Never Stop Wishing Upon a Star

As a child my favorite song was from the Walt Disney Movie, Pinocchio. The song is “When You Wish Upon A Star” sung by Jiminy Cricket.

When I first heard the words I just knew wishes could come true.

I still do.

~ Enjoy your weekend and may your dreams all come true.


Finding Your Imagination!

The Creative World of Imagination

When I sit and ponder, on any subject, my imagination always seems to gain a foothold in the process.

With very little effort, I find myself (in my minds eye) anywhere, anytime, doing just about anything. Of course the creative process of my brain is coming alive and I become (quite literally) “lost” within my imaginary world.

Imagination is a human thing (well as far as we know anyway), none of the wildlife, domesticated animals, plants or other entities have shared with me whether or not they imagine things.

Although it would be cool to think of a flower with an imagination, or an insect or animal, and as you can see my imagination has entered the words I am writing to you right now.


My door is always open!

I’ve been asked where my inspiration comes from when I’m writing. The first two paragraphs really do sum it up!

I simply cannot view anything without imagining what might be. It’s why, to me, there is always potential for everything and everyone.


“The door to my imagination is always wide open
as imagination pours in, creativity pours out.”
 ~ Penny L Howe, 2014

Today is a good day for you to use your imagination. Be creative. Pick up a camera, sketch something, cook creatively. Sing a song, write some lyrics, or a poem.

Think creative thoughts you don’t normal allow yourself to think. Explore your imagination! And, for all of you writers out there, let go, imagine what you want to say. Let’s get that book going!

Your imagination needs no reigning in. Follow where it leads. You will be very pleased with the destination, I think!

 IMAGINATION by Zizimars14

My three “hero’s in life epitomize imagination at it’s finest. Leonardo da Vinci, Albert Einstein, and Walt Disney!


Make this an especially creative weekend. Your muse will thank you,

~ Penny

Ligo Haibun Challenge – Thank you Walt!


Ligo Badge

Līgo Haībun Challenge is for all writers. Brought to you each week by the talented Nightlake, this is a great opportunity to improve your writing skills. To enter, click on the link! I encourage all writers to give this one a try, after you enter you can proudly display the Līgo Badge on your blog.

This week, several choices for a prompt are offered in the haībun challenge. They are a photo of a Mountain Range (click on link to view) or the word “Cartoon”.

One of my favorite people, that has ever been, is Walt Disney. I’ve studied the man, his career, and his life extensively. For me it was an easy choice to pick the word “Cartoon”.

My written piece this week is nonfiction. A personal tribute:


In Honor of you – Walt!


Born more that a century ago, when you and your brother Roy were young adults, you packed up your bags and in your pickup truck, with everything you owned, drove to Hollywood. You were sure you were going to be a successful entrepreneur. When Roy asked you what you would do (about getting a studio for animation up and running), you said  “I’ll create a new character”. And Roy asked you what kind and you said, “I don’t know, how about a mouse?” While this is an anecdotal story, I think it just might be true.

In your life you shaped American culture, became a giant in the movie and theme park industries, and are one of the main people responsible for the origination and evolution of animated cartoons/movies/videos we all watch today. Your imagination, talent and determination to succeed are almost unmatched.

But more than anything else you inspired and brought joy and laughter to hundreds of millions of children and adults around the world. Your legacy lives on. Very few can reach the heights you attained. You were my primary inspiration to draw as a child. When I became an adult you were my inspiration to succeed. You never let me down with your vision and your imagination. Thank you Walt.

inspiring determination
creates magical fantasies
imagination reigns


Thank you for your visit today,

~ Penny

Penny L Howe

Imagine this…if you will!

“…In my own little corner, in my own little world I am whatever I want to be.”

These are lyrics from a song from one of the earlier musical versions of Cinderella. The song has always moved me because it reminds me of myself. As a little girl and then as an adult.

There are times when being alone can be a cherished piece of time to look inward at yourself and become playful – setting free your imagination, having fun with your dreams.

It seems that today it is far too easy for each of us to get caught up in the endless cascade of daily activities and the chattering of social media. So I post this gentle reminder today.

Give yourself permission to be childlike with your imagination, if not every day then at least once in a while.

Your imagination is the key to your future happiness…cherish it.

And in closing, two quotes from my short list of the world’s greatest heroes:

“Imagination is everything, it is a preview of life’s coming attractions” – Albert Einstein

“Imagination has no age and dreams are forever” – Walt Disney

Have a great day today!