When Words Overwhelm

Silence can be a good thing giving time to reflect on values as opposed to desires. Honor as opposed to polarizing negative ideas which separate us from one another. Wisdom as opposed to valueless words being said and repeated leading to emotional reactions and nothing more.

It’s time to decide what you, within your heart of hearts, believes in, for when our souls touch, as they shall, there will be no animosity, no negative vibrational causation from physical manifestation (owing naught to an irrational thinking brain and all to a loving heart).

When words overwhelm, reign in your emotions, allow for the threads of life originating from your soul to lead and direct your actions. Breathe in life, and the natural way of being. We are an important part of each other and our universe.

You, we, are better than this time in humanity’s existence. So much better.

Time to make it so, I believe.


Thank you for stopping by, I wish you well.

With sincere affection,


The Song of All Souls


Misty morn or perhaps early evening.

The Song of All Souls

Within seedlings of trees that grow

And the whisper of winds that blow

In the river flowing down to the sea

Hear the song of all souls singing free.

In the laughter of people at play

The bright sun giving light to each day

All the planets and stars in the sky

Share love’s song deep inside you and I.

The waves as they crash on the beach

Golden moonbeams we look up to reach

And the love that we all need so much

From this song, closed hearts can be touched.

Deep inside where love has no wall

Our souls they do sing out to all

They guide like the outgoing tide

to the seas where all hearts open wide.


Sun bursts through the trees high above huge waterfalls and cascades in Oregon's Columbia Gorge.

Sun bursts through the trees high above huge waterfalls and cascades in Oregon’s Columbia Gorge.

Thank you, have a wonderful week,

~ Penny



The Kindness of Your Words


“Words expressed in kindness from one human to another,

is a sharing of affection … touching others with an essence of grace and love …

a needed nourishment for one’s soul.” ~ Plh

Animals have no words to use to express their affection. Humans do. With just a few well spoken words each and every single one of us has the ability to make a positive or negative difference in another person’s day.

Using our words wisely, with affection, is a happy thing to do.

Thank you,
~ Penny

The Safer Side of Midnight

To all readers, this short story genre is horror. Only read on if you’re comfortable with reading this type of material. Not to worry, Penny, the cheerful upbeat person that I am, will return on the ‘morrow after allowing her muse a bit of freedom to explore the supernatural (creepy) aspects of fiction!

“The safer side of midnight,
is always on the sunshine side.” – Penny L Howe, 2013


… Or not!

The first time I stepped into the long forgotten graveyard, blanketed with mossy green and flowering vines, I was mesmerized. The setting, peaceful, serene and uplifting, even though surrounded by monuments reminding of those departed. Yet still, I was comforted.

It became my calm place. A tranquil place to visit, I would go frequently; called back each time, by those lingering feelings. The dew would still be clinging to the moss covered edifices as I sat and contemplated life in the land of the dead. I certainly did not think of it in those terms at the time, I was simply at peace.

After several months of visits, it was most unexpected to hear a quiet voice speak out, “Hello there!” So softly spoken were the words, blending in with nature sounds, I thought I had imagined them.. Birds were chirping, cool soft breezes rustling nearby branches and leaves.

“Hello there.” This time I heard the voice clearly, although still very gentle like mist clinging to the air. I wasn’t afraid and looked around for the person who had broken my reverie.

I answered the greeting, “Hello?” Searching the graveyard for the companion to the voice.

No one, nothing! not at first glance anyway. And then my eyes were drawn to a faint image slowly appearing, perched atop one of the larger headstones not far from me. He was transparent, I could see through him, but he was most definitely there.

At this point, most people would have turned and run away, fast and furiously. But I am not most people. My first thoughts, pure fascination. I walked over to where the “ghost”, as I assumed it must be, was sitting.

He had a very sweet smile on his face. He gazed directly into my eyes as if searching … for something. “You don’t appear to be afraid of me,” he said, still smiling as he cocked his handsome head, bemused I believe, by my calmness.

“No,” I answered. “Why should I be?” While there was a strong feeling of surreality, I had in that moment, never felt more alive, there was a magnetism in the air. I knew it as did he. I think he was more surprised by the strength of the sensations than myself.

I watched as the bemused expression on his face slowly changed to one of awareness and then recognition and excitement. “Ahhh”, he said, “It’s YOU. This explains much. We’ve been waiting for you, for such a very long time! And it was I … I who was the first to find you!”

Those were discomfiting words to say the least. I was, now, not sure if I wanted to continue the conversation with this being who was only with me in a spiritual sense, a silvery glow cast about him, but no shadows or reflections from the glow. As I thought on what to do or say next I felt a chill, which I quickly dispelled.

“Your warmth is glorious,” he said. “You chase away the things that frighten us so much with just your thoughts. We were told it would be so. May I come nearer? You are the warmth of a fire on a chilly day,”

Moments passed in silence. Realizing I had been holding my breath, following his last words, I slowly released the air from my lungs. As he drew near I watched other apparitions taking form, throughout the graveyard.

“What do you mean Sir Ghost?” I replied a bit faintly. The dual feelings of dread and yet a longing to be here, filtered through my conscious self.  The graveyard quickly filled with more and more of these beings … an eerie essence of otherness permeating my senses. Awareness growing within me.

He was no more than inches from me now, breathing in my exhaled breath with pleasure. He turned to the massing crowd of spirits and triumphantly announced, “I have found her, I have found her.” The small silvery glows now changing to a deep foreboding gray, spreading out over the assembling spirits.

And I … felt … trapped. A magnetism was pulling on me. The energy radiating all around, my soul’s purity and richness within me bursting to overflowing … as the young demon entities rushed to engulf me.

too late I remembered in countless lives from my past, why and who I had hidden from for so long  … only at the very last as evil began to feed, and I lay trapped within a mixture of growing sensual desire and horror, did I realized that those feeding on me, were but minions, keeping me at bay, preparing me for their master’s voracious appetite. The one I could now hear coming to claim me. The devil who had searched for centuries for my immortal soul, had finally found me, in this lifetime, on the sunny side of Midnight!


A Short Story by Penny L Howe, 2013,

Hey guys, still me here, all’s well, just a little escape from reality. My question to you my friends, should there be a part two, where she escapes, or should this be a stand alone piece!

I hope you enjoyed!


This Post is brought to you by the color Pink!


When it comes to beauty, few things illustrate this better than nature.



Beauty is that which leaves us breathless in the moment.

Beauty creates the most glorious sensation, beginning with the view and then working it’s way deep down inside our souls enriching us.

There is a feeling of wonder gazing at each of these three beautiful pink flowers! A feel good uplifting experience.


Just think if we could achieve the same sort of feelings of wonder when in contact with other people. Just by being with them and sharing ourselves.

Much the same way the flowers share their beauty!


Because ultimately every one of us is beautiful … each in our own uniqueness.


How glorious it would be If our souls could radiate beauty the same as these living pink flowers of nature.

But perhaps they do – radiate beauty that is – maybe we aren’t looking close enough to tell.

Today might be a good day to beginning looking!


Thanks for the visit, hope your week has been going smoothly for you, filled with lots of color and beauty!

~ Penny