Sunday Photo Fiction – The Proof is in the Pudding!


Photograph by Alastair Forbes ©

“Just one more shot, from another angle!” The man in charge yelled to the photographer who nervously moved to another section of the building being razed. He knew he’d been lucky to get this photo shoot. He could use the funds, but more important, it meant he had a reason to be here.

It was going to happen today. He could feel it in his bones. Bones, ha! That was a joke wasn’t it? After all these years too. He was sure his secret would’ve stayed safe, that the building would have survived. At least longer than he did. But here he was today shooting pictures while the building was torn apart.

He’d been so young, barely an adult, when he opened his restaurant on the corner of the building. In fact, the whole thing had been a bit of a joke, not long after it opened. It’d been late at night, the restaurant was closed and he and his friends were all high on something or other. He didn’t remember who had found the dead body of the drunk in the alley. What he did remember was that they all thought what a hoot it would be to use the body in a soup.

The next day he didn’t show up at his restaurant until the middle of the day to find that the “soup” had been a huge success and everyone wanted more. He could’t tell his help where the meat had come from, but that night after everyone was gone he took the remaining bones to the cellar, removed some of the bricks lining the basement walls, put the bones inside and wedged the bricks back in place.

He then went looking for another dead body in the alleyways of London. When he couldn’t find any drunks, who’d conveniently died there, he assisted in that as well. His restaurant became a huge success for quite awhile, and then one day he realized there was just no room left anywhere in the basement for the bones and he was weary of the whole charade anyway.

He closed his restaurant and became a photographer. “So here I am”, he thought to himself. “Right on hand to take a picture when they discover the …”

“Hey,” he heard a man yelling from the site of the building. “You guys aren’t gonna believe what I just found. Get that photographer over here. This is incredible!”

As the photographer headed towards the voice he had one final thought. “So my last photo shoot will be proof. And the proof was always in the pudding … the blood pudding!”


Yes, yes I know this is waaaaay too long, but being the spooky freaky month of Halloween I just felt compelled to let my story write itself and it doesn’t count words! So this isn’t a flash fiction but just a short story! Still I hope you enjoyed it.

For more fun stories and to take part in one yourself (as the writer) check in with the best host ever, Alistair, at Sunday Photo Fiction. He’ll fill you in on all the details!

Have a great day and better tomorrow!

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Ominous Clouds – Alastairs Photo Fiction

Another writing challenge from Alastairs Photo Fiction, photo prompt below. Write a flash fiction story with 150 or less words. For more information or to join in the fun click on the above link!

This IS an extremely FUN writing challenge to take part in, and Alastair’s wonderful photos make it even easier to think up a nifty story. Go on …what are you waiting for, give it a try!




“Look at the clouds forming exactly over the top of that building!” The girl stopped, pointing to the swirling multicolored clouds. ” They look a little sinister, don’t you think?”

“I don’t know about the sinister part, but the clouds do seem to be hanging out there, don’t they?” He hadn’t really noticed the clouds before, but now found himself looking up staring intently at them. He looked closer.

“Hey,” he said. ‘Remember that silly movie “Ghost Busters’. Towards the end, all the clouds gather over this one building because the forces of evil are getting ready to enter this realm of Earth.”

They both stared a little longer at the forming clouds and burst out laughing at their overactive imaginations. Walking away laughing, they didn’t hear the corresponding echoing laughter coming down from the clouds – the ominous clouds that continued to gather over the building!


Yes, I know this is my second posting for the day (and I said I wasn’t going to do that any more – so sue me!) Actually when I saw his photo, I couldn’t help myself, I wrote the story and then wanted to share with you peeps (I love the way RoSy says that! lol) Hope you enjoyed, I’m going back to my writing project now! Don’t forget to check out  Alastairs new blog.

~ Penny

Penny L Howe