Regrowth and Renewal – Yes you can!

I can’t believe it! It’s actually almost spring, here in the Northern part of Northwest America.

By Karpati Gabor

But I am excited about it. Waking up in predawn mornings with the sun filtering through wispy morning clouds, the cool air breezing through my open window bringing birdsong melodies – refreshing and invigorating.

Robin by hotblack

I for one, am happy to embrace both the new day and the glorious beginnings of Earth’s annual renewal! Time to rethink my own personal regrowth and renewal. Overdue, actually.

It has become far too easy for all of us to get caught up in the same “everyness” of things happening in our daily lives.

Right now, small changes can truly make a difference for you when you feel in a bit of a rut.

Think about it, make it happen – You Can Do it!

Have a great week,

~ Penny

No admission fee to enjoy natures beauty

The Flowers of Springtime.

colorful flowers


When spring arrives the glorious confection of multicolored flowers take my breath away. A wealth of beauty.

Vision to be gazed upon and enjoyed. Available at no cost to the beholder. No admission ticket.

The only thing required is taking the time (even during our busy days) to view this visible feast of colors created from the loving hand of Mother Nature. Now available (for a limited time) to viewing audiences, of all ages, everywhere.


Spring – Mother Nature’s Masterpiece

Dazzling delightful, flushed colors so gay

Arraying enchantment, you’ve brought to my day.

Most glorious and splendid, just newly arrived

Heavenly the vision, for all that survived.

Lovely and joyous, this colorful array

Lavish disregard,for the color of gray.

splendid and silky, blending divine

A rainbow of colors

The view – quite sublime.

~ Penny L Howe, 2013


Make today a good one, thank you for visiting,

~ Penny

shot 1

Being at one with nature – take two!

In my post just previous to this one, it was suggested to me (in the comment section) that depending on where you live right now, being “at one” with nature can be a more difficult proposition (not mentioning names here Alastair!) So just for you, here is take two of being at one with nature!


snow stuff


Now if everyone had a good laugh (if you didn’t get it go to the photo of the previous post – should be obvious then!) And now to leave you with a different mentality of being at one with nature!






And there you have it being “at one” with nature (even if it isn’t spring yet!

Have a great day!

~ Penny

penny l howe