit, I hope you enjoyed! Make today fun – both dreams and reality!

~ Penny


A Force of Nature … our thoughts, our actions!

nature 5

force of nature

The other day I wrote about loneliness from the perspective of being elemental (related/comparing to an element of nature).

I suggested that perhaps we are ourselves of an elemental nature and our emotions and passions reflect hthis.

So for example if I said I was listless, bored, indifferent how might you view that in terms of nature and it’s elements. Would there be a specific terrain (locale)? Would one of the four basic elements be involved? Would there be … motion!

Yes! Often motion is a key to most things isn’t it? And if one is motionless, then that also is suggestive (the calm before the storm, the stillness of the night).

So are we then … a force of nature? Certainly if we want to be, and some more than others but we all have the capability within ourselves. And if so … are we directly or indirectly connecting with nature itself?

I’m guessing the answer is yes!




He came silently in the calm before the breaking dawn.

masterful in his movements,

Silent, no one heard his approach.

She lay still in her bed, stirring slightly.

The air was thick, she was sweaty and pushed back the blankets covering her,

Something, there was something, her breathing quickened

She pushed the damp strands of her hair away and turned her face towards the pillow.

Semi-asleep she was in a state of not indifference but of otherness.

Aware, yet unaware.


She had retired late in the evening

Allowing herself to wallow in empty unknowing.

Not despair as much as feeling listless,

needing something but indifferent to life and it’s offerings.

There was something missing deep inside her.


He had come for a purposenight6

He had but one thought that had taken root one day,

One motive, one desire.

As the dampness of morning closed about him

the chill vapor from the river cooled his fevered brow.


He approached her dwelling.

The air already dense with his longing,

grew even richer and heavier with his need.

Soon the sun would emerge to

chase away the shadows where he had moved so quietly from within.

He must make his move.


night 7The door to her house slammed open.

The walls shuddered.

She sat up, clutching her bedding close about her.

Her eyes grew wide as she saw him standing there.

The look of intensity in his eyes burned her soul.

“I am here”, he said

striding determinedly to her bedside and gathering her up into his arms.

… For you!”


Okay, did you feel the blending of emotions, nature’s elements with human motions and actions? Did you catch them all? Hope you enjoyed this elemental story of love!

~ Penny


A Craving for Passion

passion one

Okay, so occasionally the creative muse must take over, and therefore it did! The results below. Fan your face if you need to!

A Craving for Passion

Begins a feeling deep within

A rhythm, vibes, a burning

Passion passion come to me

I crave, I crave, I’m yearning.


A sensuous warmth of feelingpassions two

Invading me, oh please

Passion, passion come to me

I’m seeking my release.


A whimpering song of longing

A moan more like a sigh,

Passion, passion come to me

Please me where I lie.


passions threeThe heat upon my silken skin

Evening breezes cannot cool

Passion, passion come to me

Please do not be cruel.


My body aching with desire

I beg with want of you

Passion, passion come to me

I need you, yes I do.


Thanks for the visit, something a little different from me but fun none the less, I hope you enjoyed!

~ Penny

penny l howe


Seductively Sensual

So this is for fun and it’s all Boomies – boomiebol – fault! You see every Sunday night she writes very …um playful and frisky poems and shares them with her followers, of whom I am one. Anyway I decided that before I discuss the final Sense (hearing) in my “Art of Sensuality Series” that it being Sunday night I would take a page (ha) I think I’ve used that line recently, from her. This is definitely for fun! Sensual – But fun! I think the following video (which I hope doesn’t get zapped away) clearly demonstrates “Seduction” for you. Watch, listen, and enjoy my friends!

There is the other end of Seduction, sadly, not so fun but passionately piercingly true that can happen to any of us. Some of the entries I’ve received in the Poetry contest (yup I snuck it in again) refer to seduction in a way that will lead to unrequited love, so I decided to include this aspect thru music.

Wicked Seduction

Instead of a poem, I’ve inserted a second audio for you to listen to. This is an excellent remix of the song Wicked Games by Chris Isaak, (if you love a strong beat with electronic vibrations along with the haunting words this is a song you will enjoy – we all have different tastes in music so no worries if this isn’t your cup of tea – but just so you know, when I exercise it is one of the songs I work out to because of the powerful beat/rhythm.) As for the lyrics in the song it illustrates both what we want and fear at the same time when it comes to ‘Seduction’. Enjoy!

Thank you for Stopping by my friends, I hope your weekend was a good one for you and don’t forget to submit your entry for the poetry contest  The Bloggers Challenge which ends this coming Friday! Hope to see yours here, Thank you, Penny

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Sensuality – Taste Me

Savoring the Flavor

Food is the first thing that comes to mind right? (or were you thinking of something else when you saw the title? Hmmm,) It’s amazing what our imagination can conjure depending on how words are presented.

The sense of taste — like all sensations — resides in the brain. The taste buds in your mouth have receptors that send messages to your brain. These messages help the brain interpret the characteristics of what you are tasting – the flavors.

What do you think about when you think about tasting something? Most probably what you enjoy eating, would be my guess. Tasting is not only recognizing that which you are eating but is also defining the pleasure received from the taste of a thing.

The word appetizing comes to mind. If I’m going to taste something I certainly would like it be appetizing – taste good. I want to know there are going to be pleasant feelings involved with the tasting.

The sensual aspect of tasting is the experience of appreciating the flavor in a manner that lends itself to more fully enjoying the process. Notice that “taste” is a word frequently used to describe the “experience” of anything in life. “Tasting life, savoring the richness”. The sensual meaning of the word comes across loud and clear. “the appetizing qualities of a woman”, “it’s all a matter of taste”, all the word associations connected with the sense of taste expand your feelings on a subject when they are applied.

When we eat we are chewing, ingesting, and swallowing. When we are tasting we are savoring the experience, that is the sensual difference to remember.

Once more, the best way to be sensual when tasting is to – Savor!

Savoring the Essence

The creamy mellow consistency

so deep the richness

sweetly succulent


lusciously delicious

so moist

so intoxicatingly sensual

this taste sensation

my mouth exploring


Exploding riches of taste

The Peach!



I hope this has been a good weekend for everyone, Don’t forget the Poem Challenge, the deadline is Friday my friends, Take Care of you ~ Penny

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