A Chocolate Smile – lights up the world!

Today a blogger friend of mine introduced an inspirational post with a few words about the importance of a smile. I agree wholeheartedly, in fact …

smiling emmaThe Perfect Chocolate Smile!


“A Smile is the thread of life
with the ends turned up to touch the sky!”
~ Penny L Howe, 2013


Hope your weekend is being good to and for you and as Alastair encouraged today, filled with smiles!

~ Penny

penny l howe

This is not an Awww moment…but you’ll laugh!

“Can those cute little kitties do this! I think not!”

This cat is thinking the following “Okay so I get that those pictures of kitty cats are cute…but can they do this … touch their tongue to their nose while closing one eye at the same time … I think not!” (All cats seem to have that quality of disdain don’t they!)

Enjoy the moment and I hope this brought a smile to your face,

Thanks for the visit today!

~ Penny

Collecting Smiles 2

Emma Smiling

I collect smiles.

I didn’t really mean to collect them, in the beginning that is.

It started out quite by accident Collecting Smiles but now I collect smiles on purpose because, honestly, it makes me feel good, and better and sometimes just excellently so … as in warm and cushy feelings inside.

Remind yourself of this about a smile:

It costs nothing,

it is free to give.

It often brightens the day of the person to whom you are smiling.

It can change your attitude for that day.

 Your smile can change the attitude of the people receiving the smile.

Did you know that scientifically speaking, every time you smile a small amount of “endorphins” (a chemical our body manufactures to help us “feel better”) is released into our body making us…feel better!

Smile “Doodles”

So how about it? I think today is a good day to be collecting smiles!

Thanks for stopping by, hope you enjoyed the visit ~ Penny

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