I wish you could touch me now …

I am vulnerable because of loving so pure and deeply, my walls of protection cannot keep my desire for you at bay.

and so … I wish you could touch me now. Not my heart, you’ve touched me there too deeply, it’s still bruised and bleeding. But my body still hungers for you.

I need your touch …

I desire the warmth of your caress, the closeness of your body, the physical contact of … you!

I wish you could touch me now …

… even as I understand morning light will illuminate the true reality of our relationship. I know for all your tender caring words, you would be gone and my loving soul will still be bruised … for all your promises said in the moonlight hours of sensual need and gratification. I know all this.

But the longing remains so …

I still wish you could touch me now.

I’ll always have our memories of the night time to sustain me, in daylight hours spent alone, reflecting on why you said one thing and did another. Belittling my efforts instead of supporting them, and yet still I love you. And wish you to be happy.

I am pleased to hear you are where you’ve wanted to be for so long. I am happy for you. Resigned, accepting and aware of some of the hard learned lessons of life, when one exposes one’s soul during love.

But now in these evening hours I dream of you touching me again, filling my sensual needs. Even, as reality has come full circle and comprehension of the cruelty of those who love and those who take in the guise of love, is complete.

Touch me … but let it be only the physical, my bruised soul cannot bear the mockery of a pretense at true love (yours were personal and emotional needs for yourself. I don’t believe you really thought of my needs – perhaps as an afterthought), but my body does respond to your loving body. So in that, there is truth.

I wish you could touch me. I’m prepared now for tomorrow … it hurts, but I understand. With all the love in my heart that I give so freely, I was so sure someone might love me the way I loved them in return … it seems I was mistaken!


Most definitely an unrequited love piece here. Not to worry, my next fictional piece is part two of adventure and excitement. Dry your tears and stay tuned for fun! Our fictional young lady in the piece above (p.s.- she’s the one trapped in the tunnel https://thewhyaboutthis.com/2013/07/22/alastairs-photo-fiction-the-tunnel-and-survival/ , although brokenhearted, she’s about to kick some serious a..!) More to come!

~ Penny


Longing … in the night

by boborsillo
There is inside
a place in me,
a place I dare not go
the longing … in the night.
He must know of my longing,
buried  deep within,
… and my endless, sleepless nights
restless … with desire.
There’d been a time he’d ‘known’
reaching out to me,
… Satiating passions need 
Conquering with … his will.
Now only nights of emptiness
that once were so divine.
Perfection of the night time
… when safe within his arms,
securely loved, a certainty
within … the night time’s hours.
All lost except the craving,
the longing … in the night.
Penny L Howe, 2013

Sensual Verse ~ Of Paradise (part III)

I dwell, exist and feel ~ of paradise.

Can paradise be a feeling, or a state of mind?

Is paradise a place, born outside of time.

When and where, and how you touch

releases me –

a sensual intoxication,

seductive addictive –

your creation or

the spilling of my passion

is this the paradise I feel?


You play me, you know,

an instrument in your hands

made for your touch

it would seem.

But as you stroke and explore

the melody of my pleasure,

it seems my sweet passion

ignites your own.

I shudder with desire

And feel the paradise

I release within you,

as we share together,

these moments lost in dwelling

in the feel of paradise.


Penny L Howe, 2013


And this concludes the trilogy of sensual verse: Perhaps, It Seems and Of Paradise!

I hope you enjoyed!



The Dance of love – Friday Fictioneers

Welcome to the weekly writer’s challenge Friday Fictioneers. An excellent writing troupe to join. Enjoy traveling the globe, exploring and commenting on other writer’s “100 word” offerings, after entering your own, of course. As always a special thank you to Rochelle for making this wonderful challenge available to us. To enter click on the link above.

This weeks photo prompt provided by Janet Webb (copyright, 2013):

The photo and my 100 word offering:



For 100 nights in a row, she came.

Head on pillow, he’d fall asleep. Within minutes she’d arrive, tickling his ear, whispering “let’s dance”. Intoxicated, he’d hold her in his arms experiencing heaven. Her gown caressed his body with each movement. In dreamlike trance, they’d dance the night away.

On the 100th night she’d kissed him for the first time and said goodbye. In the morning he woke remembering. The gown, with her lingering fragrance, lay on his bed.

It hangs on the balcony now. In hopes one day she’ll return again to dance the dance of love with him.


Thanks for stopping by to read, I hope your week is going well for you!

~ Penny

Penny L Howe

Sensuous Shadows


sensual shadows






strokes of shadows.






sensual shadows.




Ah, je ne m’inquiète pas!






deeply satiated.

Slumber now,

Shadows Release.


~ Penny L Howe, 2013


Hope you like my “prose of surreality”.
Thanks for stopping by,

Entice me –


Sweetly, gently in the night

I wake.

longing for forbidden things

… entice me!

I, a woman … need!

Move me,

I am hungry with desire.


I await


contemplate in

silent repose,

these wanton thoughts

of hidden lust

will not depart.

I beg of you, this night,


entice me!


~ Penny L Howe, 2013

So the sensual muse decided to come out and play with her words tonight! I do hope you enjoyed!

Thank you for stopping by,


Holding myself perfectly still ~ a sensual silence,


… overwhelmed by an array of resonating sensations that are clearly impossible. No one can feel this way. No one!

And yet I was feeling the feelings I was feeling … engulfed in a myriad of sensuality.

All this happening around me. I knew … it must be a dream, It had to be a dream. It made no sense, it was toofile0001229361510 much to be experiencing, I must be in a dream.

Things that can’t happen in real life do happen in dreams. We all know that. In dreams all is real, the fabric of reality weaves in and out and all seems possible. So yes, this is a dream. I can accept that. These incredibly wonderful feelings, I could cry for the love of these sensations spreading joyfully through my body. An enveloping of raw and enticing purity.

Every single one of my senses alive with a kind of tingling. An almost touch of reality except, it is carried onward, much as an echo would, carrying through and repeating itself.

This is not REALITY. These sensations coming alive within me. I am not just aware ~ the very essence of who I am is vibrating and returning these sensations. It is to be feeding both upon my emotions and those of another – at the same time. This urge to taste beyond my taste buds, see beyond my vision, smell beyond my olfactory glands, to touch beyond the caress of harsh and velvet textures and to hear beyond melodic harmony of rhythm, and sound.

The acuteness of sensation spreading through and being perceived by the entirety of my being creating the most incredibly delightful feelings. And yet words do not do this justice for the sensation I experience.


An intangible emotion has attached itself to my sensual awareness. And along with it comes a tangible physicality. I have fallen in love mesmerized by the exquisite perfection of your first kiss!


Thank you,

~ Penny


Can You Hear Me?

Can you hear me?

Hearing is the most important of all the senses to me. I was born with a hearing impediment but no one knew this until I was 6 years old. I learned to read early (4 years old). Books and words because my passion because I was safe in my books. My other senses compensated by becoming much stronger and sharper (vision, taste, touch, smell).

When I was the age of 10, one morning I woke to sound and while it took me a few minutes to understand, I could hear perfectly (according to hearing tests at the time I could perceive the sounds of a dog whistle, and later on I could help tune a guitar to a perfect pitch because I perceived the vibrations after the sound had stopped) My mom called it a miracle, the doctors scratched their heads and tried to come up with scientific rationale (never did, lol). But I could now hear.

And the world of sound became a glorious new thing to me. For the first time I could hear footsteps, birds singing, the breeze blowing, and on and on. I will never forget that day. I finally knew what hearing was.

When I grew up, I realized I’d been given a blazing gift of extra sensory capabilities that have gone on to shape each of my life’s experiences with full blown sound and technicolor regarding my view of life and people. I paid a price for this gift as a child by being misunderstood and thought of as “slow”. Not now, but then. Perhaps the price was worth it, just perhaps. (yes, that little girl at the top of this post is a photo of me)

For those of you who have asked me where my passion about the senses (and the sensual side of things) comes from, the above story would be the reason why.

My most sincere counsel to all who read this … Listen my friends, listen to all those sounds you take for granted every single day, they add so much to your life,

I know this to be true. Listen and hear the children when they speak to you, their words are very important ones. Listen to the music of life in all its many splendors.

Really really listen…can you hear me, my friends … Listen!

The Colors of My Sound

Can you hear then

these the colors of my sound

vibrating sensations and frequencies,

Can you see then

a flowing rainbow of colors

the colors of my sound,

Is there a fragrance

to the colors of my sound

 a sirens call,

Can you feel my sound

a pulsing cadence and rhythm,

Are colors in my mind

Seen only by me

Please say you too can hear

the colors of sound

for I would wish to share

these sensual impressions

of life and love

With you!



Thank you for all who visited me today, to my special friends who keep returning, thank you for enriching my life with your beautiful and creative posts and for coming to my blog and commenting, know that I am very blessed to have you in my life. your friend, Penny

Copyright © 2012 by Penny l Howe


Seductively Sensual

So this is for fun and it’s all Boomies – boomiebol – fault! You see every Sunday night she writes very …um playful and frisky poems and shares them with her followers, of whom I am one. Anyway I decided that before I discuss the final Sense (hearing) in my “Art of Sensuality Series” that it being Sunday night I would take a page (ha) I think I’ve used that line recently, from her. This is definitely for fun! Sensual – But fun! I think the following video (which I hope doesn’t get zapped away) clearly demonstrates “Seduction” for you. Watch, listen, and enjoy my friends!

There is the other end of Seduction, sadly, not so fun but passionately piercingly true that can happen to any of us. Some of the entries I’ve received in the Poetry contest (yup I snuck it in again) refer to seduction in a way that will lead to unrequited love, so I decided to include this aspect thru music.

Wicked Seduction

Instead of a poem, I’ve inserted a second audio for you to listen to. This is an excellent remix of the song Wicked Games by Chris Isaak, (if you love a strong beat with electronic vibrations along with the haunting words this is a song you will enjoy – we all have different tastes in music so no worries if this isn’t your cup of tea – but just so you know, when I exercise it is one of the songs I work out to because of the powerful beat/rhythm.) As for the lyrics in the song it illustrates both what we want and fear at the same time when it comes to ‘Seduction’. Enjoy!

Thank you for Stopping by my friends, I hope your weekend was a good one for you and don’t forget to submit your entry for the poetry contest  The Bloggers Challenge which ends this coming Friday! Hope to see yours here, Thank you, Penny

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The Sensual View of Things

The View from your eyes

 Sight, the most powerful tool in our Sensual toolbox. From the moment of wakening to the time you close your eyes at night, your eyes are acting like a video camera. While you use your sight to navigate and experience each day, everything you are seeing is sent to your brain for processing, interpreting and storage.

Seeing is a form of sensory reasoning. The complexity of this can take up to 30% of your brain power as compared to 8% for touch and 3 percent for hearing. So when it comes to the 5 senses, sight is the big boy. And this means when it comes to a sensual experience this is your visual chance to really shine.

The Minds Eye

And here’s another thing to ponder. Have you ever thought about how personal and individual is your view of things?

Imagine you are standing with 100 other people looking at the same thing at the same time. Your eyes are “seeing” things but referencing it according to the stored information from your mind. What you are seeing is unique to you.

And finally that which creative minded people engage in daily – the perspective of seeing from the “mind’s eye” (our ability to experience visual mental imagery – happening without our eyes actually seeing something).

Our brain is a busy little bee when it comes to our “mind’s eye” view of perception and how it trips over from reality into another more creative place inside our head. Scientists and philosophers have written volumes on this subject. The first to prove the thing, the second to understand it. I’m guessing at some point they’ll meet up! lol

What we need to know is the following: Sight allows for those with vision to see what is in front of their eyes. Our view is filled with a full spectrum of color that exist in all things during a shining sun, the shadows of day, the darkness of night, an entire universe of color. All these things waiting for us to witness with our eyes.

The Sensual perspective of anything being seen can become a masterpiece unfolding before us. Are you feeling what your seeing in the landscape of your life? What is the view from your eyes?

I’ve Seen

I’ve seen the wonders of the Universe

Unfolding in a vast arena of spectacular color,

I’ve viewed the turbulent tossing multicolored Nebulas

bursting into clouds of effervescent

billowing and foamy gases,

I’ve watched Stars being born and die

I’ve seen the far reaches of the Universe

blazing glorious and blinding

A sensual explosion of shades of color,

Unlimited and Passionately


All this have I seen and felt


my “mind’s eye”



I hope you enjoyed the view!

6 more days until the The Bloggers Challenge ends. I’m hoping that all who enjoy writing will take up the Challenge.

Penny L. Howe ~ Thanks for visiting me today!

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