With Eyes Wide Open – Information Technology in our lives!

By clarita

THE BAD Too much information. Too much opinion. Too little thought. Too quick to respond so you’re not making informed decisions. Too little time to allow change to happen correctly in the offline world. Too much, too fast!

THE GOOD More people connecting around the world, More people sharing, More people learning, More people reaching out to others. More is a very good thing here. An excellent thing, actually!

The good and the bad things connected with all of the instant connectivity of information in our lives is overwhelming. Throw in commercial enterprise and politics and it is absolutely impossible to know what is true and what is false. On the scary side it does seem as if everyone is selling something to someone else. Whether its a product, a service or a mindset (think politics here)!

There is really no way around the fact that each day we are overwhelmed with more information than we can reasonably assimilate.

So what to do? Easy deal. Slow things down. Turn it off. You decide for how long. A few minutes, A day, A weekend. More. It will all still be there when you return.

Connect with things outside of multimedia. This means no computers, no tv and no iphones or ipads. Now there’s a thought.

Inconceivable? I don’t think so.
Necessary, I would think so, most especially with eyes wide open.

Have great weekend!

~ Penny

Simple Things

Simple Things

The word simple has come up repeatedly today in various conversations online and off. So here are some thoughts to ponder.

Simple things make us happy:

A shining sun

A word of encouragement

Sharing laughter

Receiving an unexpected token of love


I know you could add your own items to this list. All simple things.

So does our life really need so much complexity and noise? So much Stuff? Are we better for any of this?

Can we know who we really are?

Can we see through the denseness of our Miasmocity (Nope not a real word I made it up – cool, huh!  lol)?

Miasma: (the meaning) A noxious atmosphere or influence – I added the word city because it seems as if we’ve done that very thing to ourselves in our cities and lifestyles today!

See how easy? I gave a complicated name to a simple thing. That being – we have overwhelmed ourself with too much.

If this is a truth and I expect anyone reading this knows this is true, what do we do? I wish I had answers and a simple solution. I don’t. But perhaps I can suggest a starting place.

In your heart

In your home

With those you care about …

… Pure and Simple – Love!


I don’t think simplifying our lives is easy, not for any of us. But I think, if we can, we would all be much better for it. I really do!

Thank you for stopping by, may your day be filled with simple beauty and joy!

~ Penny

Copyright © 2012 by Penny l Howe