If I Didn’t Care

If I didn’t care

it’d be okay, I suppose.

If I didn’t care

maybe no one would notice – maybe.

If I didn’t care nothing would really change – after all.

The sun would still rise

The sun would still set

And life would still go on, I suppose.

But I want to care passionately

with all the love my heart is capable of giving.

And I want to care and want people to notice

because I notice them so intensely.


I want to care so much my heart will surely burst

with the caring inside

And when the sun rises, golden beams of light

pierce my heart with gladness

And when the sun sets

with such majesty and beauty

That the myriad of colors

bring tears to my eyes for the joy of it all.

I find I really do,


Penny L Howe

Copyright © 2012 by Penny l Howe