Perceiving Perception or … Shall We Change Our Destiny Today?



Physicist Werner Heisenberg concluded that both the experiment and the experimenter are changed through the act of observation.  If this be so, can we perhaps intervene with destiny by selectively conforming and responding to the daily environmental and/or physical phenomena/data we perceive (that which is most often just beyond awareness or understanding of our heavily preconditioned mindset)?

Why not? Some say that all things are possible for those who believe it to be so. When we capture or are captured by an underlying ethereal nuance found just beyond the boundaries of our reality (while viewing/experiencing an act occurring in our lives) we can become transformed (so to speak).  Certainly our way of thinking or perceiving alters to a degree. And in those illuminating discoveries we expand not only our knowledge but also how we will approach the next adventure in our life.

But have we truly changed our destiny perhaps even manifesting into a parallel universe? Have we changed our future? Would we even know if this occurred? All questions unanswerable but delightfully imaginative, which is where I believe these mysterious answers will be found and where the “id” of our being truly exists – if we allow it to do and be.

Shall we make it so? I think we should:  believe in the unbelievable, imagine the unimaginable, and mostly I would love each and every one of us to achieve the unachievable by always, always dreaming the impossible dreams!

Have a wonderful week to come in this universe or some other …

with affection,

~ Penny

I … in my aloneness – reach for the event horizon!


For those of us solitary souls, we often find ourselves reaching inward, into the unknown. Not for respite, nor solace but for the unraveling of mysteries.

And when the magic of who I am encounters an unknown, there is a blossoming in the moment.

An event horizon. Not for an ending, but a beginning of the “new” – for further exploration.


… And I revel, finding myself in that moment, most gratified to be … me!


Wishing you a magical and wonderful day and an even better tomorrow!

~ Penny

Life’s total immersion!

Fantasy, mystery, imagination, the unknown. Each of these elements fascinate me allowing my mind to visit so many wonderful places.


But if one isn’t careful it can be difficult to leave this world of “otherness” and come back as the person you once were. But who were you? Or better yet what are you? Both good questions for the questing mind. The true uniqueness of what being a human is all about! Unraveling the mysteries of life!




Today is not the I of yesterday,
Yesterday, I was other than.

Today I AM.

I will be
more than
can know,
And all
I can dream!

Penny L Howe, 2013


Thanks for the visit,


One true step at a time!

The greatest gift we receive in life is … life.

Then the day arrives when we come face to face with danger, the unknown, loss of a loved one, disease, – the scariest things in life.

We become so overwhelmed by fear that we can forget to be brave, forget we are not alone, forget we can overcome and forget … yes, forget that we are loved and all is possible … one step at a time.

For each of you facing your fears, here is a gentle and loving reminder,


“In life all is possible ~ one true step at a time.” Penny L Howe, 2013

~ Penny


The Thing with Shadows

I love looking at shadows, which is interesting because I was afraid of them as a child. Now I have an endless fascination with shadows. It’s like their hiding secrets somehow, things not quite visible to the eye, not quite.

They are illusionary. There is this instant connection to the unknown, mysterious – great for ones’ imagination.

For that reason shadows have always been great subject matter for both photographers and writers.

And shadows can be beautiful to look at, depending on the casting.

But I also find that Shadows are filled with meaning.

Take this shadow here for example it casts a silhouette of the person standing there and that shadow is not going anywhere.

It will stay exactly where it is, attached to the person. A shadow by its very nature cannot let go.

But when the person turns away from the shadow and faces the light … it’s gone.

I think life is a little like that, the shadows in life that cling that we can’t seem to make go away. Remember that a shadow in and of itself does not know how to let go.

It is the change in direction that makes the difference. As it is in nature, so it is in life.

Everyone have a happy Sun-day, one with no shadows. ♥