Walkabout – Mentally Speaking!

It’s been 7 days since I’ve posted or read a blog. Not very long in everyday terms, but in online social connection terms (Blogs, Tweets, Google+, Facebook, About.me, Linked in, etc.) it does seems as if it’s been much longer, doesn’t it?  Time passes differently while online and so while only 7 days, I’ve missed my connections with you all so very, very much.

Here, where I live, in Northwest America it snowed briefly and gently this morning. A quiet, crisp and clear beginning to start one’s day! A place you’d want your thoughts to dwell as much as possible with today’s hectic lifestyle. Change being the only constant in all of our lives.

In the past week I’ve been doing a mental “Walkabout” as Australians might refer to it. I’ve had much dwelling on my mind. Questing my “role” in things you could even say.

In ‘personal life’ adventures, nothing has been handed to me easily. I’ve worked my way through various stages of life while not necessarily emerging as a victor, none-the-less I also did not come away as a victim and instead am wiser in spite of cherished things that have been lost.

All my life I have tried to avoid direct confrontation and yet even through fears, stood as brave and strong as I could when it was needed. I’m ‘tempered’ as a metal might become by a clever blacksmith of yesteryear. I know my shortcomings and my strengths, but more to the point, this means – I know yours too.

We (all of us) live in a period of time where negative thinking about yesterdays, today and tomorrows must not be allowed to win over us. We are a strong people with strong wills – when we put our minds to  it! I know this about you. All of you. It is a truth. You are more capable than you can possibly know. In fact it’s only necessary for you to “know” and believe a thing for it to become a thing.

There is an astonishingly true “might and capability” that lies within each of you. Never forget that!

We, of humanity are on a glorious quest for life – but the quest is not an easy one. Yet, it’s the best game in town and I’m happy to be a part – in whatever role I play, and wherever it leads me to be.

Thursday is a Thanksgiving Holiday in America and as William Faulkner (an American writer and Nobel Prize laureate from Oxford, Mississippi) once said about the giving of thanks and gratitude:

“Gratitude is a quality similar to electricity;
it must be produced and discharged
and used up in order to exist at all.”
– William Faulkner


I agree with him. Love to you all. Stand tall. Be brave, live life, give thanks and always remember you’re never alone! I (for one) am here, thinking of you with “very fond affection and good wishes” for a wonderful day and better tomorrow.

penny l howe

– Penny

YES, YES, YES – 2,500+ times yes!


In a world of my own making – imagination, (where as you know all sorts of wonderful thoughts can happen) less than a year ago I began to seriously blog and along the way …

I discovered YOU!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Almost 50,000 visits in a little over 10 months, 2,500+ followers and most importantly – new friends, many new lovely, wonderful and talented friends!


In my imagination this is us celebrating as we come together in our blogging community to share with one another!


You have no idea how lucky I feel to know all of you. To read your amazing posts, sharing brilliantly constructed storys, viewing beautiful photography, videos, and illustrations, revealing important information, baring your soul, inspiring and promoting love and positivity, and being your own creative selves in the process!

I am blessed and I thank you with all the love that I am capable of sharing. At a time when I was recovering from a (several years) series of personal tragedies, I began writing and there you were to cheer me up, to encourage and lighten the heaviness in my heart and desperate longing – to be with, a part of – something special. Something larger than my own small concerns and woes.

You have accomplished all this and so much more.

Thank you again for sharing your many gifts of love, grace, humor, and talent.

Thank you for caring, thank you for giving, and mostly

thank you for being you!

…YES, some days the cup does run over!

And because I do want to leave ’em laughing I’ll end my yes post with the most amazing series of YES’s ever! Enjoy:


~ Penny