Mondays Finish the Story Challenge – X Marks The Spot!

Time for some more lighthearted fun – Monday’s Finish the Story. Your writing challenge (if you choose to accept) is to write a story, based on the photograph shown and an opening sentence provided by your hostess Barb Beacham. (Try for between 100 – 150 words not counting the opening sentence) This week the sentence is:

Do you remember the old saying X marks the spot?

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Photograph by Barb W. Beacham copyright © 2014


Do you remember the old saying X marks the spot? Well, while X doesn’t always have to mark the spot there was this huge X in the sky this morning when I got up. Couldn’t miss it. There it was right in the middle of a clear blue sky and I had to wonder if it meant something mystical.

I thought about it as I showered and got ready for the day. I mused about it over my morning coffee and breakfast. I even turned on the radio in the car on the way to work, although I didn’t really think I’d hear anything about it.

But it did hang in the air for quite a spell so with the picture I had taken earlier I tweeted a few people I knew and asked if they had seen the X in the sky also. Some had and were curious like myself and some hadn’t and couldn’t care less and then I got a tweet from our of my neighbors. It went something like this.

 George Murphy @pennycoho HA HA! Henry hit the sauce last night and never stopped. He’s up there fertilizing his fields. HA, HA. The X was his first attempt, Can’t wait for the second one!


Well, not so mystic after all, just a reminder of how human we all can be. I hope Henry gets his next fertilizing run squared away and makes it back home safely. I do admit to being disappointed, though!


Hope this was a fun read for everyone and remember to take care of you,

~ Penny

Follow, Follow, Follow … Is it the direction you’re headed in?

By AcrylicArtist

Follow me, I know the way. I’ll give you a better day. At least that’s what they all do say.

“Follow me on Twitter, hashtag #the latest buzz.”
“Follow me on Facebook, well – just because.”
“Follow me on Google, your circle will expand.”
“Follow me on LinkedIn, I’ll help you understand.”
“Follow me on WordPress, see my written word.”
“Follow me on YouTube to view/hear the greater world.”
“Follow me on GoodReads, read my book review.”
“Follow me on (insert here – a social medium you view)!”

Follow me, follow me, everywhere you go.

Change, inform and criticize – just follow, so you’ll know.

But will you know who you are, in the mix of all the change?

By AcrylicArtist2

Will you still be you – or slightly rearranged?

When you follow anything, know just where it leads.

Follow up your “Follows” – is it a healthy feed?

Technology is wonderful, connections evermore.

Just make sure, you do know where …

… there is an exit door.


Have an excellent week ahead everyone!

~ Penny


Blogging for our lives – filling creative needs and desires!

Credit line: © Alexaldo |

Blogging (in it’s truest form) is three separate things rolled into one. I) A palette or template for us to create or view (feeding the creative soul). II) A method of communicating our thoughts, emotions and creative endeavors (sharing our creative souls) and III) a conduit for directly connecting with other like minded people (helping us to fill our need for uncritical companionship (mostly, lol) so we don’t feel so alone in the “life” of things.)

All forms of social media “online”, do accomplish one or more of these. However it does seems as if blogging has the ability to combine all three better than any other Internet media platform. Most especially, the “alone-ness” that all of us have (more or less).

The truth is, In spite of all the connectivity (online) – we are lonely today. Disenfranchised from many traditional connections that used to be a part of daily routines that we, our parents and their parents grew up with. And a sad true is that while the online connections ease these lonely feelings, they can also foster them.

It’s safer (emotionally) and easier to communicate from a screenCredit line: © Dario Lo Presti | (computer, iphone, etc.). The quick “Twitter and Facebook” FIX and the more leisurely blog interactions remind us we are not alone and that we can instantly share our thoughts and opinions about what others are saying and doing while we also present new thoughts and ideas continuously adding to whole “instant connectivity” of things.

The result of which is when we aren’t doing this “instant connecting” we’re lonelier. Why? Because for those brief bursts of interactions we did feel “connected” a part of a larger whole. Having a voice, making a difference, no matter how small. And that … well, it’s very important to us. To be heard. To “matter”. And so the addictive “online” personality develops within us – feeding our soul while longing for even more!

So where do we go with this? I’m thinking we need to keep blogging and being creative and sharing and interacting. We, social media active people are the next step towards a global unity … commonness of cause. In the bottom line of things, we are making a difference and … it is extending into the offline world even as we are continuing to create, connect and Credit line: © Alexmillos | Dreamstime.comvoice our concerns and needs.

We (that’s you too) are making a “huge” as in H-U-G-E difference! So my wonderful blogging friends, please feel good about your blogging and our blogging community. Keep creating and sharing and reaching out! I’m loving it and many, many others are too!

I hope you’re having a excellent weekend of things (rainy here – but I love the rain so am thoroughly enjoying the sounds of rain falling while I write this post to you! 🙂

~ Penny

I honor and trust you! Resetting Your Online Personal Boundaries!

Hello World, I am happy to share and …

“It is my honor to trust you,
just like a child I share with you my inner being …
This makes me vulnerable. Remember my boundaries,
as I remember yours!”

– Penny L Howe, 2013

Credit line: © Skypixel |

Children remind us, through the open nature of their innocence and naivete to tread carefully on their feelings.

Since we’ve learned a few hard lessons, while growing up, about those who abuse the love and trust they’ve been given, we tend to be “tempered” and cautious about letting others in.

When connecting with others online (to have strong and safe connections), you need to set personal boundaries here, as well. Sadly, Facebook and Twitter have set very low standards of behavior. (resulting in, all too frequently, negative, rude, and insensitive written words and images, as well as invasive and intrusive behavior patterns.

There really does appear to be no control (regarding personal behavior – It has become hard to tell the children from the adults.) And if that’s not bad enough, big business has come along to take advantage of these very huge and active social online relationships, for the sole purpose of “making more money”.

Setting Personal Online Boundaries:

First Stay “grounded”. Step away from the computer, your i-phone or other communicating devices when you do not feel good about what is happening with your social interactions. If you are feeling drained and exhausted, emotionally overwhelmed – time to break away.

SecondWhen you share of yourself, do so cautiously, within a place of comfortable safety, Imagine a protective shell around you, think of that space as only allowing love and positive energy within, deflecting any thing else. And then remember to maintain your energy shield.

Third Don’t assume but do be respectful of the space of others. Remember your online friends deserve the same courtesy you want, so do respect their personal boundaries too. Be an example of a responsible online “friend”!

Fourth – With all the above in mind – be true to yourself. Be your own person. Don’t let others intimidate, or negatively influence. Find the fulcrum of balance between sharing and giving even as you keep yourself safe within your own personal online boundaries. By the way, as long as you are respectful of other’s boundaries, sharing love is just about the best thing to do … always!

Thank you for visiting me, have a great week ahead,

~ Penny

The amazing and true value of blogging ~ for YOU!

Why are you blogging?

why do you blog

Why did you take the time to learn how to set up your own blog site, either on Word Press, or somewhere else? After a few (okay lots more than a few) trial and error learning skills, what were your topics (the subjects you wrote/illustrated/photographed) about when you first started posting? And why? You know, the purpose.

connectingAs you think on that, ask yourself why you visit other blog sites. Why you take the time to read the content being presented and in many cases “like”, comment, reblog, twitter, share on facebook, and use other various forms of multimedia to pass along what you’ve just viewed. Why?

Each of us has a reason for why we do a thing. Especially if it’s a sustained time consuming thing. Most times we start something for one reason and end up doing it for some other reason all together.

So as you think on the questions I’ve asked – here’s a few finally ones. What do you personally get out of the blogging experience? Is it fulfilling to you? Does it make a positive difference? Does it make everyday a learning experience? Are you meeting new online people,sharing making new online friends? Are you sharing with each other?

My personal thoughts on “the why about this subject”: There are billions of real people out there on this planet of ours. They are just like you and I. They want/need to be interactive, grow, learn new things, reach out, share a talent, sell a product, inspire, motivate, make a difference – BE CONNECTED!

The thing is we are all human so we want and need each other. Anything that brings us closer, furthers us along … on the ultimate goal. The one we head towards on the road being traveled – our individual journey through life:

To believe in oneself.

For others to believe in us.

To make a difference and become more than we are today.

Love others and be loved.


“To me the blogging experience provides a positive connection to help us achieve our goals!”

Penny L Howe

Have a most  excellent week ~ Penny

Penny L Howe

Bloggaria ~ A fairy tale of bloggers! Introduction

Once upon a time, in a kingdom far away, (I always wanted to write those words) there lived a beautiful princess and a handsome prince. But this story is not about them. We already know they lived happily ever after, as is the way with such things.

This cute and sweet, yet powerful and moving tale takes place in Bloggaria where the land proliferates with active and happy Bloggers. A most joyous place to be. There were constantly those from elsewhere always relocating to Bloggaria. Yahooians, even people from the mighty Googlanations would show up with all their talents requesting refuge, the Youtubians most frequently.

Of course the Bloggarians (henceforth known as bloggers) never said no, filled with love and tenderness they never turned anyone away. They were gentle and big hearted people who loved to share their land with others. Their motto “Ad blog est ad amorem, ad blog est esse” (Yes amazingly they spoke latin too).

The land of Bloggaria was rich with the sounds of music and laughter from it’s people. The land itself a sweeping landscape of glorious colors and textures. One never tired of visiting Bloggaria. Point in fact no one wanted to leave. The bloggarians communicated with several different languages, twittery and faceboo and a few others.

But Bloggaria was also a land of strong magic. So bloggers communicated in a magical way as well, Sigh indeed a place of wonder.

Stay tuned for the opening chapter. It will be filled with all the wonder of the Bloggers world. The characters that pass through it’s pages numerous and rich with the cleverness and creativity that abounds in Bloggaria.

You will meet noble Alastairian, surrounded by his loyal followers. SteJesty a fierce knight who nurtures the poor with his learned ways. Marinalea who gently paints her rich colors across the meadows, LuAnnia and her merry band, travelling and sharing wisdom as she goes. Boomiebolina, queen and mother of the lands of fairness and peace (except for Sundays when she is sensual and …um frisky). You will learn of the Maxima, king of the loving and romantic lands to the East..

There is also Fairy princess Robynia, gentle and sweet. bestowing all with her loving and nurturing ways, beloved by many. RoSarita the daring, a most happy and playful pixie from the woodlands, Roxita, a powerful but loving magician. Lenaria, one of the gentle spiritual sprites that glides through the lands. Anelephantia, the wizard who masquerades as a troubadour with his lyrical ways. Alsandia the humerous, dispensing laughter with justice for all!, Sharlia another princess from far away who spreads joy and goodness around her. Landoffunia and yet another princess sharing thoughts of goodness and love everywhere. Steffina, the sweet and compassionate princess of far away places who visits and nurtures.

Clanmother, wise and thoughtful ruling over her many subjects, Ruthnina the gentle fairy princess who cares and nourishes. Ivonnella, a warrior and a fairy princess, sharing as she journeys through the land. Tinalina, lovely musical fairy sprite, Barbarella (no not from the movie), gentle and talented mistress of many magics, Mitzielea, sweet,clever and gentle fairy princess from far off lands. Eric the wise, a seeker of wisdom and knowledge. Actforia the brave, mysterious and loving. Sandralina, one of the shy yet wise leaders of the sprites, loving and spreading joy everywhere. Meme, the merry a wise and clever lady with the sweet voice of a woodland nymph! Vicknia the gentle fairy princess.

Gyselaina the gentle gifted princess, Emmyatia the talented yet elusive fairy princess, Celestinia the sweet and thoughtful (and talented), Utalaina the loving, Amylia the soft spoken yet wise, another the mysterious nighlakina (thought to be a fairy with her poetic loveliness. Leslianna the fierce yet gentle sorceress, Sarahia Potter (no relation to “Harry”) but endowed with mighty magic. Rubia, filled with spirit and love, Bulldoggery the bold yet gentle knight from far off lands. LadyLovania bestowing of love wherever she goes. Richard the gentle, mystical caring sorcerer.

Arindam the bold and mighty knight. Deanalina, sweet and fair princess of the realm.  Carolynia, the lovely and spirited fairy princess. David the gentle, warrior of visual magic. The gentle and nurturing Mybeautifulthings. The loving and courageous kizzylea, The mighty sage with memories of the past JebofLife, the gentle fairy princess Maggiemia, glorious in braving her new world. Letizianna, wise and scholarly yet playful sprite. Noble Nhan of the Creative Muse. Latimer-Ridley, mythical twins of magic and imagery.

Diannea, the huntress of the woods (mighty magic)! Flujan, mystic and magical enchantment. Dorylorina, whimsical delightful sprite of the woods. lovely Mariannina the wise sharing thoughts of wisdom. Tina-lina, clever fairy princess of the planets, Nizy the beautiful, gentle loving fairy princess,  Laurenella, princess of romance and gentle thoughts.

Christinatia, the goddess of enigmatic love, yepiratia, the mighty commanding ship and crew near the shores of Blogeria, Chris911-ith the generous, bringing laughter and joy to the many, Seadog, the gentle brave knight of far of lands, Pretzelogician, a mysterious magician from Coffeealand.  RalphtheWise, gentle and humorous in his bluefishian way, the lovely magical and artistic Zebracia, The gentle wilderness guide, Rick the Braveheartian sharing wisdom and love of nature as he travels.

Sound the trumpets, a new resident has requested admittance to the wonderful land of Bloggeria, Princess Jewels petitioned (in the comment section, lol) and was granted entrance, you are welcome fair lady, as is every blogger who reads this.

There are so many many many more. These but a tiny handful of those beautiful bloggers of Bloggaria, that bloggers we cherish in the knowing of them. btw, anyone who would like to be in the fairytale of Bloggaria has but to let me know and I will of course include the blog of you.

Written by the mystical mage/sage of the mountain Penelope the Wise.

Thank you, This was fun hope this was fun for you too!


Plugged In, turned on, tuned in … blogging vib’s of Life!

plugged inPlugged In

Are you …

Plugged In, turned on and tuned in to the vibrations of life? If you’re not you should be. Some great things going out out there.

Just waiting for you to go on out there and be a part of it all!

Blogging with Word Press makes it easy, Twitter adds to the mix, You tube turns up the volume, Facebook – well – totally up close and personal with that one. Plus a whole wealth of other interactive connections to ramp up the living experience.

The key, partake in small bites. Because one things adds to the next which adds to the next and so on. A ripple affect. So get in the swing of things but be moderate. Come on board slowly, understand the basic how-to’s of connectivity, ask fellow bloggers, or Facebookers, or those who tweet, they’ll gladly help you and then Go for it!


Ripples – Catching the Vibrations of Life!

~And from a fun perspective of vibrations this video here’s an unedited video: all the video-er did was put his camera phone inside his guitar and play a little piece he’d been working on. Like him I was stunned to see such pronounced vibration. Such is life! Everything has a vibration. What’s yours?


Thanks for the visit, have some really good …(you know what’s coming next) “Good Vibrations!”

~ Penny
penny l howe

Who is your Angel…in this life of yours?

There is a Special Someone out there for everyone. A Mother, a Father, a Grandparent, a Sister, a Brother, an Aunt, an Uncle, a Friend, a Lover, A husband, A Wife, a Confidant. Someone who is always there for you. Who knows what to say and when to say it with a word, a look, a hug. Right now, stop what you are doing and say to this person … I love you!


To every single blogger, tweeter, facebooker, lol, (anyone reading this from any form of social media) all human beings on the planet I say from my heart:

I Love you… in 100+ different languages.

There are many more on our great planet than these. I would like to say to each of you as a member of my family – our human race …

I love you, Ek het jou lief, Te dua, Ana behibak, Ana behibek,Yes kez sirumen,
M’bi fe, Ami tomake bhalobashi,Ya tabe kahayu, Nahigugma ako kanimo,
Obicham te, Soro lahn nhee ah, Ngo oiy ney a, T’estimo, Tsi ge yu I, Ne mohotatse,
Ndimakukonda, Ti tengu caru, Mi aime jou,Volim te, Miluji te, Jeg Elsker Dig,
Ik hou van jou, Mi amas vin, Ma armastan sind, Afgreki’, Eg elski teg, Doset daram,
Mahal kita, Mina rakastan sinua, Je t’aime, Je t’adore, Ik hâld fan dy, Ta gra agam ort,
Mikvarhar, Ich liebe dich,S’agapo, Hoo thunay prem karoo choo, Palangga ko ikaw,
Aloha Au Ia`oe, ani ohev otcha, Ohevet ot’cha, ani ohev otach, ohevet Otach,
Guina higugma ko ikaw, Hum Tumhe Pyar Karte hae, Kuv hlub koj,Nu’ umi unangwa’ta,
Szeretlek,  Eg elska tig, Ilonggo , cinta padamu, Negligevapse, Taim i’ ngra leat, Ti amo,
Aishiteru, Naanu ninna preetisuttene, Kaluguran daka, Nakupenda, Tu magel moga cho,
Sarang Heyo,Te amo, Es tevi miilu, Bahibak, Tave myliu, Ech hun dech,
Te Sakam,Saya cintakan mu / Aku cinta padamu, Njan Ninne Premikunnu, Inhobbok,
Wo ai ni, Me tula prem karto, Kanbhik, Ana moajaba bik, Ni mits neki, Ayor anosh’ni,

Jeg Elsker Deg, Syota na kita, Inaru Taka, Mi ta stimabo, Doo-set daaram,  Kocham Ciebie,
Eu te amo, Te iubesc, Ya tebya liubliu, Tha gra..dh agam ort, Volim te, Ke a go rata,
Sign Language – ,..,,/, Maa tokhe pyar kendo ahyan, Techihhila, Lu`bim ta, Ljubim te, Te quiero / Te amo,
Ninapenda wewe, Jag alskar dig, Ich lieb Di, Mi lobi joe, Mahal kita, Wa ga ei li, Ua Here Vau Ia Oe,
Nan unnai kathalikaraen, Nenu ninnu premistunnanu, Chan rak khun, Phom rak khun, Seni Seviyorum
Ya tebe kahayu, mai aap say pyaar karta hoo, Anh ye^u em , Em ye^u anh ,’Rwy’n dy garu di,
Ikh hob dikh,mo fe ran e, أحبك , أحبكي , আমি তোমায় ভালোবাসি – I love you.

~ Penny

Copyright © 2012 by Penny l Howe

Looking for Love in all the Right Places


Don’t all of us look for love, in some way or other? I think we do.

I believe with a quick reference to multimedia here, that while commercialism is certainly in the mix, whether we go online and “search”, or twitter, facebook, blog, or a variety of interactive things in the everyday world we are looking for love. To be loved and love in return. It is important.

Noone should be or feel unloved. Noone, Ever! So my piece today references the search for Love



I searched for love the world at large

I searched both day and night.

I looked and looked so very hard

but could not get it right.

And then I loved (because I could)

And shared myself therefore …

And then much to my own surprise

Love knocking on my door.

“Why do you come here”, this I said

With wonder in my eyes.

I couldn’t find you … there was dread

That Love would be denied.

Love bowed its most magestic head

And wisely said to me.

“Love returns to your homestead

When given out for free.”

“I’m always there, so close – nearby

You only had to care.

Loving pathways light the skies

I come each time you share.”

“Give freely of the love you have

Give freely onto all.

Love will always be returned

I come when I am called!”

~ Penny L Howe, 2012


Love, the most important word on the planet – pass it on!

Thank you for visit, may your day be filled with love!

~ Penny

Copyright © 2012 by Penny l Howe

The Inspiring Blogger … You!

~ The “Blogging” Thinker ~

Aren’t bloggers wonderful?

Isn’t visiting other blogs (a small part of) the best part of the day sometimes?

Isn’t it fun to create/craft new posts and then interact with others in the comment section? Yours or theirs. Yes,Yes and Yes.

I continue to be extremely impressed with the well crafted words, expressive thoughts and ideas, beautiful photographs, renderings/original art, inspiring stories of life, poetry, very funny posts, excellent videos and so on and so on…

There really is this huge heart-hugging wealth of positive blogging going on out there. And I love it.

Thank goodness I’m a prolific and vociferous reader.  Just when I think I’m all through checking out blogging sites for the day (or night) another blogging site gets my attention and I feel the need to go check that one out too.

Either way I’m lovin’ it. Totally addicting but connected too – in a wonderful and exciting sort of way. I love the connections that are growing and becoming stronger each day. I find my appetite growing also. So I say to all the bloggers out there – Feed me …

… because I’m hungry for more!


Thanks for stopping by, enjoy the blog today whether writing, reading or commenting!

~ Penny