Up and up I reach so high

fly high

Up and up I reach so high

further than the mighty sky

further than the eagle soars

further than we’ve been before.

Up and up I reach to see

the universe can’t hide from me.

I’ll not abide, nor subside

’til my quest has opened wide

the “Why of This” so deep inside.

I must seek so I will know

these are seeds that I shall sow.

With this journey that I take

on the  ‘morrow we may wake –

to golden, brighter, better, days

where good things will come our way!

But until that day arrives

upward, onward I will strive!

-Penny L Howe, 2013


Stay cool everyone, hang in there, believe in yourself and go for it, remember to make a positive difference while you achieve – Pay it forward, a win-win solution for everyone!

Much love to you,

~ Penny

I lay me down

By mxruben

I lay me down

look up at skies

no end in view

before my eyes.


Just perfect blue

or so it seems

my lying here

with just my dreams.

Worries gone

they’ve disappeared

There’s only now

without the fears.


If I might wish

and make it so

my peaceful state

to grow and grow.


Then I will rise

renewed ’til when

I lay me down

and dream again.

~ Penny L Howe, 2013


A most happy weekend everyone,

~ Penny

The Conversation

Said the sky to the clouds
“Why do you not rain?”
Said the clouds to the skytree
“It’s just not the same.”


Said the sky to the winds
“why do you not blow?”
said the winds to the sky
“I’m not sure where to go.”


Said the sky to the trees
“Where is your shade?”
Said the trees to the sky
“I fear that I fade”.


Said the sun to the Earth
“what has changed, I can’t see?”
Said the Earth to the sun
“I’m no longer free.”


“I’m caught in between
man’s derision and strife,
From those I provide
I struggle for their lives.”green tree


Said the Sun to the Earth
“Please say it’s not so”,
Said the Earth to the sun
“Yes, I’m afraid so”.


“Very few listen
to that which I say,
They must all work together
There’s no other way”.


“But what can we do
To change what will be”,
“There’s naught”, said the Earth
“for the blind who won’t see!”

* * *

Penny L Howe, 2013
Written on behalf of the Planet we all live upon!

Alastairs Photo Fiction: The silver lining of life

There are days when heavy overcast clouds become so depressing, a blue sky can be difficult to imagine, the want of  comforting sun so envelops our need. Yet within the those thick clouds a ray of sun can break through, the edges glowing with hues of gold and a silvery cast.

And in that moment, you take heart that perhaps the clouds will soon disperse bringing a new and bright shiny day! I find that some days Nature simulates human life.

Alastair’s photo prompt for this week illustrates the point well! My offering for Alastairs Photo Fiction Challenge:


The silver lining of life


He stood transfixed by the sight of the clouds, as grey and dark as his heart. He was poised on the edge of emptiness, Searching for a way to ease the unrelenting pain in his soul, something, anything to give him a reason to go on. His wife had died so suddenly and he was lost, hopelessly lost without her.

Why, why should he go on? Nothing mattered anymore! No reason without her. Abruptly, dropping to his knees he let his head fall into his hands, sobbing in sorrow. Ironic how the weather was matching his mood. Tears seared his face as he waited for the rain to fall – companionable compliance this gloomy day.

Instead … there was a break in the clouds, a ray of sun touched his face at the same time he felt a small hand brush away the tears from his eyes.

Although the sun’s warming ray couldn’t reach his heart, the soft sweet voice could, “Don’t cry daddy,” she said. Her tiny arms encircling him as best she could, “I’m still here, you still have me to love.”


“Even on the darkest day there is always a reason to keep going,
we must open our hearts so we can see the silver lining when the sun begins to shine through.” 


Thanks for stopping by, for more information and to be a part of Alastair’s Photo Fiction writing challenge, click on the link above.

~ Penny


Clouds have a fan club – Who knew?

Clouds in the Evening Sky

Clouds in the Evening Sky

I consider clouds fascinating, I took this photo a few months ago here in Washington State. But apparently clouds are much more fascinating than I knew! There is a “Cloud Appreciation Society”. Now that is interesting!



Hope you enjoyed the video, I found it very intriguing!

~ Penny

penny l howe

Purely Inspirational

“Free to Fly”

This morning I was having a conversation with an online friend and she was telling me how she was enjoying so many bloggers posts as they were so inspirational. That she was feeling more inspired and how she was starting to feel she could be freer to express herself.

I encouraged her to do so with the following message “Please with all my heart I would wish you to be free to fly” (express yourself).

Christina (my daughter) and I recently posted on the wall, our ‘wish/dream’list for the family’s journey of moving on with their life. (Duane – beloved husband to Christina and loving father to his children was struck and killed 2 years ago by a driver not paying attention) Emma, my 10 year old granddaughter said this morning when asked what she would wish for (for our list) and I quote her exact words”

Emma – self portrait

Emma: “I would wish to fly like a bird. Perhaps I could use a jet-pack or a glider, I do so want to feel free to fly”.

I think that is nicely summing things up!

This was said by a 10 year old beautiful young creative girl (a girl that is now without her wonderful father ) who is at last moving forward like her other family members and joyously embracing her future.

The  art and photograph are 100% all compliments of talented Emma.

The photo at the top was taken by Emma a few weeks ago.

she’d rush in to grab the camera to shoot a picture of the sky because it was so beautiful and then she’d review the photo and do “touch ups” with effects so the picture would represent her view.

If you truly wish to be inspired here you go! (this is just a sampling) She makes cartoon videos, clay characters, puts on plays and she’s a nut about science. She loves to talk about time travel and her favorite expression is “that must be a psychological phenomenon”. And yes she does know what that means!

Sidewalk art by Emma

And this is Emma! I hope she has inspired you today!

Copyright © 2012 by Penny l Howe