In A World Gone Mightily Mad

Be gentle, be kind, be forgiving

in a world gone mightily mad.

Be loving, be grateful, be happy

Not angry, disillusioned or sad.


As you slowly replace the material

and seek to find goodness within

you will see you have reached the ethereal,

unconditional love then begins.


Have a wonderful remaining week of days. May your heart be filled with love and your life be filled with the riches of family and friends (those you know and those you’ve yet to meet!) Always remember to take care of you,

With great affection,

~ Penny


What You Hold In Your Hands!


What you hold in your heart … the potential for unconditional love.

What you hold in your soul … the potential for neverending gratitude.

What you hold in your hands … A Universe of Possibilities!”~ Plh

You are awesome and when it comes to positive change, you make it happen!

You Do!

Hoping your week is going well for you!
With much love and affection,

Are you deserving of love?


What have YOU done to DESERVE to be LOVED?












The Exercise Our Pets Do better than We!

By greyerbaby4

 “… Exercise your “forgiveness” muscle every day!” PennyQuote

Our animals seem to have it down pat. We still need to work on this exercise – a whole lot more!

Unconditional love … yeah … that’s the ticket!

Have a great weekend everyone! Filled with lots of love (and forgiveness)!

With affection,

~ Penny

Leave No Doubt – Women and Men are more alike than you think!

 Credit line: © Mauricio Jordan De Souza Coelho |

In my last post, clearly it was one that women relate to quicker than men. Not because of the “girly” heart shaped illustration (although that’s a part of it) but because the message was written gently about the importance of unconditional love. For most women it’s how we view things.

Men love and bond just as deeply and passionately as women but their perspective on how they view a thing (as with women) has much to do with their own natures (let’s be honest here, a lot of it is physical), the environment they grow up in and of course their subsequent experiences.

But underneath all of these obvious differences there is a “sameness“! One that gets overlooked – a lot! I mention in yesterday’s blog post that with unconditional love you should “Leave No Doubt”. Too many women can forget they have the same capability as men with their own “strength (of character)” within their hearts . A strong ability to make their point and leave no doubt.

I am showing the  following video clip from a movie to remind EVERY SINGLE WOMAN ON THE PLANET that we are as strong and capable (equal to) as any human when we set out to accomplish something, be it loving and nurturing, pursuing our own goals or freedoms, we DO have the strength (of character) – built right inside of us, just waiting for us to call on it.

No, not the physical strength (presented here in the video) but the other strength that is also shown here. The one of character and will perseverance and determination! We all (humans) have that in abundance (just waiting to be tapped into). For women, it is past due time for us to cash in on this!

While the video is aimed at and about a male sport – the lesson to learn here is for both men and women – in life’s pursuit, and don’t forget it!

Leave No Doubt!

~ Penny

Do you love me, yes or no?

By jade

Some questions are more important than others. I’m sure you’ve noticed this in life.

When my daughter was old enough to write sentences, (about 4 – she was in the first grade when she was 5). Whenever she thought she might be or did get into trouble I would find a folded up piece of paper with the same question on it.

There were always two boxes that she would add and I always had the choice of putting an “x” in either box.

Of course I always marked the ‘yes’ box. These notes continued until her teens at which point she determined my love was “unconditional” for the rest of our lives. Of course.

My point here “Unconditional Love” is so incredibly important in life. You see, it’s that other box and the potential of a “no” that can be so frightening for a child. Love should never be used as a leverage point. There should be no doubt!

And yes, as an adult loving unconditionally, does lay you open for potential hurt, but it is still the only way that love should be given – unconditionally. Life is too special for any other answer!

Hope your week is going well,

~ Penny

Love me – No more, no less!

What every partner in life deserves from the other!

Aimez-moi – ni plus, ni moins!

Si tu m’aimes, alors m’aimer de cette façon.

Ni plus ni moins que ce qui suit …

me traiter comme égaux,

mais chérir moi comme quelqu’un de spécial.

Soyez fidèle à moi, en pensée, en parole et en acte,

m’aime plus que n’importe qui d’autre – jamais.

Soyez là quand j’ai besoin de toi,

faire une différence dans ma vie,

Soyez mon amant, compagnon et confident

Vous qui je peux faire confiance avec tout mon coeur.

Est-ce trop demander?

Je ne le pense pas.

Je vous demande juste de me donner que ce que je vous donne.

Pas plus, pas moins.

– Penny L Howe, 2013

Thank you,

~ Penny

I wish you could touch me now …

I am vulnerable because of loving so pure and deeply, my walls of protection cannot keep my desire for you at bay.

and so … I wish you could touch me now. Not my heart, you’ve touched me there too deeply, it’s still bruised and bleeding. But my body still hungers for you.

I need your touch …

I desire the warmth of your caress, the closeness of your body, the physical contact of … you!

I wish you could touch me now …

… even as I understand morning light will illuminate the true reality of our relationship. I know for all your tender caring words, you would be gone and my loving soul will still be bruised … for all your promises said in the moonlight hours of sensual need and gratification. I know all this.

But the longing remains so …

I still wish you could touch me now.

I’ll always have our memories of the night time to sustain me, in daylight hours spent alone, reflecting on why you said one thing and did another. Belittling my efforts instead of supporting them, and yet still I love you. And wish you to be happy.

I am pleased to hear you are where you’ve wanted to be for so long. I am happy for you. Resigned, accepting and aware of some of the hard learned lessons of life, when one exposes one’s soul during love.

But now in these evening hours I dream of you touching me again, filling my sensual needs. Even, as reality has come full circle and comprehension of the cruelty of those who love and those who take in the guise of love, is complete.

Touch me … but let it be only the physical, my bruised soul cannot bear the mockery of a pretense at true love (yours were personal and emotional needs for yourself. I don’t believe you really thought of my needs – perhaps as an afterthought), but my body does respond to your loving body. So in that, there is truth.

I wish you could touch me. I’m prepared now for tomorrow … it hurts, but I understand. With all the love in my heart that I give so freely, I was so sure someone might love me the way I loved them in return … it seems I was mistaken!


Most definitely an unrequited love piece here. Not to worry, my next fictional piece is part two of adventure and excitement. Dry your tears and stay tuned for fun! Our fictional young lady in the piece above (p.s.- she’s the one trapped in the tunnel , although brokenhearted, she’s about to kick some serious a..!) More to come!

~ Penny


The Human Condition and The Golden Rule!




Every human being on this planet is precious and should be given the opportunity to make the living on this planet a better place; for themselves, their families and others.

It is not for us to judge other people. We ALL make poor choices, sometimes very wrong, sometimes very peoplebad and some harmful, to not just ourselves but to others.

This does not mean we others should with deliberate attempt, do wrong, bad things too.

Two wrongs do not ever make a right!

When a human being sets the example by doing a good thing, it encourages others to do the same.

Oh, and FORGIVENESS for yourself and other’s mistakes, “HUGE” in the whole scheme of making life a better one for all!

Just my thoughts here –  one person among more than 7 billion others on this planet whose greatest hope is for all of us to live peacefully, be happy and value each other, bonding with what we do share in common:

“We are all human beings …
born of the planet earth!”




Thank you for your visit, best wishes for an excellent week ahead!

~ Penny


The Way ~ for the Future!


Is there a “Way” to be?

A way to live our lives today and tomorrow that will enrich both ourselves and all that we do?

Perhaps there is! Here’s something for you to consider, what if there was a way?

The Way” might have 7 rules. Well not actual rules (I’m rather weary of rules myself) as much as perhaps a relearning of methods or patterns in howfile000701999919 we do what we do during the process of living our lives.


The Beginning – A very basic level of understanding (about ourselves) is the beginning.

An attitude of awareness, and acceptance to want to hear and believe how we act/react and why (cause and effect).


Next is Balance. Within you is a ‘fulcrum’. A support, a center point of rest, on which everything (your emotions, thoughts, actions) moves around. “Maintaining yourself in a manner that keeps you balanced is the key.”


file0001326995371Third – is to Simplify, have clarity of thought.

Clearness to focus and concentrate. When life or things become convoluted and complex, it becomes very difficult if not impossible to accomplish that which you have set out to do. Without being clear within yourself you cannot be balanced.


Fourth – Be Open with your actions!. Sharing while listening, Giving while being open to receiving, Needingfile1801281015946 while being there for others.


Being open in the give and take of life experiences!


Fifth – Acceptance when confronted with things and people that are hurtful, know that there is that which you can not change. Be true to yourself even as you are there for others.


file000767348141Fullness is sixth, embracing life with large deep breaths and then filling yourself with all that sustains you and life!.


Giving is seventh. To Love Unconditionally is to give freely.


All we are is contained within the above. The more complex, the morefile000453698099 convoluted, the more closed, the more secretive and apart from … the more doubt, the more suspicion, the more fear …

The less accepting, the more rejecting … the more empty, the more loneliness…


Go back to the beginning.

Understand your attitude and balance yourself. Remember everything evolves around how you decide to feel about things including yourself.


Cause and effect … your thoughts, your emotions, your actions/reactions swirling around inside you.

Life, nature, you and I, tomorrow, the future …


The Way? Balance!


Thank you,

~ Penny