Bloggaria ~ A fairy tale of bloggers! Introduction

Once upon a time, in a kingdom far away, (I always wanted to write those words) there lived a beautiful princess and a handsome prince. But this story is not about them. We already know they lived happily ever after, as is the way with such things.

This cute and sweet, yet powerful and moving tale takes place in Bloggaria where the land proliferates with active and happy Bloggers. A most joyous place to be. There were constantly those from elsewhere always relocating to Bloggaria. Yahooians, even people from the mighty Googlanations would show up with all their talents requesting refuge, the Youtubians most frequently.

Of course the Bloggarians (henceforth known as bloggers) never said no, filled with love and tenderness they never turned anyone away. They were gentle and big hearted people who loved to share their land with others. Their motto “Ad blog est ad amorem, ad blog est esse” (Yes amazingly they spoke latin too).

The land of Bloggaria was rich with the sounds of music and laughter from it’s people. The land itself a sweeping landscape of glorious colors and textures. One never tired of visiting Bloggaria. Point in fact no one wanted to leave. The bloggarians communicated with several different languages, twittery and faceboo and a few others.

But Bloggaria was also a land of strong magic. So bloggers communicated in a magical way as well, Sigh indeed a place of wonder.

Stay tuned for the opening chapter. It will be filled with all the wonder of the Bloggers world. The characters that pass through it’s pages numerous and rich with the cleverness and creativity that abounds in Bloggaria.

You will meet noble Alastairian, surrounded by his loyal followers. SteJesty a fierce knight who nurtures the poor with his learned ways. Marinalea who gently paints her rich colors across the meadows, LuAnnia and her merry band, travelling and sharing wisdom as she goes. Boomiebolina, queen and mother of the lands of fairness and peace (except for Sundays when she is sensual and …um frisky). You will learn of the Maxima, king of the loving and romantic lands to the East..

There is also Fairy princess Robynia, gentle and sweet. bestowing all with her loving and nurturing ways, beloved by many. RoSarita the daring, a most happy and playful pixie from the woodlands, Roxita, a powerful but loving magician. Lenaria, one of the gentle spiritual sprites that glides through the lands. Anelephantia, the wizard who masquerades as a troubadour with his lyrical ways. Alsandia the humerous, dispensing laughter with justice for all!, Sharlia another princess from far away who spreads joy and goodness around her. Landoffunia and yet another princess sharing thoughts of goodness and love everywhere. Steffina, the sweet and compassionate princess of far away places who visits and nurtures.

Clanmother, wise and thoughtful ruling over her many subjects, Ruthnina the gentle fairy princess who cares and nourishes. Ivonnella, a warrior and a fairy princess, sharing as she journeys through the land. Tinalina, lovely musical fairy sprite, Barbarella (no not from the movie), gentle and talented mistress of many magics, Mitzielea, sweet,clever and gentle fairy princess from far off lands. Eric the wise, a seeker of wisdom and knowledge. Actforia the brave, mysterious and loving. Sandralina, one of the shy yet wise leaders of the sprites, loving and spreading joy everywhere. Meme, the merry a wise and clever lady with the sweet voice of a woodland nymph! Vicknia the gentle fairy princess.

Gyselaina the gentle gifted princess, Emmyatia the talented yet elusive fairy princess, Celestinia the sweet and thoughtful (and talented), Utalaina the loving, Amylia the soft spoken yet wise, another the mysterious nighlakina (thought to be a fairy with her poetic loveliness. Leslianna the fierce yet gentle sorceress, Sarahia Potter (no relation to “Harry”) but endowed with mighty magic. Rubia, filled with spirit and love, Bulldoggery the bold yet gentle knight from far off lands. LadyLovania bestowing of love wherever she goes. Richard the gentle, mystical caring sorcerer.

Arindam the bold and mighty knight. Deanalina, sweet and fair princess of the realm.  Carolynia, the lovely and spirited fairy princess. David the gentle, warrior of visual magic. The gentle and nurturing Mybeautifulthings. The loving and courageous kizzylea, The mighty sage with memories of the past JebofLife, the gentle fairy princess Maggiemia, glorious in braving her new world. Letizianna, wise and scholarly yet playful sprite. Noble Nhan of the Creative Muse. Latimer-Ridley, mythical twins of magic and imagery.

Diannea, the huntress of the woods (mighty magic)! Flujan, mystic and magical enchantment. Dorylorina, whimsical delightful sprite of the woods. lovely Mariannina the wise sharing thoughts of wisdom. Tina-lina, clever fairy princess of the planets, Nizy the beautiful, gentle loving fairy princess,  Laurenella, princess of romance and gentle thoughts.

Christinatia, the goddess of enigmatic love, yepiratia, the mighty commanding ship and crew near the shores of Blogeria, Chris911-ith the generous, bringing laughter and joy to the many, Seadog, the gentle brave knight of far of lands, Pretzelogician, a mysterious magician from Coffeealand.  RalphtheWise, gentle and humorous in his bluefishian way, the lovely magical and artistic Zebracia, The gentle wilderness guide, Rick the Braveheartian sharing wisdom and love of nature as he travels.

Sound the trumpets, a new resident has requested admittance to the wonderful land of Bloggeria, Princess Jewels petitioned (in the comment section, lol) and was granted entrance, you are welcome fair lady, as is every blogger who reads this.

There are so many many many more. These but a tiny handful of those beautiful bloggers of Bloggaria, that bloggers we cherish in the knowing of them. btw, anyone who would like to be in the fairytale of Bloggaria has but to let me know and I will of course include the blog of you.

Written by the mystical mage/sage of the mountain Penelope the Wise.

Thank you, This was fun hope this was fun for you too!