Beauty – in thought, word and deed

What is beautiful to you?

How do you experience beauty?

What is the sensation within you, when beholding beauty?

One of the most wonderful things about being human

is our ability to experience – the beauty of things.

Those most wonderful sights, sounds, touches, fragrances,

and tastes of our experiences, thoughts and memories.

All revolving around our perception of beauty.

“The most beautiful thing I can think of today – is TODAY!”


today 3

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A nice cup of coffee


A nice cup of coffee


What is it about a rich cup of coffee
That breaks up each passing day
Sipping the brew
Enjoying a view
Listening to what others have to say.
The aroma awakens our senses
Our pallets alive to the taste
We partake of the drink
We pause as we think
Then move on with our day in some haste.
Is coffee a part of reflection
A habit to fill in our day
An addiction of course
But a passage of sorts
A cup of coffee is the adult sort of way.
I’m sitting here drinking my coffee
beginnings of the new day
taste and aroma aside
this cup of coffee must abide
… until the next one happens my way.

~ Penny L Howe, 2013

Thank you for stopping by,

~ Penny

Penny L Howe

Sensuality – Taste Me

Savoring the Flavor

Food is the first thing that comes to mind right? (or were you thinking of something else when you saw the title? Hmmm,) It’s amazing what our imagination can conjure depending on how words are presented.

The sense of taste — like all sensations — resides in the brain. The taste buds in your mouth have receptors that send messages to your brain. These messages help the brain interpret the characteristics of what you are tasting – the flavors.

What do you think about when you think about tasting something? Most probably what you enjoy eating, would be my guess. Tasting is not only recognizing that which you are eating but is also defining the pleasure received from the taste of a thing.

The word appetizing comes to mind. If I’m going to taste something I certainly would like it be appetizing – taste good. I want to know there are going to be pleasant feelings involved with the tasting.

The sensual aspect of tasting is the experience of appreciating the flavor in a manner that lends itself to more fully enjoying the process. Notice that “taste” is a word frequently used to describe the “experience” of anything in life. “Tasting life, savoring the richness”. The sensual meaning of the word comes across loud and clear. “the appetizing qualities of a woman”, “it’s all a matter of taste”, all the word associations connected with the sense of taste expand your feelings on a subject when they are applied.

When we eat we are chewing, ingesting, and swallowing. When we are tasting we are savoring the experience, that is the sensual difference to remember.

Once more, the best way to be sensual when tasting is to – Savor!

Savoring the Essence

The creamy mellow consistency

so deep the richness

sweetly succulent


lusciously delicious

so moist

so intoxicatingly sensual

this taste sensation

my mouth exploring


Exploding riches of taste

The Peach!



I hope this has been a good weekend for everyone, Don’t forget the Poem Challenge, the deadline is Friday my friends, Take Care of you ~ Penny

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