What is blogging? Playing nice …

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… In The Sandbox of Multimedia!

If you’re reading this – you are probably a blogger. And if you aren’t a blogger, why not? It’s fun, fulfilling and creative. Kind of like having your own sandbox where you can invite others to play, when you want! And you get to go to their sandboxes too. Woo-hoo!

So we’re all adults, but as it turns out we still have the same needs and desires we had as a child (only we use bigger words to express ourselves) – wanting to share, be interactive, make new friends, have fun, be cared about, appreciated and loved. Some things never change.

Are there rules when we blog socially? Well, apart from the obvious rules centered around technical “how-to’s” for getting your blog pages set up so you can publish and be “out there”, there don’t seem to be any clearly defined guidelines. Just a bunch of understandings you acquire as you start-up your blog, publish posts and begin to be socially interactive online!

Although there is a wider audience online and they may stop by (because they’ve entered a few words in a search engine and the “tags” for one of your posts matches up) – your audience primarily comes from other bloggers, or from one of your other social media connections.  So, that being said, how do you make your blogging experience the  “best ever”?

I’m going to pass on a few thoughts regarding rules of the road, but I’d like to begin with breaking down the parts and pieces of how a blog is constructed and viewed!

  • The Content
  • The Comment Section

Okay, so only two things to think about … not really. You see, the content of your blog is also composed of several different things.

The Content:

The content for all blogging posts consists of 4 types of presentations you share with others. A thought, a message, something creative (written words, photographs, videos, music, art) or “how-to” instructions, often a mixture of several of these – a wide variety of topics related to your specific areas of interest.

The content is written in a manner related to your own personality (interesting isn’t it?) For example some use humor, some use a rather serious educational approach, some are very personal and chatty. Some, quietly formal. Some are totally off the wall, original and fanciful. Each manner or style of blogging is you expressing a part of your personality (well unless you’re copying someone else’s approach, in which case I encourage you to be yourself – you are vastly more interesting that way.)

Content is always personal (to both you the writer, and the viewer – a fact), there’s no way around this. Whatever you’re presenting, in whatever way you present it; bottom line is that people will view your posts as representative of you! And some will share their opinions about your content (personal) and depending on what they say and how they say it, you’re going to emotionally react to it (personal).

The Comment Section – Let’s move on to the second part of the blog – The comment section!

First part – your presentations (published posts).

Second part – your readers engaging with you by clicking on a “like” button, passing your post along through other social media (twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, etc.) and leaving a personal comment (well there are those rather impersonal 2 and 3 word comments which can mean they really liked your post but weren’t sure how to express it, or they are speeding through their daily “follows” as fast as possible, keeping their comments short and thrifty! Or a combination of both! Don’t dwell on it, move on.)

Third part – You engaging back by answering the comments of those who visited you. The key word here is “engage”. This is what all the “big boys and girls” in the commercial and government “online” world want their customers and perspective customers/voters to do. They know (through never ending research) that consumers/people who are engaged with them (giving opinions, entering a contest, etc.) are more likely to buy their product or message.

And whether you know it or not, you are selling something here on you blog  – yourself!

Therefore, this also applies to you, the non-commercial blogger, When you engage with another human being, each of you feels a connection. We NEED these connections. They validate us. They’re important. ENGAGING is huge – in the blogging world and of course in life!

So the rules for our blogging sandbox:

Content – Be your own person. Be creative. If you’re presenting a strong message, okay, this can be good. Today we need strong messages to stand out from the overwhelming volume of content we’re reading and viewing, each day! Be true to who you are but be respectful of your viewers and readers. Your viewers may not agree with your opinions, but there is no justification for being offensive with either your presentation or your response to comments including how you respond in the comment section of other bloggers.

Comment Section – Engage! The comment section is there for a reason. But please, don’t hog another person’s comment section. It’s theirs – not yours. Blogging is a step up from the random trivialities that are frequently found on Facebook.The Facebook “experience” is a form of connecting and having fun, an expanded “Twitter” sort of thing. Think about blogging and commenting to other blogs as being more thoughtful and considered with your approach.

Summation and closing thoughts for playing nice in the sandboxes of bloggers.

– Share, engage, be polite, don’t steal or lie.

– Be respectful of others. Their content, their creations, their time and their space!

In many ways we are all just kids! The only thing that’s changed are the dimensions of our sandbox – the rules of behavior stay the same!

Thank you, have a great day!

~ Penny

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Inescapable Cuteness

Just no way around it. Kittens are cute. So this post is devoted to the cuteness of kitty-ness!

cute kitties

one of my fav. shots!

In my personal opinion you can never have too much cuteness in your life … well at least a dose a day to help keep the blues away.

My kittens are

Cute, adorable and sweet.

Loving and friskily neat.

Never are spurious

but amazingly curious

Their adventures are always a treat!


Franky and Jonny as kittens (each video clip is only a little over a minute so enjoy as you can the cuteness of kittens, First video The wonder of being a kitten! (and yes I did make the pillow they are sleeping and playing on – just for them!)


Second video : Loving one another! (They were usually on my lap when I created with yarn!)


Third video: Life is an adventure! (They loved playing with the various yarn pots and baskets!)

And Sleeping in “Soft pots”. (This was supposed to have been a short clip about Loopweaving containers but as always Franky and Jonny were never far away.


To this day they will try to crawl into some of my creations but since Jonny weighs in at 30 lbs, and Franky at 25 lbs, it is hilarious to watch!

Kittens no longer but still much loved by me!

Franky and Jonny are kittens no longer but still much loved by me!


I hope you enjoyed the cuteness of kittens today, have a most excellent weekend! Have fun!

~ thank you,



Diversity … is very good … pass it on!

Celebrate the new year with as much diversity in your life as you can!

It’s a very good thing!

Here are three extremely short videos made by people just like you and I.

The first two videos are by talented young people offering their own fresh approach to diversity.

I think we can learn from that too! Enjoy, learn and be inspired!





Happy New Year,



Our Capacity for Contentment, is …

Contentment on the order of Perfect!

…it even possible to feel that feeling today?

Are we contented about anything or anyone – included ourselves?


“It isn’t what you have or who you are or where you are or what you are doing that makes you happy or unhappy. It is what you think about it.”Dale Carnegie


“He who is not contented with what he has, would not be contented with what he would like to have.” Socrates


“Be content with what you have, rejoice in the way things are. When you realize there is nothing lacking, the whole world belongs to you.” Lao Tzu


Roughly 1500 years separates Dale Carnegie from Socrates and Lao Tzu. Of the three of them, where they resided and what they believed were worlds apart and yet they are all saying exactly the same thing.

So as I think on this it does seems to come down to a choice. The deciding of how you are going to feel about things.

I’m guessing our capacity for contentment will be based on our choices to be content with what we have, where we are and how we feel – in that moment!

Giving thanks for what there is and then embracing life for all it can be! In that order!

Please enjoy this beautiful rendition of The Lion Sleeps Tonight along with gorgeous scenery from Africa!



Thanks for stopping by, have a great weekend, relax, enjoy family and friends as you can, and be content!

~ Penny


The Passions of An Artist – 101

This is a lesson for all the talented people out there regardless of your chosen field of creativity, so I politely ask you to pay attention.

I have selected 3 youtube musical videos to best illustrate my point which is – Understanding the true depth of the (your) Passions of an Artist! For whatever you think you are or are not, first and foremost you are an artist and so you feel things deeply.

In each of the following videos (by the way if I lose one or more of the videos – they get snatched off this post – I’ve included a link for you to click on. Do so, this is worth your time – trust me!) each artist performing, displays on his face most clearly the love/passion for what he is doing. It is up close, personal and to me very moving!) This is what hovers inside each one of you, just waiting to be set free, so listen, view and learn!

The first selection is English Singer/Artist Roger Whittaker. He was born and raised in Nairobi, Kenya where he acquired a skill in whistling, He is now a world famous singer. Here he is whistling. Watch his face as he controls his talent and delights the audience. He is loving what he is doing!


My second selection is the Italian operatic tenor Luciano Pavarotti. He is considered one of the best (Yes I did attend a concert of his. Front row!). He sings Nessum Dorma (Puccini). His singing is masterful but if time is a factor have your cursor move into about 2 minutes of the video. What is important is his face. Watch it at the end. After he stops singing. Watch the emotions when he realizes he’s done what he set out to do! Awesome.


This final selection is of the country/western guitar player Chet Atkins (one of the best guitar players ever) performing “Zorba The Greek”. Again sadly if time is an issue move the video to the middle and then watch his face as he openly “makes love” to his guitar (the expressions on his face are priceless) and then at the end when he realizes he’s done exactly what he wanted to do.


The only thing these highly diverse men from three different parts of the planet have in common (apart from being uncommonly talented) is a passion/love of what they are doing. It is this passion that sets them apart from others. A passion that is in each of you!

Being An Artist, Lesson 101 – Be true to your passions, they are in there waiting for you to set them free!

Thank you for stopping by, may your days and nights be filled with passion, Penny

Copyright © 2012 by Penny l Howe