Just in the Knowing … Haibun of Love


Just in the Knowing

Just in the knowing you’re somewhere. Not caring where, just knowing you exist is enough for contentment. Alright, perhaps a whimsical slightly lonely contentment, but contentment none-the-less. Were I to have realized love’s nature as we laughed and played during brief interludes of time together perhaps choices would have been a different making.

But nature of things at the time (Ah, time … immutable passage of linear time) spinning out of control, whirlwind of decision making – poorly thought through – emotionally charged and so we are apart … and yet … we are not.

For all that you are and all that I am create amazing realities of “greater than”. This unknown mysterious quality of perception, not understood but realized and so it is that …

Love has no true boundaries: Not time. Not location. Not even cessation.*

*through the physical departure from our current plane of existence

For truly love is existence and existence is love – superseding any boundaries of time. Time becomes  timeless and therefore never ending as is ~ my love ~ for you.

timelessness of life

gifted from eternity

never ending love

It’s been awhile since my composition of haibun. I hope you enjoyed. Thank you for reading, have an excellent weekend!

With sincere affection,

~ Penny





In most plants (such as the tree) the roots are the part of the plant that attaches it to the ground to convey nourishment to the plant so it can grow. Strong roots are essential for the well being of plant life.

file00073353901Humans need roots too. Might I inquire as to the nature of the roots that human beings are utilizing right now?

Roots of ancestry are less and less important as cultures combine with others in the ever increasing migration of peoples to different countries and lands.

Roots of family ties have been pretty much pushed usunder by societal changes where individuals are grouped by ages, and employment as to where they will be, becoming separated from the nurturing of a file4651278643375rich, healthy family environment (of all ages, young, adult, elderly).

Roots from comradery within the workforce where people used to get a job or hire on for their career for most of their working years. This happens rarely now.

Roots from the community and organizations where change is constant and many organizations (including churches) are failing because of monetary considerations, and different values and interests by local individuals.

And as a result of all the above, more and more of us prefer to connect with one another via the instant connection of modern technology.

Politics – local, national, and international? Well, let’s not even go there, shall we? So what are we left with then!

Where are the roots to be found for humanity to come together, and grow on? And how can we find them?


We create our roots. Beginning at the heart of things. The heart of the human being and who we really are. Remembering that some things are of a natural order. No special studies or double blind testing needed to just “know” how you feel about yourself and those around you.

And we are at the beginning of awareness again. The hearts are gathering around the world. The roots are beginning to spread. We, many of us, are remembering. More time is needed, but it is happening.

In the meantime civilization goes on it’s way, not necessarily expanding humanities capabilities but running parallel with technology, nudging us, reminding us that this isn’t quite right! that at some point in time, we lost our way.

And it’s time to get our roots back again, so we can finally begin to realize our full potential in life as human beings! Past time, actually, but not too late!

Thank you for stopping by, have a wonderful Friday!

~ Penny


We all Conform…!

Circles of Conformity – Society Today

We all conform, each of us to an individual circle (environment) of our own contouring. The one where we decide we are safest and most secure.

And each of us has a slightly different perspective of what safe and secure means. So while we might hang with those with similar views, we still keep to our self-imposed environment. It is more comfortable that way.

Stretching this analogy a little further. if you used a protractor and created a bunch of circles that overlap (well you’d have a pretty design, lol) but you’d also have an idea of how individuals overlap a little bit with others who think as they do. but still staying in their comfort level.

Now if you move the pointy part (I know, but I like the way it sounds, lol) of the contractor over so that you make a circle that does not connect in anyway with the other circles you’ve created a gap between this circle and the others, no overlapping going on here.

No connections. This then is society, in many aspects, today. We are not very comfortable unless others conform in ways that are similar to our own. And we tend not to stray far from our own comfort zone.

Just imagine though, if there were a few more circles to connect all the circles from one to another. We would still be conforming only now within the contours of neverending connections, where everything and everyone is related and interactive. And what a beautiful design that would create. Now that is a thought to think upon!

The Design of Life – All Life!

Just a few of my thoughts on the subject. I hope you enjoyed, Thank you for visiting me today!

~ Penny

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