Thank You For The Song You’re Singing

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Everyday wisdom is indeed hidden in plain sight, but it is humanity’s songs of life, each unique to an individual that points the way, often illuminating a hidden wisdom, revealing a greater understanding and awareness for many, and so …

” I thank each of you for the songs your singing. May you sing loud and strong in your life sharing wisdom and beauty with each beat of your heart.” ~ Plh


Thank you for stopping by, Have the best weekend possible. I wish you well.

With sincere affection,

~ Penny



Music to look forward to!

Josh Groban is one of my favorite inspirational singers. This is the official album/trailer, for his latest album – All That Echoes  coming out on February 5th! It’s also just great fun to watch creative and talented people behind the scenes working to bring all the musical magic together. As always Josh Groban is great. Enjoy the ride!

Hope you enjoyed,

~ Penny


Go With the Flow

Melancholy – The Nature of being…

This is a fascinating word.  Evoking in each of us an immediate awareness of emotions conveyed by just saying the word.

Melancholy – the essence sneaks up on you, I’ve noticed, slowly seeping in through sensual crevices, the underpinnings that create our structured and unstructured thoughts.

Melancholy – interfering with all things mental and physical, at once insidious and hard to ignore. Hovering invasively but in such an unobtrusive manner that there is no notice until its fully-fledged arrival has occurred.

I know it’s a deeply personal state of being, whether or not we recognize it happening to another, we certainly realize when it’s happened to us. There is a specifc set of signals going on in the brain that are impossible to ignore. A fatiguing elusive quality of not caring or caring so deeply that it becomes easier to just ignore life and the people around you.

So on those days I … go with the flow!

And I’m thinking it’s okay when this happens, taking time to reflect on what might have been.

“May your muse embrace the many prisms of life contained within” – Penny L Howe

Gerry Rafferty is one of my favorite musicians, although he has gone home, his music lives on. I listen to Baker Street when melancholy. This is a nice rendition video put together by 65Seasons, if you feel so inclined click and enjoy!

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