Happy 450th Birthday William Shakespeare!

The “Willy” most of us don’t know. Today he’d be a prolific world class blogger for certain.

William Shakespeare

Everyone knows of him, the famous playwright who wrote timeless words.

But the real man behind the words – a different story. Looking at historical documents dated no later than 1635 (The Tudor English kept everything documented) and written comments of people who knew him, he was a “gentle” man who loved life and people. He was warm, friendly, and outgoing. He was also practical and highly intelligent!

He left his town, Stratford, for the city of London. He left to become an actor.

He came to London during a time of great change in the world. Books were now available to the middle class (this was exciting and relatively new). In addition to books, Shakespeare’s London offered fresh and unique information and inspiration – people of many cultures from other lands – arriving daily.

It is easy to imagine that Shakespeare watched and learned from them all, crafting his own style of writing. A drastic change in how authors of that time period were influenced! Huge!

Much of his audience were gentlemen apprentices (who had also come to the city to earn their fortune) or (this was a surprise to me) the women of London.

The Elizabethan women had far more freedom and they took advantage of it. They were intelligent, curious, and playful – like their Queen.

Shakespeare knew this. He knew them. Again, one can imagine him being on stage viewing the varying emotions of those in the audience, especially the women. In one of his surviving epilogue he states …“If they smile and say ‘twill do” he knew the play would be a success.

These were the audience he knew and could relate to – and his words? The particular words he wrote … they were crafted for his fellow actors. He knew and felt what was needed (as an actor himself) to get the emotions out to the audience.

He used no rule books for the proper way to write. His education had been gathered from the many peoples and cultures around him during a time of great change! The Willy…you never knew!

Think about the many similarities happening today in the blogging world. A climate of change with merging cultures reaching out to one another sharing experiences and information. Shakespeare would have fit right in.

The Written Word – Yours?

So think on this the next time you post your thoughts, a photograph, a video, fiction writing or other. Who knows what influence you may be giving to future generations? Something to think on!


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Time outside of time ~ And a Video of Me

“Time outside of Time”

Have you really thought about the “time” element of blogging.

I’m not referring to the time you and I spend on any given day posting, reading, or commenting on blogs. I don’t mean that kind of “time”.

When we’re online, and communicating with other bloggers there is a different mental process going on – there is a sense or quality of timelessness.

What I call “time outside of time”. When you meet someone virtually in the blogging world it seems that within an extremely brief period of “real” time you have a sense of closeness and friendship being shared with that blogger. It’s personal and it is a real feeling.

This does not happen in our everyday world. The virtual connection seems to bypass that which makes us cautious in our actual lives. We are open, and we share emotions, thoughts and feelings and this draws us closer together in a timeless manner, because you feel within a short time as if you’ve ‘known’ this blogger for much longer than you have.

Time outside of time, isn’t that a wonderful thing. And a most special way to become close to people any and everywhere around the world. Making friends outside of time ~ it sounds poetic, I think!

* * * * * * * * * *

I’ve had a few bloggers ask how I generate ideas when writing a post. So I made a very short video to illustrate a simple process. Almost without exception I write out an idea on my notepad and I sketch or doodle to come up with the essence of what I’d like to convey.Usually I wear headphones and listen to music.

Once I’ve got an image fixed in my mind, then I write (using the computer) and finish the layout with photo’s or graphics. The other day I sketched eyes for the “pigment of imagination”, today the idea was “time outside of time” I wrote a few thoughts on the idea and found myself sketching abstract connections to convey the meaning. And yes I am writing backwards. It seems to help my creative flow.

Thanks for stopping by, have a good one, my friends, Penny

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