Are YOU, hidden from view, on the inside!


Are you Really – YOU?

Let me put that another way. Are you the YOU that you wish to be or someone else’s version! A societal file00093066100construct manufactured by demographic opinions. Or a person lead by those who feel they “know best” about who and how you should be.

It seems that too many of us conform to a certain mindset so we can be accepted and thought well of. In fact I know very few who don’t experience this type of thinking, at some point or other in their lives.

Some actually live there, though, dwelling in misery. That is to say, they try so hard for acceptance by performing to another’s tune, they end up unhappy within themselves; because they are not being the person they truly want to be, the one on the inside.

And in the process are losing themselves, and everything that they might be, by trying to be something they are not. Meanwhile going through all of the “acceptable” motions on the outside.

You know who you are, too. I know I was there – for quite awhile. Trying very hard to please, so I would be accepted. It didn’t dawn on me until much later that all of the people I really admired, werefile00078014988 their own person. And I enjoyed being around them, because they enjoyed being around themselves and were happy, just because. They felt good about themselves and felt very little need to conform to the dictates of others unless it was something they wanted for themselves also.

I began to experiment being me, on the outside, in small little steps, a little bit at a time,  and the really astonishing thing for me was (and still is) the day I realized that those whom I had struggled, (so very hard) to get the approval of, now admired and respected me (and told me so).

Quite the lesson, because I was now doing what I wanted to do for myself and while I was pleased with their comments, it was no longer important. Being myself was what was important. And finally, I learned to say “no” when it was healthy for me to say no, and “yes” when it was healthy for me to say yes! My own person, a struggle but I made it.

So I ask again. Are you … really YOU? And if not, what’s stopping you? Try some little baby steps, venture out from the inside. You may find the climate quite to your liking (a happier one, too). I find I now like “the me that I am” very much and I think you should feel that way about you – too! It’s a great and liberating feeling!



Try, if for no other reason than for the person hidden inside, okay?

~ Penny


One true step at a time!

The greatest gift we receive in life is … life.

Then the day arrives when we come face to face with danger, the unknown, loss of a loved one, disease, – the scariest things in life.

We become so overwhelmed by fear that we can forget to be brave, forget we are not alone, forget we can overcome and forget … yes, forget that we are loved and all is possible … one step at a time.

For each of you facing your fears, here is a gentle and loving reminder,


“In life all is possible ~ one true step at a time.” Penny L Howe, 2013

~ Penny


Resolution Solution

steps to success

It’s just about the time of year when once again people start talking about New Year resolutions – things that they are going to change or improve upon. I have always been fascinated by this.

It’s a great deal like buying an expensive piece of exercise equipment and then it just sits there in thesuccess two corner and varied excuses start happening for all the reasons why the equipment isn’t being used.

Resolutions to improve your life only work if you follow through. Easy to have good intentions, easy to make a list – quite a bit harder to get the job done. As it is for most worthwhile things in life!

So here’s a solution for your New Year’s Resolution – if you’re making any that is. 

Dream big, but resolve to have a short list that is doable, small steps (successes) added to more small steps (successes) lead to remarkable goals being achieved.

Your New Years Resolution: Small List – Big Determination.

It works!


Success three

“The key to realizing a dream is to focus not on success … but significance! Then even the small steps along your path will take on greater meaning!” ~ Markesa Yeager


“Success will never be a big step in the future, success is a small step taken just now.” ~ William R Inge


Thanks for visiting, enjoy the last few days of 2012

~ Penny