Acts of Kindness – Connecting With Others!

Today for “Acts of Kindness” I’d like to share a recent post by a fellow blogger and a motivational video.

The post, written by a very caring individual, was first read by my friend Ute of Ute’s Smile (she defines loving with her posts) who then shared it with me and suggested I pass it along to you – so I shall!

Russ from A Grateful Man posted the following experience a few days ago on his blog, thank you Russ!

“My Beloved and I were out on the town with some other couples when an elderly woman who appeared quite down on her luck and perhaps homeless walked up to our group and asked if we were going in a specific direction. We said we were. She asked if we could perhaps give a lift to her because she had someplace important to be and had no car or money.

As we had driven together, the owner of the car said, “Sorry, our car is too small and we can’t help you.” Then he walked away.

When no one was looking, another member of our group took some money from his wallet and dropped it on the ground. He then bent down to pick it up and handed it to the elderly lady. As he did so, he said, “I think you may have dropped this ma’am. It should be enough to hire a taxi to take you to where you want to go.”

The elderly woman’s eyes misted over with happiness and surprise as she took the money. She gave a knowing and grateful look to him as she thanked him.

I’ll never forget the feeling I had when I saw the look in the woman’s eyes.

Those eyes reminded me once again how small kindnesses can make huge differences in the lives of others, and it brightened my evening and lifted my spirit to experience it.”


Russ’s words are a potent reminder. Thank you Russ!


Another talented and caring friend, Michael of Morpethroad, recently shared a video with me, my special thanks. Some thoughts here to think on. Why our acts of kindness are more important than ever today!

Let daily “acts of kindness” be contagious in your own life! Become interconnected. Pay it forward! The rewards are awesome!

Thanks for the visit, have an excellent week ahead my friends!

~ Penny

In the eternity of my time

Philosophical Thought of the Day!


Infinity’s view of things places humanity as fleeting and of momentary importance!

Universally speaking, even as the least of us (humans) dwell on the most, of what we may become, I have determined that in the larger view of things – there may well be no larger view of things.

From the perception of being considered a mere grain of sand located within the cosmic shores of the Universe, I must humbly conclude that the “I” that is me has no potential value lest it be right now within this absolute moment of time.

Here and now I can make a difference.
Here and now I can effect a change.
I can be causation, make a stand.
Should I desire to do so
… or not!

Infinity will carry on quite blissfully experiencing naught but a momentary thought of what I might have accomplished, regarding future potential with the eternity of my time!


“If I could live forever, would I still want to make a difference?”

~ Penny L Howe, 2013


Thank you for stopping by,

~ Penny


A child’s ‘little disappointments’

Children think in the present. Their tomorrows (most of them) are fantasies of all they dream. Their today’s filled with the exploration of the day.

Jack and Emma

Every child (as they grow) can experience “little disappointments”! These disappointments are quickly erased with the following positive actions:

1 – They are not ignored by adults

2 – They are loved and told they are loved (and shown it frequently)

3 – They are played with by the (too frequently busy) adults around them

4 – They are hugged and reminded how special they are

5 – They are appreciated and shown they are appreciated by repeating the first four items mentioned

A child’s “little disappointments” unresolved can turn into Life’s big disappointments for him or her. The child can grow up to be insecure with very little or no belief in themselves.

Encourage, love and nurture a child and you promote the child’s own belief of personal self worth. They will grow up “knowing” they can handle life’s “little disappointments. Life will become filled with positive challenges not negative assessments of self worth!

happy jack and emma

Hug a child today, a whole bunch of hugs!

~ Thank you!



Today and all our tomorrows?


Today and all our … tomorrows?

One morning a child of indiscriminate age woke early, washed her face, combed her hair and file0002019869674dressed herself in a simple cotton outfit. She broke her fast and then walked a short distance to the shoreline of a nearby ocean.

Carefully she picked a spot in the damp sand and sat not farfile000251559569 from where the ocean’s outgoing tide could curl about her toes if she were to stretch out her legs.

And then she sat and watched.

She watched the sun rise slowly into the clear blue sky. She file0001906036738watched as it drifted overhead brightening the day with golden rays shining through bits and pieces of white fluffy clouds and then with majestic colors settle into the evening.

She watched twinkling stars come to life, one by one, with the darkening of night’s sky. She watched the moon rise, higher and higher until it finally began to settle down again into the coolfile0001317022358 predawn morning and the sun began to rise once again.

As the sun rose she stood up, carefully brushing off sand covered clothing, and began the walk to her home not far away.

file251341936484She passed an older gentleman who, in amazement, had watched her sentinel performance during the previous day and night.

It had been said by a few locals that she had “the sight” and could see into the future. Generally speaking, people thought of her as a sweet but odd sort of child and thought no more about it.

As she passed him, he raised his hand to slow her passage and asked her “Why did you do this?”

“Were you afraid the sun would not rise again?”

“Were you worried that the night would never end?”

“Why?” He asked more insistently. “I must know.”

The child slowed her walk almost to a stop and looked up into his worried eyes with a peaceful serenity he had never seen before. She reached out and gently held his large gnarled hands with her small ones.

Her gaze never wavered from his eyes as a slow but sad smile broke the features on her face. She answered him. “Because I still can!”


~ Penny L Howe


I look up at the Sky … and wonder?


I look up at the sky and wonder.

I wonder what tomorrow’ll bring.

Will clouds still be white?

Will the moon shine as bright?

Will there still be birds on the wing?


I wonder, will I be happy

Or sad, like so many I see.

It’s so hard to tell

my future as well,

I wonder what I’ll grow up to be.


It’s not so much that I worry

It’s more, I think, that I care.

So I look at the sky

Wondering why

And if … we’ll all learn how to share!

~ Penny L Howe 2013


Thanks for the visit, hope your week is going well for all of you!

~ Penny


copyright © 2013 by Penny l Howe