Diversity – Thought for the day!

“The most dangerous phrase in our language is ‘We’ve always done it this way!’

I read this quote earlier today. It struck me as perhaps being at the root of much of the dissension currently happening in the USA and in various countries around our planet.

Definitely something to not only think about but also to act upon!

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~ Penny


All that we need – each other!

By Karpati Gabor

There are days

when all that we need is a gentle touch.

… a soothing hug.

… a welcoming smile.

… an understanding look.

… a shared moment in time.

… So we don’t feel so empty,

… so frightened by both the known and the unknown,

… so angry by the unfairness of life,

… so bewildered by changes,

and so infinitely alone –

There are days when all that we need is each other!

 © Michal Bednarek | Dreamstime.com

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~ Penny

We are Earth’s Children … shall we grow up now?


Please read!

All of us, every single person, is born with amazing potential for growth!

Each of our lives – so very precious,

and necessary!

How can we know the significant difference any one person

when given love, opportunity and education

might make in the tomorrow of our days,

when we, like children, base many of our (adult) decisions

on our personal emotions and preconceptions;

and not on intelligent reasoning?

Poor “life changing” decisions are made:

… in the name of  intolerance,

… in the name of indifference,

… in the name of power,

… in the name of religion,

… in the name of greed,

… in the name of hate!

It defies intelligence and logic to not preserve

the most valuable resource we possess.

The human race (in it’s entirety)!

The most

valuable commodity there is

“Every single one of us!”


there is nothing we can’t accomplish

If we work as one!

We are Earth’s children! But are we still growing?

Faith can shape us, filling our souls with untold riches …

… unless fashioned into a weapon to be

used against others.

Our global citizenship can become a harvest of abundance …

… unless we stratify and divide within ourselves deciding we are superior based on  the false premise of entitlement.

Our capacity for loving (and forgiving) can expand our futures!

Our capacity for hatred and fear can destroy it!

Shall we grow up now?


Penny L Howe, 2013

A Rainbow of Possibilities

Did you know that life holds
a rainbow of possibilities,
just by changing the way we view things.


Everyone loves rainbows!
When you look upward into the sky and
you see all these gorgeous colors together,
each distinct and yet somehow blending
from one into another it becomes
So very beautiful.


We feel hopeful, the colorful rainbow appears
after the storm has past, bringing a sense of renewal.
An uplifting feeling.


So here’s my thought for the day.
WE: Humanity, all of us,
are like a rainbow.
We present the hope and possibility for the future.
We are a rich mixture of many elements.


and when we come together
we become a rainbow of diversity.
Just imagine the feeling we would create
if we all worked and loved together!
Now that would be the most beautiful rainbow
ever imagined …
… wouldn’t it?

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~ Penny

Penny L Howe


When we work together as one …

All things become possible in life!



And the positive and uncluttered view of a child will certain lead the way. He has no negative preconceptions holding him back from trying to do what he feels is the right thing to be done, now. Such a simple honest forward thinking view of life … one would think!

Thank you,

~ Penny


*kindle subscribers please visit You tube at http://www.youtube.com and search “Best video ever – true leader” to view this wonder video. It’s worth the extra effort!

Festival of Colors

Yesterday in India there was the Festival of Colors or Holi (Hindi: होली,Nepali: होली, Punjabi: ਹੋਲੀ Sindhi: هولي), a religious spring festival celebrated by Hindus with a festival of colors.

To me the most excellent thing about the festival of colors is that it celebrates a time of the year that we can all celebrate. The coming of Spring.

The other wonderful thing about this festival is the equality factor. Holi lessens most of the things that normally separate people (social norms), which includes gaps between age, gender, status, and caste. So the rich and poor, women and men, enjoy each other’s presence on this day. No social expectations of “correctness”; as a result, the atmosphere is one filled with the joy of living life together.

Around the world there are/were many similar celebrations that take/took place. All for theOne primary purpose of coming together for the well being of society. If that is the case, it wouldn’t hurt (be a bad idea) for people everywhere to embrace a global “Festival of Colors! Anything that helps us celebrate unity and that we are all “one” on our planet – a very good thing to do.

Just my thoughts on the subject!

(feel free to take the “one” image with you to your blog site) There are no links back to my location. Since I made this illustration I give it to anyone who feels as I do about wanting “all” people on the planet to be regarded as “one” with everyone else!


~ Penny



The Nature of our Natures


What is yours?



There are the thinkers and the soft spoken too.

And then there’re the loud ones, it seems quite a few.


There are the happy and joyful, who’re just filled with glee,

The serious who pontificate … “to not or to be”!



There are those very weary and tired so it seems

And when I’m around them, I’m yawning in reams.


There are those always angry and spit-firing mad,

The lonely, disheartened, bedraggled and sad.



The Nature of our nature is unique to us each

A prune, grape, or raisin, an apple or peach.


We may think and act different, still each is the same

Because under our natures we all of us came …



… From the very same place,

… The blue planet in space,

… it’s home to us – The Human Race!

So please no more fuss

Because the US is … ALL of US!

~ Penny L. Howe, 2013


Thanks for the visit, I broke a few rules of poetry with this one to make a point! Have a good one this weekend!

~ Penny


copyright © 2013 by Penny l Howe