Intermezzo – a brief entertainment

Intermezzo – Muse or Imagination

So there I was going about my merry writing business getting ready to write about one of the five senses exploring the wonderful mysteries of sensuality (remember the series I keep referring to but haven’t started yet? Lol) when all of a sudden I began to get a nudge from my ‘imagination’ suggesting that maybe I should have a post that reminds the reader of the importance of imagination re: the senses.

And then my ‘muse’ spoke up reminding me that She was in control and the whole imagination thing was something She called forth when needed. Well, my imagination took offense suggesting that nothing called him forth, he ‘just was’ and a whole argument ensued. I wrote the conversation down for your enjoyment.

But first a quick backstory. When we refer to our “Muse”, know that it is taken from Greek Mythology. The God Zeus, King of all things and the Goddess Mnemosyne (Goddess of memory and mental power) had nine daughters conceived to help mankind as guiding spirits. Each daughter was called a muse and had the ability to inspire, especially in the areas of literature, science, and the arts.

The History of the word usage of Imagination begins around the 14th century. It’s language roots are from the Latin word “Imaginatio”. The general understanding of the word Imagination is “forming a mental image of something not present or never before wholly perceived in reality.

Okay so here’s the discussion as it took place.

Imaginatio: What do you mean I’m just a word, what’s that supposed to mean?

Muse: Hey, it’s just the way it is so deal with it!

Imaginatio: I am too real. I have lots of great ideas all the time.

Muse: No, you only come to life when I ask .

Imaginatio: So then I’m real if you’re asking me to do something for you?

Muse: No, I call on my own inspirational abilities and Imagination comes.

Imaginatio: You mean me?

Muse: No, you are a figment of your own figment!

Imaginatio: Hey, that’s pretty good.

Muse: I know, I am after all … Me!

Imaginatio: I’ve been around a very long time.

Muse: For all you know I’ve been around forever.

Imaginatio: Me too!

Muse: No you haven’t – get used to disappointment.

Imaginatio: Are you referring to the whole chicken and egg paradox because if you are that really sucks!

The argument was becoming heated at this point so I explained to them the blogger’s “read time” quota and asked each to write a short poem on unrequited love, I would be the arbitrator with the final say: Muse or Imagination. I did suggest the popular Haiku for their writing style, but both declined. Actually as I recall Imaginatio said “Pleease I’m already under enough pressure here!” My muse just smiled (hmmm)! And here are the  poems by each:

Tormented, by Imaginatio



Raw burning pain

of Longing,

I yearn,

I believe I

will die




of you


the last rose, by the Muse

the petals fall

one by one,

from my tightly clutched hand

The thorns pierce,

just an ordinary pain

I no longer feel,

the greatest pain

I feel



my love

…of you!



And the winner is … Muse who calls forth both her senses and imagination (imaginatio – I think she cheated!) to bring forth her magnificent creations. I hope everyone enjoyed this playful interpretation of Creativity today. Thanks for stopping by, Penny

Copyright © 2012 by Penny l Howe


Sensual Prelude 2 – Power of the Heart

The Power of the Heart

The heart is the most vital organ we have. The one we rely on to pump needed blood flow to our body. The one that beats to the rhythm of our soul – metaphorically speaking (lol) And the heart represents one of the most powerful “symbols” both historically and today.

Hello and welcome.

As we venture through life with our senses, our mind is organizing and filing away each memory with the aid of symbolic references, like the heart.

Okay, this is where if you’re skimming this post quickly so that you can reach your quota of blogs to visit you can go ahead and skip to the last cool graphic and the poem unless you are actually interested in learning a little something new which will be a nice thing but either way… 

This subset of activities goes on in our mind at an unconscious level. This is true for everyone. There are numerous symbols that our mind comes to recognize and use during this filing and sorting process. Sounds like a computer doesn’t it?

The mind takes its cue from the feelings we are experiencing during each event in our life, Creating a link with “symbols” through an emotional association, so whether we are having a happy or sad (or hurtful, angry, scary, romantic…the list goes on and on) moment subconsciously our mind is connecting this emotion to a symbolic reference.

This means when our senses are invoked, the appropriate “symbol” is already ‘there’ in our mind as a reference point to assist our senses in relating to that being felt (seen, heard, touched, smelled, tasted). If it sounds like I’m suggesting that our senses, memories, thoughts and actions are all interconnected -THEY ARE! (hello? One body here! So everything contained within is directly connected to everything else inside our body!)

I will use the “symbol reference” of the heart for my poetic illustration today. Pretty much all of our senses engage with this symbol for many reasons – my reference point will be Love. Don’t get all sappy on me this is serious stuff here!

I’d like you to feel the following poem through my words, if you will…

my beating heart


do you hear,

come closer, please, my love

put your strong gentle hand just there,

touch the beat of my heart

beating a song for only you,

hear my desire, know my need

a million heartbeats strong,

the Universe hears – the beating,

listen to my heart’s

singing pulse

for want of you,

beating to the only rhythm

it hears – you my love,

I am

Queen and servant,

my heart beats for only you,



So did you skip to the poem or did you read all my words, no matter, either way I’m hoping you enjoyed yourself, always my goal when I write, Take care of you my friends, Penny

Copyright © 2012 by Penny l Howe