A child’s ‘little disappointments’

Children think in the present. Their tomorrows (most of them) are fantasies of all they dream. Their today’s filled with the exploration of the day.

Jack and Emma

Every child (as they grow) can experience “little disappointments”! These disappointments are quickly erased with the following positive actions:

1 – They are not ignored by adults

2 – They are loved and told they are loved (and shown it frequently)

3 – They are played with by the (too frequently busy) adults around them

4 – They are hugged and reminded how special they are

5 – They are appreciated and shown they are appreciated by repeating the first four items mentioned

A child’s “little disappointments” unresolved can turn into Life’s big disappointments for him or her. The child can grow up to be insecure with very little or no belief in themselves.

Encourage, love and nurture a child and you promote the child’s own belief of personal self worth. They will grow up “knowing” they can handle life’s “little disappointments. Life will become filled with positive challenges not negative assessments of self worth!

happy jack and emma

Hug a child today, a whole bunch of hugs!

~ Thank you!



Am I motivated?

Yes I am.

My library of motivational books is fairly extensive. Why?

Because over the years, when I needed it most, I would find my own motivation in the words of others who had overcome all manner, shape, form, and substance of adversity.

When I was absolutely sure I couldn’t go on, couldn’t even make it through the day I was in (feeling overwhelmed with life and problems and seeing no way out), I would first wallow in self pity and then I’d pick up a motivational book. I only had a few in the beginning. But over the years the number of motivational books on my shelves grew and grew.

And now these books are my friends, my reminders, to not take myself so seriously, to forgive, to move on, to to give, to care, to live, to love but mostly to believe in myself.

I figured if they could do it then so could I. And every time I doubt myself, I read their words again, or go buy another book and try harder to understand more about my ability to overcome and be all that I could be.

We (all of us) need each other. The written words of those who know and cared enough to pass on their wisdom and encouragement, faith and motivation is a testament to this truth!


Stay motivated, search out books, films and people to help you, it does make a difference! Thanks for stopping by,

~ Penny