Right here, right now – Updated!

There was a popular video that circulated 4 years ago about the progression of information technology. This video I am showing is the 2012 updated version.

It takes 5 minutes to watch this video…wait until you have the time to view this, as once you start watching…you won’t be able to stop yourself from watching the rest!




So what does this all mean … The future, our future is right here right now…in our hands! Up to us!

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Finally, Social Media Protocol!

Social Media Protocol – Rules for Properly Interacting on the Internet

This is a tough one. Recently a young teenager who is just getting ready to engage in online social media, asked me for the proper protocol, that is to say, the way to behave when  “out-there” and interactive on the internet.

Well, being an individual with a marketing background, I knew right away intensive research would be necessary to be best equipped and informed for the answering of this question. From the beginning I knew it would be a daunting task. There are so many social media networks, web platforms, forums and gathering places that my mind boggled at the idea of researching each entity, but you must be knowledgeable to give a wise answer.

Luckily I’m a genius so this posed no particular problem for me. I researched, deliberated and then came the quandary, how to best express what had been deduced and determined. I pondered an appropriate and lengthy period of time when suddenly “Eureka”! My eyes noticed a set of figurines sitting quietly in the corner, minding their own business. And I had my answer.

In this case, a sketch is worth a thousand words my friends!

Proper Protocol for the Internet

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