The Līgo Haibun Challenge – Young love for sale!

Another Līgo Haibun Challenge. For more information on how you can join in the creativity click on the Link mentioned here. This week the challenge for aspiring writers is the following prompt “Down at the Crossroads”. This week they are looking primarily for a narration; the telling of a story. They’ve also added musical color with an excellent musical video to the prompt which you can view by clicking on the link. My offering today:

dark stairs

Young love for sale!

The building, one of the older structures in the block. Though dilapidated and rundown it was off the main drag of the city and the rent was cheap. Her place, on the third floor. The dark stairway to her room, just inside the building. She walked slowly up each well-worn stair step. He, right behind her. Her third for the night, but she was already tired.

She was pretty and didn’t look her age, no trouble finding customers. She didn’t do drugs and didn’t have a pimp either. Hard to avoid, but she had a male friend who owned a martial arts school. No one messed with him.

Tonight she was weary, of life, of what she did for a living. But it had gotten her off the streets, well sort of. She sold her body on the street, but her soul belonged to her.  She had dreams for a better future. This one would be the last, tonight. Maybe the last one, period!

But she still looked good. Maybe she’d wait a little longer. Make a little more money, just in case. She’d think about it tomorrow. Reaching the top of the stairs she unlocked her door, smiling a little sadly and led him inside.

our futures await

poorly or wisely chosen

the crossroads of life



Thanks for reading, have a great day,


~ Penny