Join the Writing Fun – Let’s write a book report!

While a junior in high school (11th grade), My English class was told to write a book report about a book we had recently read. I did well in English (I know, no surprise there) but I had been doing a lot of drawing and other activities (President of the Latin club – hey don’t laugh, I was a geek before it was popular to be one). Anyway I had not read any books recently at all so, I made the book up. A great story too, I might add! Perhaps a little too good as it turned out.

I got an A+ on my book report and the teacher went to the Library to check out the book by the author (which of course neither existed). So I was called upon to explain this discrepancy. And I told the truth. My A+ stayed, I was asked not to do that again and she said she was disappointed because she was looking forward to reading the book.

So today I’d like you to have some fun with me! I’ve created a book cover (below) and I’d like you to write a book report (from just looking at the illustration) or a book review or what the intro (you know the flap inside the cover of the book, might say about the author and the book). Post (publish) on your blog and then link to this post. No deadlines. I’ll place your link below for others to read.

forgotten world

Please be as creative as you’d like. Talk about the fictional author and his or her background, what the story is about, what the reviewers are saying about the book. Anything that might appear in a book report or book review. I want this to be fun! No contest, no prizes, just having fun with imagination and creative writing.

I do hope you decide to join in the fun, If you don’t want to post your creative writing on your main post, create a page for your “book report” and link to it from there!

~ Thanks for taking part in the fun!

Those who have decided to write using my created book cover for inspiration:

Yoshiko Her take was to write a poem about the loneliness of a planet! Just lovely!

RoSy Her words are very moving as her subject is our forgotten soldiers living on  the streets today. A truth! Well done Rosy!



My trip to Mars!

A SHARED MEMORY FROM MY PAST: When I was in the 8th grade I was shy but friendly with my fellow 8th graders. I lived in the country. So the size of the classes were relatively small. About 20 students. But I loved to write stories.

So one day I began to write a science fiction (yes I loved it even back then) story about a flying saucer landing in the play area of the school grounds. They (the aliens) were here for the purpose of choosing which students would go with them back to their planet to learn about life on another world.

trip to mars

A friend sitting to my left asked to read the first few pages and then the boy sitting next to her asked to read them and so on until the story circulated from desk to desk. Every day I added new written pages. Naturally many of the students were characters in the story, so we were all having great fun with this, until the day I looked up to see the principal (Mr. Dunbar – his actual name) standing next to my desk with his hand out (I guess word had gotten out).

I handed him (very nervously, he was always so stern appearing) the latest few pages. He stood there reading them and then said “You know Penny it isn’t fair not to share this story with everyone”. So he told my teacher she should let me, everyday, stand in front of the class (OH NO, remember I was shy and very self conscious about my speaking voice!) and read the latest installment. Which I nervously did. To the cheers of the whole class, and my embarrassment.

Penny L HoweYes the fiction had a happy ending. A few of the students “of course I was one” were chosen and went to live on Mars! Yes at that time it was definitely the “Go To” place, in outer space. My Title of this fantasy, very uninspiring … “My Trip to Mars“!

As I reflect on this story today, I think to myself how much like blogging this experience was, where we write and then interactively share our written words with others. Who knew I’d be sharing my stories with others around the planet when I grew up … Not Mars perhaps, but ever so cool. Blogging and bloggers, yes indeed! And no principal peering over my shoulder either!

Thanks for your time to visit me today, Have a great day!

~ Penny

I Am Waiting for Love … Teach Me!


Deep down inside each of us, there is this capacity. And it is huge! From the moment of our birth, there is a yearning to love and be loved. It never goes away. Always there waiting.

We each experience love, for some, these are glorious moments early on, for others the need stays unfulfilled. It is at once both an intensely personal and private feeling and at the same time a longing to reach out/or be reached. Never goes away, it is there, all the way through our life’s journey.

For those who create, the love (or the lack of) is always in there somewhere, in our creations. Shakespeare (a transcendent genius) the greatest writer that ever lived, wrote for the people of his time. People he had come to know and understand. He knew their need for love and because he absorbed their feelings, he used this to relate back to them.

“…Mine be thy love, and thy love’s use their treasure.”

Venus and Adonis, the twentieth sonnet, final line – Shakespeare


Because Shakespeare related so well his words are still alive and filled with meaning today. The need to love and be loved is timeless.

As writers we can pass on this love, but it must come from within. That is the gift we give to our readers.

As we go through life we become both the teacher and the student. The best example I can share with you is the Honorable Dalai Lama. I had the lucky fortune a few years ago to spend a few days with him (very briefly, a small part of his entourage).

He exudes love and yet listens carefully to the spoken word by the other person, he is extremely attentive, his eyes on the person when they speak. (He is extremely learned with many degrees but what shines from his eyes, (his posture, his very being) is his deep and abiding love for all things. And when asked, he will tell you he is a student of life on a never-ending quest to learn.

When you see a child at play, the light of life shines from their eyes and all too frequently can be diminished by life’s experiences.

It is a writer’s passion and purpose, to pass on the good, the bad, the ugly – but always, always with the love of those with whom you share your words  – in your heart. This is how we grow, we love as both the teacher and the student in life. Let your words reflect your love my friends, always!

“…teach me!”

~ Penny