Life’s Internal Survival Tools … So Handy for Today!

I fear change, unless curiosity and anticipation encourage me through a newly opened door of opportunity. I hate what doesn’t agree with me unless my compassion, caring and need to understand takes charge and helps me to greater wisdom.

Reality can definitely seem overwhelming unless/until my imagination takes over and finally, I know sometimes I feel a sense of despair until my hopeful spiritual nature and dreams come forth to guide me to a better place.

Isn’t it a most wonderful thing to know that we (each) have our own internal toolbox of survival tools always available to us. If we remember to use them.

You do … Don’t you?

Be an Encourager. First to yourself and then to others! Thanks for stopping by and have a great new week to come. I wish you well.


Most Sincerely,

~ Penny

The Shaman’s Dream


He, alone in contemplation. Curious and saddened, wondering if he were the reason things had gone wrong, knowing only the way of things and he but a vessel of knowledge, not a portent.

She, the portent. Change swirls about her. Spiralling out. Fibonacci wisdom, from seeds to galaxies ~ her key. She holds the golden key tightly. Her key.

She opens doors to a new awareness. A new reality? So much change. Is nature not to still be nature? Can she really do all this? Yes, she can.


Ahhh, he reflects, of course. She is of nature and birth and growth. She is of life, not death. Her change is the correct change. No more killing fields. Mankind will change. It is so.

He wonders what … how … he will be after the change.


The golden key, a mere symbol, she herself – the key of change. But this change signifies a new balance. Yin Yang become relevantly/irrelevant. Such is this nature of change.

life gives birth to change
change gives life to birth
birth gives change to life


And so it comes ~ A time of great change. Are you ready?

Release date Early Spring of 2016:
The Spiral Corridor
A scifi/fantasy novel (or our actual future?) by P.L.Howe

Your Faith is not just a place to hang your coat!

faith by Penny L Howe


Our spirit must have the ability to seek

 solace, support and strength from within

when weary and sick at heart.

Look to Faith – your “belief system” for this.

Each person’s religious and spiritual beliefs are their own,

but know this:


“Faith is far more than something
to comfortably hang one’s coat on.


Faith is the honest and sincere feeling 
inside of you when there is true belief
without reservation!”
~ Penny L Howe, 2014


I hope everyone has a relaxing and enjoyable weekend.

~ Penny

Guardian Angel – Finale and explanation

Guardian Angel

In my last post I wrote the beginnings of a short stage/screen play. The script was about a fictional interview between myself and my guardian angel. I’ve had some close calls in my life and so there have been those comical comments about me wearing out my guardian angels.

However as I wrote I discovered that the direction that the piece wanted to go was different than I had original intended. I became a little frustrated and ended the piece. Some of my wonderful followers asked lifeme to finish it, please, and so I did this evening.

It is much too long for a regular post so if you look at the top of the blog you will find both Scene 1 and Scene 2 in the tab called A Short Screen Play to consider!

I wasn’t comfortable having such a long piece as a main post, but I am hopeful that those who were interested might find the time to read the second Scene of “Interview with A Guardian Angel”.

Just a few final words on the subject. I belief all spiritual beliefs are important and precious to us. We, each of us have our own faiths and what we have decided to believe or not believe. And I think it is personal to us each.

My work of fiction was an exploration of possibilities beyond our understanding right now but still fascinating to think on! So I wrote from that perspective only. For those who wish to take the extra time to read it, thank you.

Have a wonderful Sunday, enjoy the day!

~ Penny