LOVE, Glorious Magnificent Love – My All Time Favorite Word!

glass love

There is no word better than the wordLove“! I’d use it in every sentence if I could. The value of this word is gigantic, immense, huge, compared to the very smallness of the sound. The meaning is endless in its potential for all life … and there’s another wonderful, most excellent 006 003word … “Life”.

We are blessed each day we wake up to our lives, in spite of everything that goes wrong, in spite of everything WE do wrong. In spite of sadness, in spite of pain, in spite of evil, in spite of every negative thing one can think of, there is still life and there is still love. And that, all by itself when one considers human nature is pretty darn amazing, or maybe it isn’t so amazing after all.

I guess to me what is ultimately amazing is our ability to love and care and reach out and touch others with the gift of love. No gift is greater, regardless if you’re on the giving or receiving end.

Let’s do it more … lots and lots more. It just feels so wonderful and life sustaining –

to be thought of with loving thoughts,

to be cared for in a loving way

and to know you are loved.

Because you are … Loved!

~ Penny