Not Just Memories – A Poem!


Not Just Memories

If all I had were memories
That would be fine with me
Or just a few mementoes
That I could go and see

But I have much more than this
How lucky I must be
For I have the day I’m living in
Created just for me

Thank you for the sunshine
Shining down so bright
Thank you for the moonbeams
That you share at night

Thank you for the heavens
Thank you for the lands
Thank you for this planet
Where you see I stand

Thank you for all of nature
The hills and valleys too
Thank you for the rainbows
And flowers filled with dew

Far too much to thank you for
My gratitude to you
Thanks for all you’ve given me
And yes my memories too



Worries ~ a bedtime companion? … Not Necessarily So!

So many worries ...

So many worries …

When you wake in the morning are your first thoughts grateful and happy ones or are they the worries that you took to bed with you the night before?

Worries do that you know! Take them with you to bed and they will patiently wait for you in the morning (assuming they let you sleep) to begin anew their assault on your emotions.

Taking your concerns and worries to bed with you is a habit. Yes there is always one or more “somethings” that will need to be dealt with. But going to an emotional place and dwelling on them does not solve anything. Stewing over them in bed is a sleep killer.


Change the constant worry habit. Try to put your worries to bed first. Come up with a creative way of laying them aside until the next day. Constant worrying changes nothing, and it competes with your conscious ability to problem solve.

So thought of the day: Before retiring; listen to music, read a bit of a book, do a work-out, take a warm bath, do something pleasant with a partner (like a discussion … ahem!). Just anything that will remove those worrisome thoughts from the forefront.



BREAK THE NIGHT TIME WORRY HABIT! Do try to save those worries for the day! When you are fully rested.


Thank you for visiting me today, have a worry free evening and good night’s rest tonight!

~ Penny

Penny L Howe

You can overcome obstacles…you know…


… Obviously!

I think the biggest obstacle to overcome in life is our own perceived limitations.

This video is about an amazing man who clearly understands this and is definitely passing the message on.

Have an awesome day, be thankful for all that you have, and remember – we are beautiful aren’t we (all of us)!

~ Penny