On the 7th day of Happiness – The Quality of Cherishing!


“Life comes and goes, in starts and stops,
with ups and downs and all arounds.”~ Penny L Howe


And yet still it’s life – as we know and understand it to be. So what can we take from this?

We can remember to Cherish! Those special people, experiences and moments – the oh-so-happy times. Within the prisms of our heart there is a quintessential quality of memories that nourish us when we’re sad, sustain us when we’re troubled and gentle our thoughts and actions when we’re stressed.

Cherishing is an artistic absolute, lifting up a mundane or indifferent day into the realm of something much more.

Hold dear and close those cherishing thoughts. They are yours to keep and value forever. Use them well. Not only do they sustain, they also become an essence of your being, a filter to enhance and strengthen your life’s experiences!


A warm affectionate hello to my world-wide friends,

~ Penny